Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 46

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What a coincidence . Bai Luochu wanted to form a proper scheme with the Phoenix King Valley’s disciple selection in mind .

The Phoenix King Valley was Bai Luochu’s sworn enemy in her previous life . Actually, it would be an understatement to say that they were her sworn enemy . There was a saying, “The ones who understand you the most aren’t your friends but your enemies . ” This saying was the most appropriately used to describe Bai Luochu and the Phoenix King Valley .

Bai Luochu knew about the true nature of the members from the Phoenix King Valley . They were people who made use of the fact that they were from the Three Great Immortal Sects and thought highly of themselves . They would always act with their noses pointed towards the heavens and would only respect the people with influence . They treated people below them with disdain . Right now, they were willing to attend the Cloud Water Nation’s Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet mainly because they had to accept a new batch of disciples . They might even be plotting something sinister .

The Phoenix King Valley naturally didn’t treat those descendants from poor clans or from waning aristocratic clans kindly . It was highly possible that these descendants would be beaten up by the Phoenix King Valley without being able to put up the slightest bit of resistance . Furthermore, they were probably going to be ridiculed in public as they were humiliated by the disciples .

When that happened, it would be Bai Luochu’s best chance to offer assistance and recruit them . After suffering humiliation, their hearts would be filled with rage and as time elapsed, the rage would ultimately develop into disgust and hatred for the Phoenix King Valley . By then, they would become the sharpest treasure sword that Bai Luochu would use to point at the Phoenix King Valley!

Of course, she had to personally go to the competition ground to observe their performance . Apart from inspecting their strength, she had to observe the moves they used and how they behaved after their defeat . This was so she could judge their character and mental state . This was to prevent herself from recruiting some devious individuals . After all, she had been stabbed in the back by someone she trusted in her previous life and it wasn’t a great feeling .

Thinking about the betrayal, Bai Luochu felt a slight throbbing pain in her heart . It wasn’t because of Lu Wenshu, but the heartache for her disciples . After all, they were the innocent ones and were in a miserable predicament now because she failed to recognize her betrayer’s evil intentions .  

After some contemplation, her plan to recruit soldiers was finally at the fledgling stage . Bai Luochu was preparing to cultivate before making a detailed plan . She had to rapidly increase her strength as she couldn’t possibly lead a faction if she was the weakest cultivator present .

As Bai Luochu was preparing a detailed plan to recruit soldiers, Pei Qingfeng was riding back to the Second Prince’s residence . He conveniently checked up on his result of bringing up Bai Luochu’s influence .

“Your Highness, this subordinate doesn’t understand the reason behind Master’s preferential treatment towards Divine Physician Bai . ” The personal guard beside Pei Qingfeng was extremely puzzled .

“Why do you think she has been going through so much trouble to provide treatment for everyone during this period of time?” Pei Qingfeng had a smile on his face and spoke in a lively tone . It was obvious he was in a good mood .

That guard pondered for a long time before he scratched his head and replied, “To know more high-ranking officials and noble clans?” His tone was rather doubtful and he didn’t sound very certain .

Pei Qingfeng’s folding fan opened up with a “flap” while he answered indifferently, “That’s correct . What she wants now are reputation and connections . If I were to help her at this stage, she will be able to know even more people and obtain even more resources . The more resources she obtains, the faster she will be able to cultivate . It also increases her chances of survival . Doesn’t that increase the chance for me to cure the poison array in my body?”

That guard nodded and seemed as though he had thought of something . “Something isn’t right . Divine Physician Bai has been treating princes very coldly and I heard that when she was providing treatment to Young Lady Su, she was also very indifferent . Why does she want to seek connections with those people? This line of reasoning isn’t right!”

Pei Qingfeng silently thought that his guard was all brawn and no brain . Other than knowing how to fight, he knew nothing else!

With no choice, Pei Qingfeng explained, “She is someone who treats everyone coldly . Look at her being invited to various residences to be a guest physician . Did her expression ever change? She is a highly intelligent person and she probably understands that moving about in the Cloud Water Nation isn’t going to be an easy task . She is currently preparing a route of retreat for herself . After all, she is just a human slave bought by the First Prince . In the Cloud Water Nation, a slave’s life never had any value . ”

That guard suddenly realized it and nodded his head repeatedly . He praised, “So that is the case . This subordinate really didn’t consider things thoroughly, I hope for His Highness to forgive this subordinate’s rude reaction . ”

Pei Qingfeng closed his folding fan and gently knocked at the back of the guard’s hand . He seemed to rebuke, “What are you thinking . . . How can you be so impatient after following me for so many years? You really need to work on your comprehension skills . ”

Pei Qingfeng obviously didn’t treat this guard as an outsider as he was much more at ease in front of him . The guard immediately responded, “Hehe, isn’t Your Highness here to provide in-depth analysis? I will just take responsibility by putting my life on the line . ”

“Garrulous . ” Pei Qingfeng laughed and shook his head with a helpless expression . He then immediately asked the guard to steer his carriage back to the Second Princes residence .

However, the guard didn’t know that Pei Qingfeng had only told him half of the truth he had guessed . It was to prevent the guard from revealing any information in front of the shrewd Bai Luochu .

There was a chance this lass was trying to stir up the muddy waters in the Cloud Water Nation . . When Pei Qingfeng thought about this, he turned to look at the Cloud Water Nation imperial palace . He couldn’t help but sigh silently . The Cloud Water Nation was just like a vast ocean, it had a calm surface but roaring undercurrents that nobody could see . Right now, this little servant girl had seen through it all . It seemed as though the nation would be thrown into chaos by this little lass soon .

No one would expect that Bai Luochu who was originally a female slave who was struggling to survive in the Bestial Battle Arena would be setting off a huge wave and storm on this continent in the near future .

The moment Pei Qingfeng entered the residence, one of the servants leaned over and whispered something into his ear . His originally smiling expression turned grave .

As though he guessed something, the guard hurriedly said, “Your Highness, this subordinate will push you into the study room . ”

As soon as Pei Qingfeng entered the study room, he saw a black-clothed man standing and waiting in front of the table . He turned around after hearing a sound from behind him and when he saw that the person who entered was Pei Qingfeng, he immediately greeted, “Greetings, Your Highness . ” The man then nodded to the guard which was considered a greeting among fellow workers .

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