Pure love ✕ Insult Complex - Chapter 1236

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「 Don’t be so afraid 」

I say while going in between Sakurako-san’s spread wide legs.

「 Sakurako’s body can now have sex 」

Her body is easy to get wet, and so her slit is nicely opened.

My eyes and fingers check on Sakurako-san’s vagina once again.

「 But I’m scared 」

Sakurako-san lies down on the futon naked, trembling slightly.

「 It’s normal to be afraid on your first time. Even Misuzu was scared on her first 」

I looked at Misuzu.

「 Yes. That was half a year ago, but now I’m enjoying it. It’s my greatest joy to have sex with Danna-sama 」

Misuzu said with a smile.

「 During your first time, you’re not accustomed to it, and it will hurt when your hymen breaks. But in my case, the pleasure was already overwhelming on my second time 」

「 As for me, the pain from deflowering is sweet 」

Michi said.

This girl’s a masochist so she prefers pain.

「 Sakurako’s vagina is just as developed as Misuzu six months ago, and Michi’s slit is smaller than Sakurako and it’s hard to stick my dick inside, but I’m able to have sex with her 」

I caress Sakurako’s pubis.

「 Yeah, this pussy won’t have problems in sex. I guarantee you 」

「 B-But… 」

Sakurako-san looks up at me nervously.

「 It’s too late to say it, I already bought Sakurako’s body, and so, no matter how scared you are, we’ll definitely have sex 」

I use my fingers to scoop the love nectar overflowing from Sakurako-san’s body and smear them on my glans.

「 I’m going to stick it inside Sakurako’s pussy, break through the hymen, and then into your cervix. Then, I’m going to shove it in and out again and again, and ejaculate inside Sakurako’s womb that never received a man’s semen 」

「 There’s no way something that big can get inside. It’ll break me 」

Sakurako says while looking at my penis.

「 Don’t worry about that, Misuzu and Michi didn’t break from it 」

I get on top of Sakurako-san’s body.

「 Yoshiko-oneesama, please come here 」

Ruriko instructs Yoshiko-san, her assistant, to take photos of the moment of our union.

Ruriko’s a specialist in filming sex, and so she knows the best positions and angles.

「 Give it up, Sakurako 」

Momoko-neechan’s also watching our first-time sex with great interest.

「 Uuuuuuuu!!! 」

Shiranui-san, whose body is restrained, has her voice trembling as her Master’s chastity is in danger.

But of course, she can’t move, and all she can do is watch us entwine, unable to do anything.

「 Here I go, Sakurako 」

「 I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared! I knew it, I don’t want this!! 」

Sakurako tries to escape from me by sliding her body up, but…

I’ve had experience with so many virgins already.

I grabbed Sakurako-san’s shoulders and didn’t let her escape.

「 I-I’m..I’m confused. I’m lost 」

Sakurako who’s lying down on the futon looked up at me and said.

「 What are you confused about? 」

「 T-That’s…Sakurako doesn’t know if it’s really okay for Kuromori-sama to have sex with me… I don’t know 」

Sakurako said.

「 Sakurako, do you like me, or do you hate me? 」

I ask her while readying my penis to enter Sakurako-san’s vagina.

「 I-I don’t know 」

「 You don’t know? 」

「 I-I mean, I don’t know much about Kuromori-sama yet! 」


Sakurako-san doesn’t feel that I’m the man she loves enough that she’s willing to give her beautiful virgin body to me.

「 Yeah, you don’t know me that much. This is our second meeting after all. But… 」

I said.

「 Isn’t prostitution about leaving your body in the care of a man you don’t know much about? 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 That’s why it’s okay if our relationship is like that 」

「 B-But… 」

As soon as Sakurako-san attempts to refute.

I pushed in my hips.

「 Agauuu!!! 」

I thrust my glans into Sakurako-san’s entrance with that unintentional timing.

「 O-Ouch!!!! Please stop it!! 」

I won’t stop now!!

I push down Sakurako’s shoulders and legs…

Moving my hips further on her naked body lying on the futon.

「 IIiiiiii…It hurts! I can’t! I can’t do this!! 」

Her hymen rejects my intrusion.

「 I’m tearing it, Sakurako!!! 」

「 N-Nooooo! Noo, no, nonoooo!!!! 」

I try to force my glans against the resistance.

Pushing my hips further.

「 No! I can’t! It hurts! Please spar me!! 」

Sakurako screams in pain and fear. I look for the time she breathes out.

「 Iyaaaaaa!! No more!!!! 」

Sakurako shouted loudly, and after breathing out, she breathes in…

That’s the moment!!!


「 O-Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

My penis tears Sakurako’s virgin membrane to pieces.

I went further beyond while it breaks.

Sakurako’s eyes spill tears.

「 Aaaaah, it hurts, it really hurts! Please stop! 」

「 That’s just half of it, there’s still more 」

I slowly push in my hot rod deeper inside Sakurako.

As expected of a virgin, she’s quite narrow and tight.

Her tight road is pushing my thick penis.

