Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law - Chapter 266

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Fang JunRong didn’t belong to that circle but she had learned a thing or two from all the banquets that she had attended in the past. She had never been a fan of Begonia Entertainment and, now that she learned that they had been plotting against XinYun and Zhong Yi, her opinion on them could not be lower.

“What are your plans?” Zhou Yang had always had a good relationship with Fang JunRong and, since Fang JunRong had given her some Beautify Pills and Hair Growing Cream, she had been touting herself as a good friend of Fang JunRong’s. Besides, Fang JunRong had high status. With Fang JunRong looking out for her, it had saved her much hassles. As such, she sided with Fang JunRong more and more.

Take this competition as an example. She had put a lot of work into it and had referred quite a few guests. She even came in person to the final.

“The way Begonia Entertainment looks at it, they can maximize their gains regardless of the outcome. Specifically, they would be able to maximize their gains if Dong JunMing was to lose. So most likely they are hoping that he will lose.”

After all, only when Dong JunMing lost the competition could Begonia market him as the tragic hero who refused to provide the “unspoken favor”. He would immediately gain a lot of fondness from the public. He may not have won the competition but he might as well have.

“It is a disgusting thought to just make him the winner but it would minimize the damage for XinYun.” Zhou Yang offered her objective opinion.

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Fang JunRong said coldly. “That would be too nice to them. The whole point of this competition is that the winner will be selected fair and square. If he is to win it with his own ability, good for him. Nevertheless, he had chosen such revolting means.”

Her words let Zhou Yang knew her thoughts clearly. Fang JunRong was never one to compromise. The more others come at her, the less likely she would compromise.

She saw a light smile appeared on Fang JunRong and heard her said, “Fame is what they are after, right? Fame I will give them then.”

She may have a smile on her, but her eyes were not smiling.

Fang JunRong had came up with the idea to fight back in that short while. She had some exposure in the area of marketing in the past year for the sake of Meifang Corporation. She was familiar with a couple of for-profit accounts. Naturally, she wasn’t going to do so personally and leave a trail for others to follow. She started making calls to her Public Relation team to start acting.

Watching Fang JunRong in action stupefied Zhou Yang. She was baffled by Fang JunRong’s strategy. Fang JunRong had someone wrote two versions of paid articles. Her interest perked when she heard the names of those for-profit accounts. How was Fang JunRong so familiar with them? Did she read about these gossips all the time during her free time?

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“Shocker. The strong candidate Dong JunMing lost because of this reason?”

“The well-deserved winner, our beloved Dong JunMing.”

“Losing the competition because he had declined to offer unspoken favor, Dong JunMing wept on stage.”

“Dong JunMing, the angel on stage.”

“Ren DongZhi, the most shameless winner in history.”

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“Sacrificing himself for your future? Is that how it is, Ren DongZhi?”

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After Fang JunRong had gotten off her call, Zhou Yang asked her in a low voice, “What are you doing? Are you writing the for-profit articles for them?”

Fang JunRong felt better now and the smile on her deepened. “What time are we starting”


Fang JunRong nodded, “And we won’t know the result until 10:30, right?”

“That’s why we are going to release these articles 10 minutes early, without any tags.”

Zhou Yang figured it out right away. Fang JunRong was, essentially, bringing the for-profit articles to everyone’s attention and letting everyone know that many of these for-profit channels were already in the works preparing to smear Ren DongZhi. They had articles ready well before the outcome had been determined. They were purposefully leaving out the tags so it would take the others more time to notice.

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Fang JunRong unfurrowed her brows and said, “Let’s go. It’s almost time.”

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