Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law - Chapter 267

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Title: Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 267 - He waited for the storm to come. (2)

Both Fang JunRong and Zhou Yang returned to the competition location. Both of them had a slight smile on them, looking like they were in a good mood.

The competition began officially at 9:30.

Number 7, Dong JunMing, looked delicate and docile but was explosive when he sang. His dancing was particular impressive. Truth was, he didn’t need any of the gimmicks. He was talented enough to make a name for himself regardless. Nevertheless, he was impatient and wanted to take short cuts.

Fang JunRong had spent some time in learning the rules before she came. The total score for each competitor would earn was the sum from the audiences, the judges, and the guests. Among them, scores from the audiences would contribution total 40% of the total and those from the judges and guests would contribute 30% each.

Fang JunRong was not a big fan of him but she was fair when it came to scoring him. She did not purposefully give him a low score but gave him 92 points. The total scores would be announced at the very end after all competitors had performed. It was part of the draw.

After his performance, Dong JunMing gave a very touching speech on stage after his performance. Something about how far he had gone to be there today. That he was a sickly child and that his mother thought of him as a burden and had left him and his father behind. His father was not of good health either and was sick a lot. And that he had chosen to become a single and would perform at bars to earn money for his father to visit doctors and to enjoy his gold years.

He had gone through a lot as he did not have a strong family to back him up. That many of his opportunities were snatched by others and that he was scammed out of his saving by someone who said they would release a record of his. When he got to the sad parts, he even cried on stage. Many of his fans’ eyes reddened below the stage.

Clips of what his relatives and good friends had said about him was played on the stage behind him. Mostly how what a mature child he was since a young age.

All in all, Dong JunMing was able to successfully create a pitiful, mature, and strong image for himself.

Ren DongZhi was the one performing after Dong JunMing.

With his guitar in hand, his sat down and started stroking the cords. A melodious tone began to play. He did not need any more background music and he started to sing. The sound from the guitar made his voice seemed even more magnetic and gentle. It was a fast and cheerful tune but, with his voice, it almost sounded blue.

From the lyrics, this was a song given from a boy to his ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend was about to get married and the boy, filled with sadness, wished her happiness with a light-hearted and cheerful song. Throughout the song was his unchanging love and protection for the girl.

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Fang JunRong was genuinely surprised by it. She had never heard this song before. It was probably written by him.

The venue was silent after the song was over before it broke into thunderous applause.

Fang JunRong, too, applauded with the others. Ren DongZhi’s performance had truly exceeded her expectation.

After his performance, Ren DongZhi thought about it for a little while and said, “I have no idea what to say to you all. What would you like me to say?”

He had prominent features and looked like someone with an edge but, when he talked, he came across as cute.



Ren DongZhi thought about it a little and nodded. “Okay, I’ll just come up with someone random. Please don’t take it too seriously.”

He sat back down, started strumming his guitar and sang. The large screen behind him was already about to start playing the video clips from his friends and family. Now that Ren DongZhi decided to sing a second song, that put the workers in the backstage in a very awkward situation. It felt odd to skip that part of the program.

They couldn't help but turned to look at Zhong Yi.

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