「 Aaah, aaaaaaah!! 」

「 Uuuuuuuu!!! 」

Seeing her master violated, Shiranui-san’s also crying.

「 That’s the goal 」


My glans kissed Sakurako-san’s uterus.

My penis went inside Sakurako-san to the root.

「 Kuhaaaa, aaaaaa, it hurts…. 」

Sakurako-san breathes heavily.

Having a foreign object come inside her must be painful.

Her skin is flushed, and sweat floats on her skin.

「 Sakurako… 」

Sakurako-san’s tight insides clamp my penis.

It’s hot inside. It’s sticky and damp.

It feels like I’m dipping my dick inside a hot spring.

Sakurako-san’s body I’m embracing is also hot.

「 It’s all inside 」

「 Uuuu 」

Sakurako looks at me with wet eyes, unable to speak.

「 It feels good inside Sakurako. 」 We’re having sex now 」

「 Uuu 」

Sakurako-san’s eyes are still tearing up.

I kissed Sakurako.

Again and again.

I should wait until her vagina gets accustomed with my penis inside her.

I didn’t move my hips and groped Sakurako’s warm breasts instead.

My thumb grinds her stiff nipples.

「 Uuu, haaaa 」

Sakurako’s forehead is sweating.

That expression of anguish from deflowering is always so sexy.

I want to keep that for eternity.

「 Ruriko, are you taking photos? 」

I asked Ruriko.

「 Yes, I’ve recorded everything as Onii-sama puts it inside Sakurako-san 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yoshiko-oneesama, let’s switch cameras. I want to take photos of Onii-sama and Sakurako-sama’s connection 」

「 Y-Yes 」

She switches the video camera she’s holding with Yoshiko-san’s photo camera.

「 Yoshiko-oneesama, please continue capturing Sakurako-san as I photograph her 」

A beauty taking photos of another beauty being violated.

I see. That sure is a sexy scene.

「 Onii-sama, can you lift yourself up? I want to take photos of where Onii-sama and Sakurako-san are connecting 」

「 Sure 」

Ruriko said. I lift my body while still having my penis buried deep inside Sakurako-san.

Ooh, you can clearly see my penis buried to the root inside Sakurako-san’s tight pussy.

「 It’s beautiful, Sakurako-san 」

Ruriko takes photos of Sakurako-san’s body pierced by a meat spear from various angles.

「 And once you receive Onii-sama’s semen in your womb, you’ll become much more beautiful 」

Ruriko’s aroused.

「 I-I… 」

Sakurako-san finally speaks up.

「 I might not be able to go back to Kanou house anymore 」

She looks at me in a daze, with tears in her eyes.

「 Obviously. Do you really think you can go back to being a daughter of nobility after willingly prostituting yourself, even just once 」

I say while patting Sakurako-san’s warm body.

Her desire for prostitution was a sudden self-abandonment.

Even so, she assumes herself as the daughter of the Kanou house.

However, as she’s offered her virginity to a man she doesn’t love.

That cold reality assaults Sakurako-san.

「 I-I…what’s going to happen to me? 」

Sakurako-san asks me.

「 That’s for you to decide, not me 」

I pushed her aside.

「 Besides, we’re not done yet 」

I check the situation of Sakurako-san’s body.

Her hard breaths have calmed down.

Her body’s no longer stiff.

Yeah, her body’s getting accustomed to her first-time sex.

「 I still haven’t ejaculated inside Sakurako 」

I pull my hips a bit

「 Ah 」

Then, push in.

「 Uu 」

Sakurako looks like she’s in pain, but she managed to endure it.

「 Even so, we’re not done with just one round, I’ll cum inside Sakurako again and again until we reach five o’clock 」

I slowly move my hips.

「 Hauuu, auuuu 」

「 I said it earlier this morning, but Sakurako might get pregnant with my child. But it can’t be helped. Sakurako’s a prostitute after all. You sold your body to me knowing that risk 」

「 N-Nooo, Nooo 」

She’s done this out of dark passion.

She’s made promises out of the momentum, losing her sense of reality.

Now, my penis is crawling inside Sakurako-san.

The cold reality that she might not be able to come back has haunted her.

「 Anyway, I’m going to be pleasuring myself until five o’clock and after that, it’s out of my responsibility. The time I bought Sakurako-san for is only until five o’clock. Our relationship is only until then. 」

「 That’s….uuuuu 」

「 Isn’t that what prostitution is? Sakurako, you know that and that’s why you sold your body to me, didn’t you? 」

「 Noo..uuu, kuuuu 」

Sakurako begins to cry for real.


I intensified my hips.

「 Aguu! It hurts! It hurts! 」

「 Endure it, it’s your first sex so it hurts 」

「 But, but!! 」

Her body sways indecently.

Her cute breasts dance around.

Oh, Ruriko’s now holding the video camera, capturing our union.

「 S-Sakurako, I’m going to pour in my first shot 」

My desire to ejaculate comes up.

「 Now, say “Please cum inside me” “I don’t mind getting pregnant, please cum in Sakurako’s womb!” 」

「 Hiiii!! 」

Everything’s out of her imagination.

