President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering - Chapter 1855

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Qi Ran wanted to say something but stopped himself.

Xia Cha could tell what Qi Ran wanted to say. She smiled and said, “Are you asking about my relationship with the man on the plane?”

He could tell that Xia Cha and that man were not strangers.

“I used to be his fiancée.”

Qi Ran was a little surprised.

However, Xia Cha said it was in the past, there was nothing between them now..

“That man looks very outstanding.” Qi Ran had always been an influential figure in school, but the gentleman on the plane looked young and handsome, and exuded an aura of high society.

Qi Ran had only seen such an aura from Huo Third Master.

Xia Cha did not deny Huo Heng’s excellence. She nodded and said, “He is indeed not the rumored hedonistic son. He is very capable.”

Without a certain level of skill, it was impossible to be promoted from a small manager of a branch company to the CEO of a corporation!

She didn’t know what had happened to the Huo family, but she had seen a piece of news two days ago.

Huo Yuan had divorced his second wife, Ye Shuangshuang.

When Huo Yuan and Ye Shuangshuang came to the Xia family that year, she could tell that Huo Yuan doted on his wife very much.

Xia Cha did not know what exactly happened in the Huo family that caused Huo Yuan to divorce Ye Shuangshuang. She did not want to guess too much, but she always knew that Ye Shuangshuang and her brother were not on good terms with Huo Heng.

Now that Ye Shuangshuang and her brother had fallen, the Huo Corporation would be under Huo Heng’s control.

Qi Ran brought Xia Cha to an apartment hotel.

“Sis, you can rest here tonight. I’ll take you to Harbor City University tomorrow.”

“Sorry to trouble you, Senior.”

“Don’t say that. Call me if you need anything.”

Xia Cha woke up very early.

After washing up, she changed into her sports attire and left the hotel to start her morning jog.

It was her first time here, but she was no stranger to the road here.

There were many people doing their morning exercises there.

Xia Cha sat on the long bench. From the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw a tall figure.

That person was dressed in a white casual outfit and was carrying an old lady who looked to be in her sixties or seventies.

“Young man, thank you so much. Otherwise, I might have died on the mountain.”

“Grandma, the weather in Harbor City hasn’t been good these past two days. It was still raining in the morning. You have to be careful when you go up the mountain. It won’t be good if you slip and fall.”

“I’m used to climbing the small hill in the park every day. I didn’t expect the rain to come so suddenly in the morning. Luckily, I met you. Before you carried me down, many people passed by. They were afraid of causing trouble for themselves.”

“Let me take you to the hospital!”

“How can I do that? I’ll call and have my granddaughter pick me up.”

“I’m fine. I’ll pass by the hospital anyway.”

Xia Cha stood at an inconspicuous spot and watched Huo Heng carry the old woman away.

Putting aside her prejudice against him, she realized that he was quite a nice person.

When it was time to meet Qi Ran, Xia Cha returned to the hotel.

After taking a shower and changing into a T-shirt and jeans, she went to the hotel lobby to meet Qi Ran.

The hotel was not far from Harbor City University. They could reach it in ten minutes.

After entering the campus, Qi Ran brought Xia Cha around the school building, library, playground, dormitory…

When the two of them walked to the entrance of the cafeteria, they saw many people gathered there. Xia Cha asked, “Senior, is there any activity in school today?”

“I think it’s an audition. A famous director is going to make a youth movie.”

Qi Ran looked at Xia Cha and suddenly thought of something. He grabbed Xia Cha’s wrist and said, “Junior, you should go try out too.”

“Senior, I’m not here for the audition.”

“Don’t you like singing and acting? This is a good opportunity!”

Qi Ran brought Xia Cha to the audition venue.

Unfortunately, the audition had already ended.

Xia Cha did not think much of it. She was only here to take a look at Harbor City University and understand more about it.

Qi Ran felt a little regretful. She felt that if Xia Cha had an audition opportunity, she would fit the image of the female lead in the director’s heart.

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“Junior, although the female lead was already chosen this time, I heard that there’s a second female lead. If the second female lead acts well, it won’t be any worse than the female lead.”

“Senior, I don’t have much acting experience. Maybe it’ll be difficult to even get the role as the second female lead.”

“I’m going to attend a yacht party tomorrow night. Director Chen will go over then. Junior, you should come with me too. If you have the chance, fight for it. You’re already 19 this year. If you want to enter this industry, you have to hurry.”

Xia Cha thought Qi Ran made sense.

She wanted to enter this industry. She was 19 years old, and wasn’t young anymore.

“Alright, I’ll go with you tomorrow night.”

She had to wear a gown to attend the party.

Xia Cha went to the mall in the afternoon and bought a gown and shoes.

The next day at the appointed time, she changed into a gown, styled her hair, and put on light makeup.

This was the first time she had put on proper makeup and a gown since she turned legal.

Qi Ran was waiting for her at the entrance of the hotel. When she saw her walking over in a white gown, Qi Ran almost couldn’t look away.

Her gown was not sexy, but it accentuated her curves.

Her long, seaweed-like hair fell gently over her shoulders. She had no accessories, but she was as beautiful as a fairy tale princess.

Seeing Qi Ran staring at her in a daze, Xia Cha felt a little embarrassed. “Senior, is it weird that I’m dressed like this?”

Qi Ran shook her head. “No, you look beautiful, like a little fairy.”

Xia Cha tugged her skirt and smiled, “Let’s go then!”

Qi Ran drove Xia Cha to the beach.

A three-story yacht was parked there. It was brightly lit and luxurious.

Qi Ran took out the invitation and brought Xia Cha onto the yacht.

“Cha Cha, have something to eat first. I’ll bring you to see Director Chen later.”

There was a large banquet hall on the third floor of the yacht. There were many men and women dressed up.

There were all kinds of delicacies on the buffet table.

Xia Cha took a plate, picked up a piece of matcha cake and stood in the corner.

She did not notice that there were a few men standing in front of the French windows of one of the private rooms.

One of the men saw Xia Cha and saw her stand in the corner with a piece of cake. He said in amusement, “Third Master, I saw a little girl. Not only does she look like that person, even her small actions are exactly the same. At banquets, she would always pick a piece of matcha cake and stand in the corner to secretly eat it.”

The noble man who was smoking on the sofa in the private room paused slightly when he heard the man’s words.

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