Predatory Marriage - Chapter 222

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Predatory Marriage — Chapter 222. Suspense (2)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

Haban, who had snapped another man’s neck, approached with his hands stained with blood. Mura extended her foot toward him, and Haban braced it on his knee as he bent to retie the laces of her shoes.

“It’s so much more fun to cook with you,” she said, shrugging.

“I think so too, Mura.”

She smiled at the quick response. With her shoes retied, she turned to walk, with Haban following behind her.

All of the Kurkans had been in an uproar after they learned they would be meeting Leah again. Mura had begged Ishakan to let her come, and he had chosen her after she promised she would make the most delicious food.

Their Queen looked as if she had not been eating properly. She had lost a lot of weight. Knowing how much she loved Kurkan food, Mura had packed several full meals, and hurried to the chosen place with her arms laden and Haban behind her, carrying still more items in a sack. But the excited Mura had been greeted with the sight of suspicious-looking men in hoods.

The villa in the orchard had been silent. The knights and ladies-in-waiting were sleeping. The sight of those hooded men slipping inside angered her to her core. Her Queen would eat cold food because of these men.

So while Ishakan was headed for Leah, Mura went to clear the area with Haban and Genin, displaying her abilities for the first time in a long time. She snapped off the intruders’ heads like watermelons off a vine. – Posted only on Novel Utopia

“Where’s Genin?”

“Decided to clean up the other side…she’s probably done by now.”

At that moment, Genin was approaching, walking toward them in the distance while smoking a cigar. She had finished her task.

When Mura glanced back at Haban, he had already lit a similar cigar for her, and she kissed his cheek as she took it.

“Thank you.”


Haban’s face turned red. Leaving the embarrassed man alone, Mura went to meet Genin.

“Are you finished, Genin?”

“I killed them all.”

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Mura smiled coldly at the answer. The intruders had gone into the house knowing that there were knights on guard. Obviously someone had ordered it, and had been careful to render all the ladies-in-waiting and knights unconscious. It was likely that they had not been planning to kill Leah.

In Estia, a bride’s purity was as important as their life. Most likely, the hooded men had been planning to [email protected] her, or do some other degrading thing. Few things would be worse than simply taking her v!rginity. That alone would have created a cruel nightmare for her that would never end.

Leah would have endangered herself if she even admitted that it happened. She was the Princess of Estia and soon to be married; given her status and the circumstances, she would likely have chosen silence over scandal. She might even have found herself in a position where she had to cover up for her [email protected] with her own hands.

It was a despicable plan. Mura didn’t know who was behind it, but she wouldn’t let them get away unscathed.

“Whoever did this will pay…!” She said, scowling. It was hard to control the angry madness inside her. It took all her patience to endure it and calm down.

Exhaling her smoke, Mura nervously tapped her foot on the ground.

“We will catch the one responsible, I promise,” Haban reassured her, coming to stand at her side. The sight of the couple made Genin wonder if she had treated her own husband with such support. She really should be better to him.


All together, Haban, Mura, and Genin suddenly turned their heads. They froze, looking at the same distant place, and then suddenly broke into a run at the same time. Their speed would have terrified any normal human, but they raced toward Ishakan, who was holding Leah in his arms.

His head turned toward them slowly. His golden eyes shook and he looked as if he might collapse any moment.

“Morga…” His voice trembled. “Morga…”

Immediately, Haban ran for the sorcerer, and Mura and Genin hurried over to Ishakan.

Leah was lying unconscious in his arms, looking thinner and weaker than ever, so white that it seemed she might vanish any second. Looking at her with horror, Mura let out a cry.

Leah’s skirt soaked with blood.

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