Real sex, real prostitution.

Her fear of pregnancy.

「 Say it! Sakurako! You’ll have to do everything I tell you 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Sakurako trembles…

「 P-Please cum….I-Inside Sakurako…. 」

She looks up at me and said while tears spill from her eyes.

「 Next? 」

「 S-Sakurako…won’t mind…if she gets pregnant with Kuromori-sama’s child… 」

The waves of reality gush in as she says it.

「 No, I can’t! I’m scared! I’m scared! 」

「 I don’t care, I’m still cumming inside you Sakurako!! 」

I spurt in.

「 Ouch!!! It hurts! It hurts! It really hurts!! 」

I violate Sakurako-san’s vagina as our abdomens create a clapping sound.

「 Aaaah, it hurts! Help me! Mother!!! Aaah! Shie!! Father!! 」

Aah, it’s surging…

「 S-Sakurako! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」

「 Noooo! Stop! Please stop!!! No more!!! 」

Uuuuuu!! Cumming!!!

「 Aaaaah!!! 」

My penis gushed inside Sakurako’s vagina.

「 Kyaaaaaaaaa 」

Byrururururu, my white liquid pours inside her womb.

Sakurako screams with her whole body.

「 Aaaah, Sakurako! Sakurako!! There’s more! Still cumming!!! 」



「 I-It’s hot, it’s spreading!! 」

I grind my hips.

Rubbing my glans onto Sakurako-san’s puffy uterus.

Pouring my semen again and again.

My hot liquid is spreading inside Sakurako-san’s womb.

「 Aaah, so beautiful. It’s lovely, Sakurako-san 」

Her first sex, first creampie.

Ruriko captures Sakurako-san’s face of horror as she’s confused with everything.

「 Uuuu, Sakurako!! 」

I tightened my ass and squeezed until the last drop inside Sakurako


「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

I fell exhausted on Sakurako-san’s sweating skin.

「 That was amazing, Sakurako

I kissed Sakurako-san’s dumbfounded face.

I embraced Sakurako-san’s body, which I just deflowered.

「 We still have three more hours, and to think that I can bang Sakurako’s body all I want for six thousand Yen makes me really happy 」

Tears flow from Sakurako-san’s eyes.

I licked off her tears.

It’s to show that her tears also belong to me.

「 I-I… 」

Sakurako-san looks up at the ceiling.

Oh, so “rape eyes” is actually real.

「 Look at me, Sakurako 」

I said. Sakurako-san’s black eyes look at me feebly.

「 Do you regret this? 」


「 I don’t know 」

If she answered “I do,”

Then, Sakurako-san will never be able to recover.

「 You’re not allowed to regret anything until five. You’re a prostitute, so you don’t have time to reflect on yourself 」

I said.

「 For now, look at nobody but me. Think of how I could enjoy your body more, focus on more lewd sex 」

「 Yes 」

Sakurako replies immediately.

If she rethinks of what it means for her to prostitute herself, then…

It’s because she realized that her mind’s been pushed to the point of breakdown.

Therefore, she seals up that “Self” that is about to sink into fear and regret.

If not, Sakurako-san won’t be able to keep herself.

「 Sakurako’s body is amazing 」

I grind the penis still buried inside Sakurako-san.

I don’t wither just from a single ejaculation.

「 Hey, I praised your body, now say your thanks 」

I said.

「 Thank you for praising Sakurako’s body 」

Sakurako told me with a confused look.

「 Did you feel my semen pour inside you Sakurako? 」

「 Yes 」

「 Are you scared? Scared that you might get pregnant 」

「 Yes 」

Sakurako replies honestly.

「 Sakurako, you asked for help when I was about to ejaculate. Do you remember? 」

「 No… 」

「 Sakurako, you said “Father, help me” Then, you also shouted, “Shie, help me.”

「 I have them all recorded, shall we play it? 」

Ruriko asks me.

「 Later, not now 」

I say while caressing Sakurako-san’s face.

I wipe off the tears that flowed from her eyes.

「 Then, Sakurako, you also said: “Mother, help me” 」

I look at Sakurako-san’s eye and said.

「 That mother…which one is it? 」

Sakurako’s startled.

「 Was it the mother from the Kanou house that raised you? Or was it the mother who gave birth to you? 」

Her mother is from the Kanou house.

Or the mother who gave birth to her went to prostitution and died. A mother she never met.

「 My mother from the Kanou house 」

Sakurako told me.

「 If that’s the case, Sakurako’s not a child of a prostitute. Sakurako’s heart is still a daughter of the Kanou house’s mother 」

As soon as I told her…

Sakurako begins to cry loudly.

「 Mother! I’m sorry!!! Sakurako’s…Sakurako’s… 」

Sakurako thought of the mother that raised her and she cried.

She’s regretting prostitution.

To lose her virginity from something like this.

「 That’s so cute, Sakurako 」

And so, I resume moving my hips.

We’re going for the second round without pulling out.

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