Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1645

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Chapter 1645: The Little Light Bulb Is Fake

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“Things that have already happened cannot be changed,” Mu Yuan said. “Shan Ning, you… ”

He very much wanted to ask Shan Ning a sentence. Did you exactly do it on purpose? Did you bear hostility towards Jack? 

Although Shan Ning had always concealed it very well and he could not tell, Jack had mentioned it once. He had said that Shan Ning was hostile towards him. He was simply not bothered by it.

Shan Ning was a person with a very gentle temperament. How could he bear hostility towards someone? He kept feeling that it was Jack who was too possessive and who could not accept the appearance of good friends around him.

However, he thought more now.

Was Jack oversensitive, or had he always neglected Shan Ning too much? He was not aware of his mood.

Even if he hated Jack, what had this got to do with Lehman? He wanted to investigate this matter properly. However, when Mu Yuan faced the injured Shan Ning, who had escaped narrowly from death, he had no way to say it.

“The treatment conditions are very bad here. It is easy to get infections. I still have matters to settle, but you cannot stay here to recuperate. Ye Tingyun has sent people over, and they will send you back to the country. Go to the army hospital and recuperate well there.”

You should not have come over. 

“Let me accompany you here.”

“There’s no need to,” Mu Yuan said. You should not have come here. If you hadn’t come…

He shook his head and could not think further. He could not be too ungrateful. After all, Shan Ning had saved him. Mu Yuan was feeling extremely conflicted.

Shan Ning’s gaze darkened. “Xiaoyuan, do you blame me?”

“Blame me for killing Lehman. If I hadn’t overreacted, Lehman would not have died. But you have to know that Lehman said so many times that he wanted to kill me throughout the journey. I really thought that he had wanted to kill me back then.”

Mu Yuan asked. “Then why did you shoot the second time? Your first shot had hit him. The second shot also hit his heart. Was it you overreacting?”

“You don’t believe me?” Shan Ning looked hurt. “I… you don’t believe me?”

Mu Yuan raised his hand and said softly, “It’s not an issue of whether I believe it or not. It is already not important. It is not important to pursue anything. Ye Tingyun’s plane has already been prepared. You’ll return back to the country tomorrow. I still have not completed my mission.”

“Haven’t you completed your mission?”

“No. I will not leave as Lin Songye hasn’t died,” Mu Yuan said calmly. Shan Ning’s heart seemed to have been stirred by something. This was different from what he had anticipated. Xiaoyuan’s attitude towards him was a little distant. He was also a little polite.

It’s alright. It’s alright. 

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He kept comforting himself continuously that it was alright. Anyway, his aim had also been achieved. Hence, it did not matter much. Jack and Xiaoyuan would not have any future. Even if Xiaoyuan knew about his matter, he would also be embarrassed to ask him.

With a will, one could achieve anything. He just wanted to accompany Xiaoyuan.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Mu Yuan did not ask anything again eventually. If he asked again, he would appear to be too ungrateful. When he did not ask, it did not mean that he could overlook it. If he did not go investigate and make this matter clear, he could not cross this pit.

Even if he was wrong, he also wanted to know understandably where he was wrong in order to warn himself not to commit the mistake again.

Ye Tingyun acted as a bald person in front of Ye Chu. Ye Chu’s impression of him was finally somewhat better. She thought in her heart that Ye Tingyun was still considered alright. He said he would shave his head, and he did it. But just when she thought this way, she saw Ye Tingyun removing the headgear strenuously.

Ye Tingyun’s thick hair was revealed. He stretched his hand and ran his fingers through his hair. It was his delicate hair again. Ye Chu suddenly stood up and nearly exploded.

You lied to me again!!!! 

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