Primordial Dimensions - Chapter 273

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This thought was obvious and Shane couldn't help but smile.

"I'm confident that everyone will be able to leave the underground cave unhindered….well...except for myself, but if the amount of Syldalyr sand is as huge as this person had posted on PrimWeb, I'm confident to make it out of the cave unharmed as well!"

"If you're confident to leave with the funds procured through the Slydalyr sand, why doesn't this one person leave too?"

Shane smiled as he answered,

"That's simple. He is an adventurer and researcher, not someone proficient in fighting against several dozen peak-awakened stage beasts!"

After they heard this, the Guild members nodded their heads understandingly and one of them suddenly asked.

"And why did nobody try to enter the underground cave to venture towards the one particular underground cavern room where the Slydalyr sand is situated while utilizing the same tactic that you  have in mind?"

Shane didn't want to stay idle while answering questions, because it wasted too much of their precious time as he tried to counter the question with another,

"How many humans are currently at the Expert stage with a mana purity at or above 75%? Out of them, how many can defeat several dozen peak-Awakened stage beasts with equal combat prowess?

The profits that I would receive from the Slydalyr sand are more than enough to initiate the plan I have in mind for at most two people, while the dangers are extremely high.


Due to a particular fact, you guys won't have to worry about being able to leave the underground cave...that is if you guys stay with me!" 

By talking about the fact that the others could leave whenever they wanted, Shane meant they could use the Hidden Paradise and Space Door within it, though he did not explicitly mention it.

Everyone else could leave through the Hidden Paradise, and jump straight to the connected space door inside the Shirai academy, but not Shane.

He was unable to enter his own world or the space door inside it!

As such, he would have to create an opportunity to leave as well.

Others didn't have this kind of choice and they would either have to fight alone or create a path to leave the underground cave in a large group!

The Starlight guild members didn't understand what Shane meant, but they knew that he wouldn't do something that could imprison or endanger him. 

Furthermore, he seemed to be well prepared and confident. 

Thus, they decided to trust Shane!

When they had left the shelter that was located upon a small hill on a large island, it hadn't taken long before Shane had found the right path towards a large cavern entrance of the underwater cave. 

There had been a large sign in front of it and a warning about the dangers associated with exploring it had been written on the sign in the Primordial language. 

As such, everyone knew that they had reached their final destination!

The whole Muyla Ocean rift was an island and the ocean around it. 

At least, that was what mankind had found until now. 

Humanity had barely wandered through the island, the Dimension Portal teleported them to and they had yet to venture through the oceans. 

It was important for mankind to construct reinforced ships, strong enough to endure the poisonous mana-infused ocean water. 

In addition to that, the ocean was filled with strong beasts attacking invading ships. 

As such, most ships would be destroyed due to the poisonous water that slowly corroded the wooden planks, while beasts attacked the ships, eradicating entire fleets! 

When Shane and the others stood in front of the cavern entrance that had a steep slope of a 90 degree angle. The odd angle prevented them from seeing anything at the base of the cave and some began to hesitate. 

They were not even able to climb down the cave walls because they were slippery and smooth. 

Nevertheless, Shane didn't hesitate as he jumped straight into the cave. 

Meanwhile, the others merely looked at him, unable to decide whether Shane was insane or not. 

However, instead of hesitating, Kylia, who had doubted Shane in the beginning, had already followed and jumped right after him. 

As such, everyone followed suit and jumped one after the other, because they didn't want to be seen as weaklings. 

This was not their sole reason, but one of the major ones. 

They had been unsure if it was really a wise move to enter the underwater cave that did not seem to have an exit! 

Shane, who had jumped first, couldn't see anything below him. 

The whole cave felt like an endless black pit to him until he fell into a small pond of water that was directly below the cavern entrance. 

Due to the impact and his weight, Shane's back smacked hard on the water surface but he swam a little and reached the ground, from which he pushed himself up. 

Shaking his hair to get rid of the water trickling down his face, Shane could barely see Kylia falling hurtling down and she crashed into him. 

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This took away Shane's breath while Kylia was similarly astonished that she had fallen directly on Shane. 

However, Shane, who had seemingly little air left in his lungs, sensed something even worse. 

The remaining 38 Starlight guild members had followed Kylia closely behind! 

At that moment, Cosmo wanted to help him in order to prevent any accident from occurring, but Umbra had already emerged next to Shane. 

He enveloped Shane, and Kylia, who had accidentally pushed down Shane within the water, and swam towards the left before he lunged towards the water surface.

Not even ten seconds had passed until Umbra had left the water pond as he dragged Shane and Kylia behind.

It took them a few breaths before Kylia looked around to see if there was anything hostile in their surroundings.

Shane knew that nothing would attack them here, but even if something would, Umbra was with them right now.

As such, he was much more relaxed than Kylia, who laid on top of him.

Clearing his throat, Shane just asked, smiling teasingly,

"Do you have something in mind by lying on top of me or do you mind standing up?"

Only when she heard Shane's words did she notice that something was off.

Her gaze averted from the surroundings and Umbra to Shane as she realised that his words were, in fact, true!

She blushed and was about to stand up, only to slip on the slippery ground.

This caused her to fall on Shane by throwing her whole weight on him as she tried in vain to break her fall.


Kylia cheeks had already turned beet-red and Shane began to feel a little bit uncomfortable too.

They were wearing tight and wet clothes after all.

Shane was a regular youth after all and not someone who could perfectly control every single part of his body.

The awkward situation only worsened when the other Starlight guild members emerged out of the pond, only to see Kylia lying upon Shane.

Jack had been the first to leave and when he saw how proactive his sister was, he couldn't help but smile slyly.

"Sister, did you finally find a suitable candidate to pounce upon? Can I tell this to our mother? She will definitely forgive us for our little escape three years ago! At least, we wouldn't have to find a new fiance for you!!" 

When Shane heard Jack, it astonished him a little bit because it seemed like they escaped their fiancès too.


'Has marrying off one's children become a trend? Why is every family so focused on pushing their children into marrying someone when they're old enough to enter the Primordial Dimensions? It's not like you can't think about marrying when you've achieved something in the basic dimensions, liquefied your mana, and turned older…'


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