Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 47

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“How is it? Did you find anything?” Pei Qingfeng had a calm expression on his face as his brows were slightly raised into the air .

He saw this black-clothed man nod repeatedly before replying, “This subordinate didn’t fail Your Second Highness and investigated everything thoroughly . ”

When Pei Qingfeng heard these words, he immediately waved his hand, indicating for the guard to stand guard at the entrance to not let anyone approach . If anything happened outside, the guard could also report to him immediately . This time, he asked for the investigation of a person who was a mystery and it was better to be prudent .

When the guard saw Pei Qingfeng’s indication, he quickly pushed Pei Qingfeng behind the study table to face the black-clothed man . He quickly took his leave and closed the doors tightly as though he wanted to prevent any sound from escaping the study room . After doing everything, he stood still at the entrance and fulfilled his role as a competent guard .

“Report everything you investigated in detail . We are in the residence now and there is no need to bother if others might be listening . ” Pei Qingfeng placed his elbow on the table and used his hand to support his face . Others might think that he wasn’t paying attention but the black-clothed man understood that his master wanted to know everything, down to the slightest detail . He didn’t dare to be careless .

“Reporting to Your Highness . The person you ordered this subordinate to investigate goes by the name of Luo Chu . She is the only daughter of the former military great general . In order to rescue the late Emperor, the general and his wife had sacrificed their lives . Due to the late Emperor’s fond memories of the great general’s loyalty and favor, he betrothed the then baby Luo Chu to the current Third Prince, who is also known as Pei Wuchen . This betrothal was something that disappeared in the annals of time and only His Majesty and the Third Prince remembers it . ”

Betrothal to the Third Prince?

“Alright, I understand . Apart from that, did you find out anything else?” Pei Qingfeng nodded and asked again . He wanted to know everything .

The black-clothed man naturally didn’t dare to neglect Pei Qingfeng and carried on his report . “About a month ago, Young Lady Luo Chu who should have been in the residence suddenly appeared in the Bestial Battle Arena . Furthermore… she appeared as a female slave . ”

Speaking up to this point, the black-clothed man inevitably paused a little . After all, the Luo Chu he was speaking about was considered a descendant of a martyr . Even if she wasn’t a part of the elite noble clans in the capital, she shouldn’t fall into slavery . Moreover, the person who sent Luochu into slavery was someone no one would suspect .

Seeing how Pei Qingfeng didn’t have any reaction, the black-clothed man continued to speak, “It was said that when she was thrown to the Bestial Battle Arena, she kept on saying that she was an orphan of the former general and was a concubine who was betrothed to the Third Prince by the late Emperor . Because she originally had innately crippled meridians, no one believed that the imperial clan would allow a crippled person to be their daughter-in-law . Thus, they threw her into the arena . ”

“She was originally about to be eaten by a spirit beast, but she suddenly woke up . She, who was originally helpless, immediately killed that spirit beast . In the next few battles, she would win the battles one by one . It seems like she changed into a completely different person . ”

“There is also another thing . After she woke up in the arena, it seemed like… her soul had left her body . Not only did she forget everything in the past, her character also changed drastically . Half a month ago, she was bought by the First Prince from the Bestial Battle Arena . As for the things that happened afterwards, Your Highness already knows everything .

“Do you know why she was thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena? Who was the one who did it?” Pei Qingfeng obviously wanted to understand everything about Bai Luochu .

The black-clothed man paused and seemed to be arranging his words before he reported to Pei Qingfeng . “The one who threw Young Lady Luo Chu into the Bestial Battle Arena wasn’t anyone else but the Phoenix King Valley Master’s daughter… Feng Wan’er! The reason was obvious . Feng Wan’er and the Third Prince, Pei Wuchen, had been together since they were young . They developed feelings for each other after their long years of interaction . ”

This betrothal that no one knew of was found out by Feng Wan’er for some reason . She felt that Luo Chu was practically a stain between herself and the Third Prince and she sent someone to threaten Luochu to break the marriage . Who knew that Luo Chu might have crippled meridians, but had an unyielding character like the former general? She didn’t agree no matter what . Feng Wan’er was so infuriated that she asked someone to throw Young Lady Luo Chu into the Bestial Battle Arena…”

This black-clothed man’s voice got softer and softer . Pei Qingfeng seemed to detect something and asked, “Does Third Brother know of this matter?”

This secret guard’s heart thumped as he was whining silently . He thought about how it was a bad thing his Lord was so clever and was able to guess everything before he even spoke . The Second Prince had truly touched on the sore spot of his subordinate, making this black-clothed man’s voice even softer before he replied carefully, “This… the Third Prince seemed to know about the threatening of Young Lady Luo Chu, but as for whether the Third Prince knew if Young Lady Luo Chu had been thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena . . . this subordinate wasn’t able to find out anything . ”

After that black-clothed man’s words left his mouth, Pei Qingfeng didn’t ask anymore . The study room turned extremely quiet, even the air seemed to stagnate a little .

After quite a while, Pei Qingfeng spoke again, “Alright . You are not the one responsible for this lack of information . Why are you feeling guilty? I simply asked you to investigate but you seem rather concerned over it . Enough, you may be dismissed . Close the doors tightly and don’t let that fellow at the door come in . ”

Pei Qingfeng pursed his lips and sipped the slightly cold tea beside him as he dismissed the black-clothed man .  

The black-clothed man had incessant grievances in his heart . His lord had finally set his heart on a young lady! She was the only person who could enter his heart and right now, his investigation had clear indications that this young lady had gone through so much suffering due to her official fiancé, who was also his lord’s third younger brother, the current Third Prince!

The black-clothed man was afraid that his lord would be so angry that he would cause harm to himself . If his lord fell sick due to rage, he could use the excuse to seek treatment from Divine Physician Bai . But if he was injured, there would be no one to care for or love him . How could he not be concerned?!

Even though those were his thoughts, his face remained expressionless . “Understood, my lord . This subordinate will take his leave!”

As the black-clothed man finished speaking, he slipped out as though there was a smear of oil under his feet . He then closed the door tightly again while not forgetting to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead .

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