Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Entering the Painter Association

“Come in.”

Xia Wanyuan pushed the door open and entered. Jun Shiling switched off the video and stood up.

“Are you busy?” Xia Wanyuan came in with a plate.

“I’m done.”

“I made some cake for Xiao Bao, but he didn’t finish it. Do you want to try it?” Xia Wanyuan handed the cake to Jun Shiling.

“I just watched your drama.” Jun Shiling scooped a spoonful of cake and placed it in his mouth. It was not sweet and emitted a fragrance. Although he never liked sweet food, he felt that Xia Wanyuan’s cake was not bad.

“How is it?” Xia Wanyuan had yet to take a look and had only heard Tang Yin say that the response was okay.

“Your acting skills are not bad.” Jun Shiling’s gaze was deep as he said meaningfully, “Your other actor acted pretty well too.”

Qin Wu? His acting skills are indeed quite good and he’s not bad either. He’s considered one of the better male celebrities in the new generation.” Xia Wanyuan gave an objective evaluation when she heard Jun Shiling mention Qin Wu.

Jun Shiling paused in his actions and felt that the cake in his mouth suddenly had no taste.

Looking at Xia Wanyuan’s elegant side profile, Jun Shiling wondered when she would be enlightened. Should I add fuel to the fire?

The room fell silent.

“Are you busy tomorrow?” Xia Wanyuan suddenly turned around and asked an unrelated question. She met Jun Shiling’s deep eyes and felt an inexplicable panic.

“Nothing much,” Jun Shiling replied.

If the management of the Jun Corporation were present to hear Jun Shiling’s words, they would definitely be laughing in their hearts. CEO Jun, you must have forgotten about the meetings that required you to attend personally.

“Then come back early.”

“Okay.” Although he didn’t know why Xia Wanyuan had asked him to come back early, Jun Shiling felt an inexplicable sense of anticipation.


It was rare for Xia Wanyuan to have a free day. She practiced for a while and gave herself a long day off. She laid leisurely on the sofa and watched “The Long Ballad”. Before she was halfway through, Professor Zhang called.

“Little friend Xia, let me tell you a piece of good news. The Painter Association intends to recruit you into the association. I wonder if you’re willing to come?” If the peach blossom painting was to let everyone know that there was a person with excellent painting skills like Yuan Wanxia,

Ink Bamboo and Cold Plum Blossom Painting allowed people to get to know Yuan Wanxia even more. The “Map of Songxia Fisheries” that was auctioned a few days ago had truly made everyone realize how profound Yuan Wanxia’s skills were.

Perhaps in the eyes of the outside world, 10 million was already a high price, but to those who knew the trade, many of the ancient techniques hidden in that painting had already far exceeded this price.

Unfortunately, everyone could only see the picture of this painting in the video at the auction. They could not personally understand the essence of the painting.

The initiative was initiated by Li Qian, the president of the Painter Association. Everyone agreed to recruit this extraordinary talent.

Even though the name Yuan Wanxia had already become popular in the painting and calligraphy world, only when they decided to recruit her into the association did everyone realize that they had no idea where she was.

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, Professor Zhang could only lie that he had obtained the painting from a stall. Now, it was not convenient for him to reveal that he knew Xia Wanyuan. He could only secretly leak this news to Xia Wanyuan and get her to draw another painting and send it to the Painter Association. This way, she could contact the Painter Association.

“There’s no need. It’s useless for me to join the association.” Xia Wanyuan knew that she was not old in this life, but her painting skills had decades of foundation. She was afraid that it would cause some controversy.

“Little friend Xia, let me tell you something too. Qing University has always wanted to recruit a guest professor. Back then, I recommended your painting to the Painter Association because I wanted you to be a member of the association. With your ability, it’s more than enough for you to be a professor here.”

Professor Zhang really felt that Xia Wanyuan was a talent and didn’t want to let go of this good opportunity. He tried his best to persuade Xia Wanyuan.

Hearing Professor Zhang mention the Qing University, Xia Wanyuan’s heart skipped a beat. Since ancient times, China had always respected knowledge, especially a top school in the country like the Qing University. Xia Wanyuan was quite willing to attend this school.

“Alright, Professor Zhang. I will contact them.”

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“Alright! Then it’s settled!” Seeing Xia Wanyuan agree, Professor Zhang was overjoyed.


Ever since she had been amazed by Xia Wanyuan’s camera last night, there had been rumors on Weibo about that stunning beauty who smiled under the light.

For marketing accounts, the news media saw that they could gain popularity, so they followed the trend and promoted this small clip on the entire Internet. It attracted the attention of many passers-by.

A professional statistical platform learned through monitoring that the second day after the drama “The Long Ballad” was released, the number of viewers increased by 50% compared to the first day. This was already a considerable number.

And these new viewers were basically attracted by Xia Wanyuan’s shots.

[ I’m here, I’m here. The front row is occupied. ]

[ Three minutes left. Qin Wu husband, I’m here! ]

[ I saw the news and came to take a look. Is Xia Wanyuan, the female lead, really that good looking? ]

[ What female lead? Can the person in front clarify things before speaking? Xia Wanyuan is just a supporting role. Ruan Yingyu is the legitimate female lead, okay? A slut who can move many people to be the female lead? Pfft. ]

[ The person in front, is your brain eaten by a pig? The author set the Heavenly Spirit Princess up as a bitter princess. She was just someone who had no choice but to bow down to fate. Why is she becoming a slut here? Are you blind other than seeing the relationship between a man and a woman in your eyes? ]

Many passers-by thought that the clips that were pushed across the Internet was the female lead of the drama. Now that the comments were so noisy, they thought to themselves, ‘Even the supporting role looks so good. How beautiful is the female lead!’

This was a world where appearances mattered.

Everyone was immediately excited and waited expectantly for the drama to start.

With the familiar sound of the flute, the drama began to broadcast on time.

For the sake of increasing the video length, the video platform at Watermelon Platform edited the preview for nearly three minutes.

It was a good thing for the new audience who had yet to watch the first two episodes, but for the old audience, it was undoubtedly filling in the blanks.

After floating for three minutes, the three words “The Long Ballad” finally appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The drama used Lin Xiao’s growth line as the main storyline of the drama. Hence, ten minutes had passed, but the drama was still talking about how the male lead had discovered the mystery of his birth.

The standard of filming for “The Long Ballad” was not bad, and the plot was more compact. While everyone watched with interest, they were still looking forward to Xia Wanyuan’s appearance.

Another ten minutes passed, but Xia Wanyuan still did not appear.

Everyone began to panic.

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