Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Growing Conspiracy

After Bai Luochu bade farewell to Pei Qingfeng, she headed to the Empress Dowager’s palace .

After Bai Luochu finished the treatment session for the Empress Dowager, she returned to the residence and immersed herself in the world of cultivation . Under this seemingly peaceful life, there was a bigger storm waiting for Bai Luochu .

. . .

“Bang!” Someone in the residence was obviously furious as they smashed a teacup .

“How many days has it been? I already asked all of you to find her whereabouts since the day I saw her at the banquet . She is simply a stupid, lowly savage lass! Why did you take more than a month to find her? Now that you finally found her, you tell me that she returned to the general's residence? What do you mean she returned to the general's residence? Do you mean that she had gone missing in the capital city in the past?! A bunch of useless people who can’t even find a wastrel with innately crippled meridians . What do I need all of you for?!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, another teacup fell to the ground .

The person who was speaking was none other than the Phoenix King Valley Master’s daughter… Feng Wan’er .

After Feng Wan’er saw Bai Luochu at the banquet, she tried looking for her with all the manpower available . It was a pity that the First Prince's residence was too strong and completely concealed Bai Luochu’s presence . No one was able to find out that she had been residing in the First Prince's residence all along . In addition to the fact that Bai Luochu had been spending most of her time as Divine Physician Bai, no one was able to connect the most popular person in the capital city with the wastrel in the general's residence .

Feng Wan’er had sent men to search for an entire month and after all the searching, these people told her that the lowly lass was at home .  Do they think I’m a stupid fool? How can they take more than a month to look for someone staying at home?!

“Who made junior sister so angry?” A man walked in and he looked like a pretty boy . He had a pair of phoenix eyes and there seemed to be a flirtatious look concealed in them . Had it not been for his rough voice, he would be able to easily pass off as a woman .

When Feng Wan’er saw this person, she pouted and didn’t say a word .

“Oh my, junior sister, it is possible to hang an oil lamp on your lips . ” When that man saw Feng Wan’er’s expression, he made fun of her .

“Senior brother, how can you make fun of me when I’m so angry?!” Feng Wan’er sounded even more unhappy and she almost threw a tantrum on the spot .

“All of you are dismissed for now . ” That man spoke and dismissed everyone kneeling in front of Feng Wan’er .

Those people felt a heavy burden lifted off their chest and immediately stood up and left without turning back . Perhaps their legs were numb after kneeling for such a long time, their walking posture looked rather weird and Feng Wan’er started to laugh .

“Pfff, hahaha…”

“Let me guess . Did that ignorant lass from before come back?” The atmosphere turned awkward after the question left his lips .

“Senior brother, she is back . She will become a taint in my relationship with Wuchen . I cannot allow her to live! I must not allow her to live! Do you understand my meaning, senior brother?” Feng Wan’er acted as though she was possessed and there was a terrifying expression on her face .

“Shush, softer . Don’t let that old man hear it, or you will be berated again . Don’t worry, senior brother will help you prepare a good scheme . This time, senior brother guarantees that the lowly lass will not survive and obstruct Wan’er’s path . Don’t be angry, okay?”

When Feng Wan’er heard the man’s promise, it was as though she had consumed a sedative and became instantly composed .

That man then asked the servants to enter to clean up the smashed up teacups . He started to prepare a scheme with Feng Wan’er, a scheme that would ensure Bai Luochu’s death .

Bai Luochu who was in the midst of cultivation suddenly sneezed a few times and thought she caught a cold . She closed the windows tightly and continued to cultivate .

This wasn’t the only case, other than Feng Wan’er, someone else also had their eyes on Bai Luochu . However, this person only had his eyes on her for a short while .

This person was none other than the Third Prince, Pei Wuchen . After Pei Wuchen heard about the engagement between him and Luo Chu at the Landscape Pavilion, he felt a little mindful about it even though he didn’t care too much .

After he returned from the Landscape Pavilion, he had secretly found out information about Luo Chu . He managed to learn that she had been missing more than a month ago, and he felt a little regretful . Right now, his scouts had reported that Luo Chu was back at the general's residence, safe and sound . He felt a slight joy in his heart when he heard that she was fine . However, he ignored his emotions as he didn’t want to feel attached to her .

After all, in Pei Wuchen’s opinion, Luo Chu was just an orphaned daughter of the general's residence and she didn’t possess any influential support from her family . Furthermore, she had innately crippled meridians and wasn’t able to cultivate . In terms of cultivation, she was an utter wastrel and even though she had rather good looks, a prince never chose a wife based on looks .

In short, Pei Wuchen had pasted an ‘unworthy’ label on Luo Chu inside his heart . In Pei Wuchen’s eyes, he should be only be matched with a heavenly female prodigy like Feng Wan’er, in order not to bring down his status as a prince . Of course, he couldn’t ruin his status as the last disciple of the Phoenix King Valley Master .

However, he didn’t understand why he started to pay attention to Luo Chu . Pei Wuchen told himself that he was only concerned because of the prior engagement .

The more he observed her, the more he felt that she was different from the other young ladies .

She was different from the well-bred young ladies from the major clans in the capital city . Luo Chu treated people and matters casually and wasn’t restrained by those so-called rules . Other than that, she was merely an orphan . If there was a piece of news that intrigued him, it was that she was really close with his second brother, Pei Qingfeng .

Pei Qingfeng never approached any woman and he rejected the arranged marriages the Emperor and the Empress Dowager proposed for him . He did it both openly and in the dark . There were plenty of courageous young ladies who had confessed their love for him in public but he had treated them like dirt and fled without any hesitation . He never bothered about their feelings in the past . . .

Right now, he had actually abandoned all the magnificent peonies and was taking care of a stalk of weed . Pei Wuchen felt that Pei Qingfeng’s head was kicked by a donkey .

When he thought about Pei Qingfeng’s attitude towards Divine Physician Bai, Pei Wuchen suddenly had a bold idea .  What if Luo Chu is Divine Physician Bai?! 

In the end, Pei Wuchen quickly dismissed this idea as the information stated that Luo Chu was just a wastrel with innately crippled meridians . Looking at how much the general's residence had declined, there was no way they had spare money to allow her to develop her medical skills .

But when Pei Wuchen found out about the close relationship between Luo Chu and Pei Qingfeng, he felt rather uncomfortable . He even told himself it was normal for her to get close to another man .

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