Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: The Imperial Garden

Many passers-by had been attracted here by Xia Wanyuan, who was on the news. They had been watching for a long time, but Xia Wanyuan had not appeared.

[ Where is she… ]

[ How side must her role be? It’s been so long and she’s still not out. ]

[ The person in front, calm down. ‘The Long Ballad’ was originally adapted from the male-frequency language. Female characters don’t appear often anyway. Wait patiently for a while. Could it be that Qin Wu’s acting isn’t good? ]

[ Qin Wu’s acting isn’t bad, but I still want to see how beautiful the legendary peerless beauty can be. ]

Just as the comments were discussing when Xia Wanyuan would appear, the scene in the drama suddenly changed. A golden glazed roof and the roof of the palace gradually appeared in the camera.

A girl’s tinkling laughter could be heard from the screen. It was innocent and pure. The camera zoomed past the red walls and golden tiles, finally showing the source of the laughter.

In the imperial garden, countless palace maids and eunuchs were waiting on the side respectfully. There were people holding fans, fruit plates, and pots of water. Everything one could think of was there, which showed how noble the person being served was.

It was March and the spring sun was shining brightly in the garden. The sun shone warmly on the garden and the pond not far away was shining.

On the swing, a woman in luxurious clothes was sitting on the swing as she was pushed into the sky by the maids. Her ink-black hair flew up, and the sunlight fell on her golden palace robe, shining brightly.

[ I’m so anxious. Where’s her face? ]

[ Is this how all television dramas behave? Why must they be so suspenseful? Can you hurry up? ]

[ Even her back view is so good! Her face must be even better! ]

The camera gradually moved forward and the woman’s face finally appeared on the screen.

It was different from the gentleness and beauty of casual clothes in the street lamps.

At that moment, the Heavenly Spirit Princess was wearing a bright yellow princess gown with a satin veil that was embedded with silver threads. Her beautiful hair was tied into an exquisite bun and a peach blossom flower ornament was carefully pasted on her forehead, making her look even more beautiful.

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On both sides of the bun was a gold-threaded peacock hairpin. Under each peacock’s mouth was a string of gemstones that shone under the sunlight.

The Heavenly Spirit Princess’ laughter spread to every corner of the imperial garden. It was as if there had never been any worries in her world. Her every move was filled with elegance. This was what it looked like to be raised by all the pampered children.

[ Mommy, I’m in love. ]

[ Wow, it’s so beautiful! ]

[ This Heavenly Spirit Princess is really amazing!! Why is Xia Wanyuan so good-looking? ]

[ I take back what I thought about Xia Wanyuan’s lousy acting skills in the past. The little princess today looks delicate and naive. She’s clearly different from the Heavenly Spirit Princess who wore civilian clothes and looked ignorant and curious last night. ]

[ Tsk, that’s all. What are you bragging about? She’s just a supporting actress. ]

[ That’s right. What’s the use of being nice to look at? The male lead doesn’t like her anyway. The male lead likes the female lead, okay? ]

With everyone’s reminder, many passers-by who had come because of her reputation remembered that Xia Wanyuan was only a supporting role. If the supporting role was already so beautiful, what did the female lead look like?

Hence, a curious audience asked in the comments when the female lead would appear.

[ Female protagonist? Didn’t the male protagonist recall the time in Cangyuan Mountain just now? The one who flew the kite with him was the female protagonist. ]

The expectant passers-by were speechless.

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