President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering - Chapter 1856

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The hot ash landed on his well-defined fingers. The noble and handsome man could barely feel the pain as his slender body stood up from the dark-colored sofa.

He strode over to the French windows and looked in the direction of the man. “What did you just say?”

The man recalled that ever since Xia Tang’s death, Third Master had forbidden anyone to mention it in front of him. He had mentioned a taboo word and he felt a little scared. “Third Master, I didn’t mean anything else…”

“Where is she?” Huo Third Master’s handsome face darkened slightly, and his entire person became incomparably fierce and deep.

The man was stunned for a few seconds. When he realized what Huo Third Master was asking, he quickly looked toward the corner.

“That girl is standing there with some matcha cake…”

Before the man could finish speaking, he realized that the girl was not there.. He frowned in confusion.

“She was clearly standing there just now.”

Huo Third Master’s jaw was tense, and his deep eyes revealed a hint of self-mockery.

He clearly knew that she had already left him for many years, so why would he still harbor such unrealistic fantasies?

He bit the cigarette back into his thin lips and sped up his smoking.

The man who spoke looked at Huo Third Master, who seemed to be deep in thought behind the smoke. He could feel a faint loneliness and loneliness from him.

Third Master Huo must have really liked Xia Tang. She had been dead for so many years, yet he could never forget her…

After finishing a cigarette, Huo Third Master walked to the balcony outside the private room. His tall figure leaned slightly on the railing. His slender fingers took out the cigarette box from his pocket and was about to light another cigarette when the door of the private room was pushed open.

Qi Ran said, “Hello, Director Chen.”

Huo Third Master looked up and glanced at the private room.

When his gaze landed on the slender figure beside Qi Ran, his froze just as he was lighting a cigarette.

The lights in the private room were dim and he could not see the girl’s face clearly.

However, that oval face that was not even the size of a palm and her exquisite and classic facial features were all very similar to Xia Tang.

Huo Third Master took two steps forward and stopped.

He wanted to take a closer look, but was afraid that he might be hallucinating.

Qi Ran brought Xia Cha to a middle-aged man. “Director Chen, this is my junior. I brought her to audition for your new role.”

Director Chen glanced at Xia Cha. The little girl was fair and clean, with thin eyebrows and small eyes. She was very beautiful and had her own unique features.

She was the type that could be remembered at a glance.

The moment Director Chen saw Xia Cha, he felt that she was the female lead in his heart.

Unfortunately, the female lead and the second female lead had already been chosen.

They were Star King Entertainment’s Bai Tong and Xia Furong.

“Sorry, we already have a suitable second female lead…”

Before Director Chen could finish speaking, a deep and cold voice was heard. “I think this girl has a good temperament and fits Director Chen’s ideal choice of the female lead. Why don’t you give her a chance?”

It was not the second female lead, but the female lead.

Everyone in the booth turned to the man who had spoken.

Xia Cha was no exception.

The man’s voice was pleasant to the ear. It was deep and mellow, like wine that had been brewed for many years. It exuded its unique charm.

Soon, a tall figure appeared in Xia Cha’s sight.

The man was wearing an exquisite white shirt, his perfectly ironed black trousers wrapped around his long legs.

He pushed his sleeves up a little, revealing a small part of his wrist and a luxurious watch.

From a distance, Xia Cha could not see the man’s face clearly, but from his figure and temperament, she could feel that he was extraordinary, noble, and elegant.

The rich aura he exuded was not something an ordinary person could match.

Xia Cha was puzzled. She had never interacted with such a high and mighty person. Why would he speak up for her?

Hearing Qi Ran call that person Mr. Huo, Xia Cha’s heart skipped a beat.

Why was that person also surnamed Huo?

Qi Ran walked to the man who had entered the private room from the balcony but was standing in the dark. He greeted him with admiration and respect.

The man hummed lightly and his deep eyes were still on Xia Cha.

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Xia Cha could vaguely feel the man’s gaze. It was not intense, but it could not be ignored.

After Director Chen heard Huo Third Master’s words, he was a little surprised. He had chosen the female lead himself, but the investor was Star King Entertainment, so the second female lead had to be from Star King Entertainment.

Xia Furong looked pretty good. She could be the second female lead in his new movie if he had no other choice.

But after seeing this girl, Director Chen felt that she was more suited as the female lead in his new movie.

Since Huo Third Master had spoken, Director Chen naturally had to give Xia Cha a chance.

Xia Cha’s appearance suited the female lead of his new movie very well, but he had to see if she had the talent.

He stood up from the sofa and shook hands with Xia Cha, “How about this? Come to my studio at 10am tomorrow.”

Director Chen handed Xia Cha his name card.

Xia Cha took the name card and bowed to Director Chen. “Thank you.”

After Qi Ran greeted Huo Third Master, he walked over to Xia Cha. The people gathered in the private room were all elites and big shots from all walks of life. It wasn’t right for him and Xia Cha to stay here for long.

After Qi Ran informed Director Chen, he left with Xia Cha.

When Xia Cha left, she felt that the gaze in the dark was on her again. She could not help but look back.

She saw the man walking out from the dark.

The man’s appearance entered her sight.

His facial features were as well-defined as if they had been carved by a craftsman. He had a handsome face with distinct edges and corners, and he exuded a cold and independent aura… This man looked reserved and calm, noble, and prominent.

Xia Cha’s heart skipped a beat.

That man gave her an indescribable sense of familiarity.

No, she had probably never seen him before. She had no impression of him at all.

Xia Cha looked away first.

Qi Ran brought Xia Cha to the deck of the yacht. Qi Ran was happy that Xia Cha would have a chance to audition tomorrow.

With her talent and ability, Qi Ran wasn’t worried that she wouldn’t be able to pass the audition.

“Cha Cha, good luck for tomorrow!”

Bai Tong found out that Director Chen was holding an audition for the female lead tomorrow.

Third Master Huo had single-handedly raised Bai Tong. At first, she didn’t understand the reason and thought that he had taken a liking to her.

Although there were some bad rumors about Huo Third Master not getting married, any woman who saw him would be attracted by his handsome appearance and noble temperament.

Bai Tong was no exception.

After she became famous, there was once when Huo Third Master had a fever and she went to see him. He called her by Xia Tang’s name and she finally understood that she was just a substitute.

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