Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 9

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To someone engrossed in cultivation, time was an illusionary concept . Bai Luochu had been cultivating for an entire day and by the time she woke up, all the others in the prison cells were sound asleep . There were even a few of them snoring thunderously .

Seeing as no one had their attention on her, Bai Luochu once again attempted to absorb the spirit qi from the heaven and earth in order to open up her meridians .

In the dead of the night… Perhaps it was because everyone in the Bestial Battle Arena was in dreamland, Bai Luochu felt as though the spirit qi in her surroundings was much denser . Traces of spirit qi permeated into her body through her skin and converged within her spirit platform .

This time, there was a much higher concentration of spirit qi in Bai Luochu’s spirit platform . When the spirit platform was overflowing with spirit qi, Bai Luochu started to use her spiritual energy to guide the spirit qi before circulating them through her meridians . As the spirit qi arrived at the obstructed areas, she didn’t recklessly control it to charge at the blocked areas like last time . Instead, she gathered all the spirit qi with her spiritual energy right in front of the obstruction . When she was ready, she used all the spiritual energy in her body to force the spirit qi forward!

“Ah . . . ” Bai Luochu let out a groan and opened her eyes abruptly!

Immediately after, she started to pant . She felt a sharp pain shooting through her body but fortunately, she could feel a small crack in it after her attack on the obstructed meridians . This was truly a pleasant surprise for Bai Luochu today .

Although Bai Luochu understood that opening the meridians wasn’t an easy task and there was still a very long path ahead for her, it was nevertheless the first step in her cultivation .

Originally, Bai Luochu wanted to take advantage of her cultivation progress and continue her breakthrough . However, she realized that her injuries were not fully recovered yet . Also, she spent a huge deal of energy trying to break through the obstruction in her meridian . In the end, she decided to rest on the bed and quickly fell into a deep slumber .

“Gong! Gong! Gong!” When Bai Luochu opened her eyes again after a good night’s rest, she was shocked by that loud, ear-piercing sound of the gong ringing . After strapping the poison needles and the dagger on her waist and making sure they were secure, she calmly walked towards the main hall . She was ready for the day .

Ever since Bai Luochu won the battle against the Thunder Python without suffering an injury, all of the prisoners somewhat started to fear her . They were restraining themselves in her presence and no one dared to stand next to her in the main hall .

Bai Luochu was never an ordinary young lady . In her previous life, she was an evil dao witch who walked an extreme path . In this life, even though she had been reincarnated into such circumstances, it was already a huge blessing .

Today, Bai Luochu’s name wasn’t on the list . In her mind, there was nothing more important than cultivating . Just as she was about to return to her prison cell, the person who rang the gong spoke . “Hold it, did I ask you to return?”

As he spoke, he walked in front of Bai Luochu and sized her up . Finally, his eyes landed on Bai Luochu’s face and he asked in a soft voice, “Where is the reward that the noble gave you yesterday? Why don’t I see it?”

Bai Luochu already understood that he probably wanted to gobble up the reward . When the reward was given to her, the noble was watching from the side and it was naturally inappropriate for him to pocket her rewards . Right now, there was no one else present and he obviously thought that she was a pushover . It was clear he was eyeing her rewards .

But who was Bai Luochu? In her previous life, she was the famous ‘evil dao witch’ . In this life, she might be a wastrel but her temperament was still the same as before . Arrogance was carved deep into her bones and nothing could change that .

Bai Luochu despised his behaviour . She didn’t even try to flatter him and immediately replied, “I spent everything . There isn’t a single thing left . ” As soon as she was done, she didn’t even look away as she stared directly into his eyes .

“Tsk . Spending so much money… do you think you are some wealthy landlord?! You ungrateful thing!” When the person who rang the gong knew that he wasn’t going to get anything, he was extremely infuriated . He immediately spoke without mercy, “Since you spent so much money, you must have improved quite a bit . Since that is the case, you shall also enter the arena today . I hope you can return alive . ”

Looking at the despicable face of the man before her, Bai Luochu sneered and didn’t reveal the slightest bit of fear . Even though she seemed indifferent, she engraved the appearance of this person into her mind . In the next moment, another thought flashed through her mind . She wondered if she would be rewarded again after this match… It was such a coincidence that she was lacking in some spirit medicine . . .


“The battle shall begin! Open the gate!” As the referee in the arena spoke, Bai Luochu walked out from the opened gate and entered the arena . She stared straight at the spirit beast before her .

Looking at no . 8 human slave calmly standing in the arena, the crowd quickly flared up . “Look quickly! It is the no . 8 human slave again . Will she be able to kill the spirit beast instantly today?” The audience in the Bestial Battle Arena was abnormally lively due to the appearance of Bai Luochu .

“Whatever! I’m going to bet on the slave today!” The one who spoke was that beautiful young lady who was there the day before . Everyone saw Bai Luochu and rushed to place their bets before the battle could start .

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but laugh when she heard all the cheers as she recalled how everyone doubted her strength yesterday .  Why are they praising me? Isn’t the change in attitude a little too drastic?

As everyone was shouting and making their bets, Bai Luochu had already examined the spirit beast she was going to face . When she noticed that it was just a one-tailed Silver Fox, she no longer hesitated . She drew her dagger and cleaved that Silver Fox into two parts .

“The battle is over! No . 8 human slave wins!” As the referee made his judgment, the battle came to an end . This time, many of the people were able to win back the money they lost the previous day .

For the next few days, Bai Luochu was targeted by the person ringing the gong and as such, she appeared in every single battle . Each time, she would instantly kill the spirit beasts forcing the Arena Master to change the way the bets worked . They were now able to bet on whether or not she was able to instantly kill the spirit beasts .

Bai Luocho was rather tactful . In the recent battles, she would intentionally go easy when facing those rather fearsome spirit beasts in order to extend the battle . Of course, she did so in order for the Arena Master to not lose money every day .

The Arena Master naturally saw Bai Luochu’s good intentions and had gotten the men to fill her prison cell with cattails, allowing her to peacefully take on the role of a money tree . After all, every time this lass went easy, the Arena Master would be able to win back all the money he had lost in the past few days .

Of course, Bai Luochu didn’t put in so much effort for nothing . She would be rewarded after every battle and this was something unprecedented! She was the target of jealousy for everyone!

During these few days, Bai Luochu had been battling spirit beasts during the day and cultivating diligently at night . She didn’t know if her meridians were growing more robust because of the increase in her spiritual energy or because of the frequent battles .

Bai Luochu had a feeling that it wouldn’t take long before the obstructions in her meridians shattered .

It was deep into the night and Bai Luochu used the same method as before to absorb spirit qi in preparation to rush at the obstruction and clear it up . For an entire night, she had attempted endlessly and every time, the crack in that obstruction grew bigger .

Finally, just before daybreak, the obstruction shattered with a clear crack! All of a sudden, Bai Luochu’s divine sense gained clarity and a surge of mild energy from her spirit platform gushed towards all her inner organs, limbs, and bones!

The power that had been lost had now been regained!

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