Primordial Dimensions - Chapter 272

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Shane was delighted to know that the Starlight guild's members wanted to sign the Astral Artisans employment contract, but he warned them beforehand that their gains might be lower than others in some cases.

Furthermore, Shane also told them that he would modify the contract, and make a better one for the Starlight guild because the one the Astral Starlight faction was currently utilizing was completely focused on expanding!

Everyone was aware of this, except the new members of the Starlight guild, and Shane was aware of the fact that he would have to show the Hidden Paradise to everyone soon.

He wouldn't explain anything unnecessarily, instead, he could simply ask them to use the Space Door that was still below the Colosseum within the Shirai academy.

In that sense, nobody would know that one had entered the Hidden Paradise, that was his own soul bound world!!

Only Talia, the others, Shane's friends, and family were aware of his secret, and he didn't plan to tell it to everyone else!

The Elus-races' Old Emperor was aware of his secret, but he had signed a harsh system contract that hindered him from telling the secret to too many people!

That is, if he didn't want to be tortured for the rest of his life, without being able to end himself in a painless death! 

Shane had only excluded The Emperor, Empress, and Princess because it might be beneficial for him if the Elus races' royalty might know about his capabilities, yet, were unable to tell anyone else.

Shane was not sure how much time had passed, but it was already late at night when Umbra had returned to him, followed by Lily, who had wanted to play longer.


The situation turned a little awkward because Shane didn't want to stay any longer in the Neptua Ladra region for the moment.

He had other things to take care of and he needed Umbra to return with him as well.

In the end, Umbra entered the Hidden Paradise again, and Levi, the Leviathan mother suddenly remarked,

[The world within you looks interesting!]

This caused Shane to involuntarily stiffen for a moment before he smiled lightly,

"You think so? I like my small, Hidden Paradise too! It might need some time to prosper, but you know what I plan to do!"

Shane had already discussed a few plans with Levi and the goals he wanted to achieve, and it was obvious what he required the most right now!

Funds, talents, and ordinary manpower!

The former would attract the rest as long as he had a good reputation!

As such, Levi knew that Shane required lots of funds and she felt the need to help him.

However, before she could even do something, Shane told her that he planned to enter a Basic Dimension to acquire funds.

It felt like Shane wanted to achieve everything by himself, thus, Levi refrained herself from offering help and she only bid him goodbye as he watched his retreating figure.

Her daughter was sad to see them leave but happy that Shane and Umbra had visited. Even more important was that they would return sooner or later!

After Shane utilized the Dimension Portal, he emerged within an ordinary human shelter.

Looking around, he could already see the new members of the Starlight guild waiting for him and Lias saw him.

He approached them and before Shane could greet them, Kylia asked straightforwardly.

"Why do we have to enter the [Muyla Ocean rift] dimension? This is one of the weirdest dimensions mankind has conquered and most of it is water….poison infused water at that!!" 

Jack tried to hold his sister back, but she had already stormed forward because it seemed like Shane was toying with them!

They had accepted his offer to join the Starlight guild, only to enter a completely useless Dimension? Were they a joke to him?

Suddenly, Kylia felt as if she was preyed upon and football-sized eyes seemed to protrude out of Shane's upper body.

Those eyes were trained on her and she could tell that charging forward would be the wrong choice.

As such, she subconsciously took a step back and asked hesitantly,

"Why….are we here?"

Kylia was staring at Shane's chest and he knew that Umbra had revealed his existence partially.

As such, he chose to calmly explain to her instead of retaliating for her behavior,

"Some of you might not know why I asked all of you to enter the Muyla Ocean rift dimension, but I think Saldar sand is something everyone is familiar with, right?

It's the mortal grade mana-infused sand used for many alchemy processes. It's cheap and many beginner alchemists like using it!"

Everyone nodded their head because what Shane was saying was something everyone knew of.

It was taught in all academy classes, and even citizens that didn't attend an academy knew of the most basic materials that would be utilized for something!

However, what Shane said next confused them a little bit.

"Saldar sand can be found in abundance within the ocean and some of it might be carried to the beach by waves.

However, nobody has to think that I will ask you guys to collect these small batches.

Instead, we'll take care of something that is worth our efforts! The [Tier-1] grade Syldalyr Sand is similar to Saldar sand. The only difference that makes it superior to Saldar sand is the amount of mana that can be stored within the grains coupled with the fact that it is poisonous.

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Syldalyr sand not only absorbs the infused mana within the ocean water but also its poisonous attributes!"

Shane was stared at like he was teaching a class something they had never heard about.

If Nial had been around, he would have known what Shane was talking about, but he had already entered the Hidden Paradise under Talia's lead and was probably working hard to earn a huge fortune.

As such, Shane had to continue with his explanation to his small group of an astonished audience.

"Syldaldyr sand can be used to create potions too! The poisonous characteristics are not extremely lethal but enough to hurt someone at the Apprentice stage. However, the potions I was talking about are healing, recuperation potions, and even rare antidote potions!

As such a gram of Syldaldyr sand is a thousand times more valuable than that of Saldar sand!

Under normal circumstances, Syldaldyr sand can only be found in the deepest parts of the ocean, but there are many underwater caves within the Muyla Ocean rift dimension!

What would you guys say, if I were to tell you that I found the rough location of an underground cave that is directly connected to the ocean?"

It was obvious that Shane was trying to tease and increase their curiosity as he stopped talking for a few seconds.

Kylia was already nervous and didn't even think about her prior outburst. She had already let go of her insecurity surrounding Shane and didn't think that he was playing around with her or her friends. Now, she only waited impatiently for Shane to complete his short lecture!

Everyone was eager to hear more and his plan to generate curiosity had worked very well so far. Trying to suppress a grin Shane answered,

"The underground cave I'm talking about is surrounded by many strong peak-awakened beasts, but none of them is a superior awakened beast! As such, we should be strong enough to approach the room I, or rather we should look out for.

This certain room that is connected to the ocean is unique because the water flow passes through it perfectly and it is said that lots of Slydalyr sand has been found there!"

Shane believed that his explanation was succinct, but what he received were dumbfounded gazes. While everybody was busy processing the information they had received, Kylia blurted out.

"If someone has already found that particular cave, there shouldn't be any Syldalyr sand left, or am I wrong?"

It was an undeniable fact that Shane had said that someone had already found Syldalyr sand within the cave he was talking about.

If the person who had found this cave was not a saint or insane, he or she wouldn't share the expensive sand one could receive from the said cave!

"It looks like I forgot to mention that the person who has found this underground cave, was unable to return from the underground cave! 

There is only an entrance and not a single exit!!

According to this person, who should be alive, yet inside the underground cave, one should never enter the cave! 

At least, not if one was not confident in leaving the underground cave!"

His answer had turned everyone speechless yet again and a single question raked everybody's mind.

'And why the hell should we enter a place we'll be unable to leave?'


With furrowed brows, they exchanged confused glances and looked at Shane, whose nonchalant attitude told them that he knew something they were unaware of!


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