Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 2548

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Chapter 2548: Don’t be too self-abased (7)

However, Liu Buyan shook his head slowly and said, “Junior Sister, you don’t understand a man’s mentality. He would be even more embarrassed to admit to this in front of you. But in front of me, perhaps he might be frank about this. Go back first, I’ll have a good talk with him.”

Huang Yueli looked suspiciously at Liu Buyan and pondered over it for a moment before she nodded, “Alright then…”

To tell the truth, she was able to handle all other matters properly but in terms of male-female affairs, she was a total blank.

Although there were countless people who wooed her in her past life, but she was proud and arrogant. Other than Mu Chengying, she had never looked anyone else in the eye at all.

Huang Yueli was devoted totally to climbing the heights of cultivational peak back then and thought that matters related to passionate love were totally not worth paying any attention to.

In her past life, she and Mu Chengying had only gone on to kissing, and totally did not have any other advancements in terms of contact.

It was exactly so, which was why Liu Buyan managed to deceive her with a few mere words.

Huang Yueli also felt that she seemed to have forced Li Moying too tightly so she took Liu Buyan’s advice and obediently returned to her bedroom.

On the next morning, she woke up very early and after she finished washing up, she headed straight to look for Liu Buyan.

Out of her expectations was that Li Moying was also in Liu Buyan’s pill refining room and from the looks of it, it seemed that he had not left for the entire night.

Moreover, Li Moying and Liu Buyan both had some bruises on their faces, and their expressions were pretty terrible.

Huang Yueli blinked her large eyes as she looked at them in astonishment, “The both of you… did you have a fight yesterday night?”

Li Moying’s gaze swept across Liu Buyan coldly and when he turned his head to look at Huang Yueli, his expression instantly turned tender, “Li’er, what were you thinking of? How could we possibly get into a fight?”

“That’s right, Junior Sister, we’ve already reconciled and we will not fight! Don’t worry!” Liu Buyan hurriedly replied to her as well.

Huang Yueli stared at the both of them, “Do the both of you think I’m blind? If you didn’t fight, where did the bruises on your faces come from?”

The both of them were stunned as they took a look at each other.

Liu Buyan coughed, “Cough cough, Junior Sister, you’re mistaken! Li Moying’s injuries on him… those are caused by the treatment that I’ve administered. You know, that kind of illness, just relying on medication doesn’t have much effect so I have used the golden needle acupuncture and even did fire cupping on him! I’ve been busy for the entire night! Ai, this illness really isn’t easy to treat at all!”

He shook his head and sighed, his shoulders suspiciously shaking.

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Li Moying’s gaze was as harsh as a blade, as he couldn’t have wished for more than to beat Liu Buyan up on the spot!

Yesterday night, in Liu Buyan’s pill refining room, after he heard the real reason why Huang Yueli went over to look for him, Li Moying almost spat out blood right there!

Never had he ever imagined that Huang Yueli actually mistook him as having… that kind of illness.

Liu Buyan didn’t forget to add on sarcastic remarks, “Don’t blame Junior Sister, she’s very innocent in this aspect! Moreover speaking, if one didn’t know the inside story, I would probably have also thought that you are… impotent!”

When he said that word, Li Moying could no longer control himself as he gave Liu Buyan a punch!

Although Liu Buyan was already prepared and evaded swiftly, but his face was still scratched by the fist wind.

“What rubbish are you sprouting? If it wasn’t you who showed me the remnant pages of the , would I need to do this?” Li Moying retorted furiously.

Liu Buyan rubbed the wound on his face.

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