Princess and the General - Chapter 224

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The Second Prince Sends a Gift (Part One)
“Servants, deliver the gifts that this prince chose to Marquis Gu’s Manor and the prime minister’s manor.”

In the second prince’s manor, the second prince had been neglected by Emperor Ning for such a long time that he could focus his anger in his spare time, but he devoted his efforts to something else.

Being ignored by Emperor Ning was not a big deal. In any case, he was not the only one being ignored. The eldest prince would enter the palace under the pretense of visiting Imperial Consort Xian, yet he was not able to see Emperor Ning even once.

Everyone was being treated coldly, so why should he worry?

However, Princess DanYang’s engagement was something to celebrate. He knew that Emperor Ning did not plan to use this to help improve the relationship with Yin Shuo, but Princess DanYang was his younger sister born from the same mother. As a result, it would be natural for Yin Shuo’s side to favor him.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

A servant stepped forward and took a look. The two gifts were particularly plentiful, and they had been handpicked by the second prince. It was clear just how important he attached to this.

He was puzzled and said: “Your Highness, which one is for Marquis Gu’s Manor, and which one is for the prime minister’s manor?”

The second prince pointed at the sandalwood box on the left, “This one has a peony pattern on it is meant for girls to use. It’s to be given to Princess ZhenJiang in Marquis Gu’s Manor. The other one with the bamboo pattern is to be given to the prime minister’s manor. You absolutely must be sure to not make a mistake.”

Even his choice of brocade boxes was this thorough, so it was clear that the gifts would be extremely impressive.

The second prince had truly invested a great deal of his capital.

The servant was puzzled and said: “Prime Minister Yin has a lofty position and has great power. In the future, he will also become Your Highness’ brother-in-law. Your Highness being so generous is something that should be done. As for Princess ZhenJiang, she’s not Your Highness’ sister.”

“What do you know?”

The second prince scolded him, “If she was actually my sister, this prince would be reluctant to give it to her!”

“Young miss, take a look. This head ornament is apparently made of crystal!”

Lian Zhu helped Yu Fu brush her hair every day, so she had seen everything from gifts sent by the palace to things created under Gu HuaiJiang’s orders to treasures brought out by Gu ShuBai and the others. This led to her developing a discerning eye.

For her to be so shocked, it had to be something exceptional.

Yu Fu glanced at what she was holding, and Lian Zhu brought the brocade box up for her to see, “This is something that the second prince just had delivered to Lord Marquis. When Lord Marquis heard that it contained a head ornament, he immediately knew that it was meant for young miss and sent someone to deliver it to the Western Wing.”

Yu Fu did not know what was inside but just looking at the brocade box, Yu Fu knew that it was not definitely not common.

“The second prince and Princess DanYang have a close relationship. Without him even noticing it, he ended up being affected by her tastes, thinking that all girls like peonies. He doesn’t even consider my age. How could I like such a graceful and noble flower?”

Looking inside the box, she could not stop herself from raising an eyebrow.

She found a complete set of head ornaments laying inside. They had not been made of gold or silver and inlaid with gems. Instead, it was the extremely rare pigeon’s blood ruby, commonly known as pigeon’s blood.

Because of its vibrant color and eye-catching like a drop of blood, it had this unique name.

It was no wonder Lian Zhu was so shocked. This was something that was sent into the palace as an offering. To be able to get a piece the size of a finger to be made into jewelry was already very desirable, much less an entire set of head ornaments?

Though Yu Fu did not have much of a good impression of the second prince, she was still a girl. Faced with such a rare set of accessories, she found it very hard to refuse.

Lian Zhu saw her expression and laughed, saying: “Young miss is, in name, also the second prince’s younger sister. Accepting a gift from him is completely normal.”

That was natural. The second prince would not think that her accepting this gift meant that she would stand on his side.

To outsiders, Yu Fu still seemed to favor the eldest prince.

Accept it and send it over to eldest brother. Let him take a look. Who knows how the second prince got his hands on such a desirable item? If it was taken from His Majesty’s offerings, I don’t want to get implicated.”

If she did not say this, the servants would not have considered it.

Lian Zhu hastily said: “Yes, this servant will go immediately. Lian Bi…”

She wanted to call Lian Bi over to take care of serving the tea when she suddenly recalled that she had not seen Lian Bi this morning, so she did not know where she was.

“Lian Bi went to check on the second young sir for young miss. I will take over taking care of young miss here.”

Yao Lan walked out of the inner room. She was also become more mature from when she first entered the manor. Lian Zhu reassuredly nodded and left with the set of head ornaments.

Not long later, Gu ShuBai personally came over with Gu JiuGe.

Lian Bi followed behind the two with her head down without saying anything. When the tea was served, it was Lian Zhu and Yao Lan who came out.

“Yu Fu, there’s nothing wrong with this. This was originally a tribute from last year, but His Majesty gave it to the second prince. He ordered it to be made into a set of head ornaments and gave it to you. After all, you can now be considered part of the imperial family.”

“As long as it isn’t going against some rule, it’s fine. I just never thought that what second senior disciple said would come true. For someone as rash as the second prince, sending a set of head ornaments is a trivial matter. There will definitely be more to follow.”

Gu JiuGe was confused from what he was hearing, “What did Tian Shu say?”

He had been quite depressed for a few days before busying himself with trying to get closer to Yin JiYao to find out the truth behind her birth mother, thus he did not have the time to concern himself with what was happening at the manor.

Gu ShuBai summarized the contents of the letter sent by Tian Shu. It was simply about the conversation that he had with Princess DanYang outside and how she wanted him to work with her to break up Yu Fu and Gu ShuBai.

Why else would it be said that Princess DanYang was stupid? She had sought out the wrong person.

If she had sought out her “husband” in Yin Shuo, she would definitely not have accidentally startled the snake.

Gu JiuGe’s expression sank upon hearing this, “Just who does the second prince think he is? In order to gain the favor of Marquis Gu’s Manor, he desperately tries to win over our people, and he has the audacity to try and set his eyes on Yu Fu?”

Aside from Gu ShuBai, his own eldest brother, if anyone dared to set their eyes on Yu Fu, he definitely would not treat them kindly.

Gu ShuBai smiled, “But he’s already done it, and he’s put in his money. If it’s as Yu Fu said, there will be even more to follow.”

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