Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 45

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“How is it? Is the reputation of our Divine Physician Bai even more well known now?”

Pei Qingfeng already knew about the rumors in the capital city and had intentionally phrased the question . He wanted to seek some benefits from Bai Luochu .

“So you’re the one doing all this! I was sure the members of the First Prince’s residence were keeping their mouths shut . It was impossible for information to leak out . ” When Bai Luochu saw that the Second Prince was here to look for her once again, she became annoyed .

Recently, he had been very diligent in making use of the excuse of “treating his legs” and would stay for a long time . Bai Luochu was at the limit of her patience but she couldn’t just chase him out . She had to force a smile as she replied .

When Pei Qingfeng saw Bai Luochu’s forceful smile, he couldn’t help but laugh . He tried to tease Bai Luochu again . “I say… if you don’t want to smile, don’t do it . You look unsightly . You are originally not that beautiful of a woman to begin with . When you do this, it makes you look even more ugly . ”

“Then I shall not soil Your Highness’ eyes and would like for Your Second Highness to leave . Please return to your residence . ” When Bai Luochu heard how Pei Qingfeng was teasing her, she was infuriated . Her jaws were clenched tight as she spat out her latest statement . It was as though she wanted to chop Pei Qingfeng up into many pieces .

Seeing how Bai Luochu was getting angry, Pei Qingfeng was even more delighted . In the end, he withdrew his intention to tease and spoke casually with Bai Luochu, “Oh Divine Physician Bai, after seeing how I took the trouble to help boost your reputation, shouldn’t you do something in exchange?”

Pei Qingfeng originally wanted to see Bai Luochu’s bashful face as she said, “In your dreams, I am not going to give you myself in exchange . ” He would then continue to tease her .

Who would have known that Bai Luochu wasn’t one to follow common sense .

He saw Bai Luochu’s huge frown as she clenched her teeth tightly . She thought for a long time before replying, “10%, at most 10% . In the future, when you come and look for me for treatment . I… I will give you a 10% discount on the fees . ”

This time, it was Pei Qingfeng who became so angry he almost choked on his saliva . He took a few deep breaths before he said to Bai Luochu, “My goodness, then this Pei fella must really thank Divine Physician Bai for his generosity . ”

“You are welcome . You and I address each other as brothers . Now that you have put in so much effort for me, I naturally have to treat you with more courtesy . ”

Bai Luochu had been quarrelling with Pei Qingfeng recently . She knew that when he was angry, he would address himself as ‘Pei fella’ . Seeing that she had successfully turned the tables, Bai Luochu was in a great mood . The fake smile on her face turned into a real one .

Pei Qingfeng and Bai Luochu were still casually chatting and their conversation lasted all the way into the afternoon . Zi Su then took the opportunity to ask Pei Qingfeng if he was going to stay for lunch .

“I will not be staying for lunch as I still have many things to handle . I shall take my leave now . ” As Pei Qingfeng finished speaking, he asked his personal servant to push his wheelchair and quickly exited the courtyard .

When Zi Su saw that Pei Qingfeng was far away, she let out a mischievous and dubious smile before speaking to Bai Luochu . “Young Lady . The Second Prince obviously has important matters to take care of . However, he enters the residence every few days to chat with you . What do you think about it?”

“Is there a need to ask? He’s a prince but he’s still such a miser . He’s trying to hang around me to save money for his diagnosis fee . ” Bai Luochu was wholeheartedly thinking of the dishes inside of Zi Su’s food box and replied half-heartedly .

“The Second Prince even took all the trouble to build up your reputation . Why did he do that? In my opinion, this Second Prince must be…”

Before Zi Su could finish talking, she was interrupted by Luochu’s coughs, “Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough…”

Bai Luochu quickly drank a mouthful of water to swallow the rice that she choked on and turned around to speak with Zi Su, “You better discard that preposterous imagination . A single statement from him is already enough to make me die from the pressure . Do you think that there could be something between me and him? Why don’t you say that I can marry an immortal in the heavens? That sounds much more possible . ”

When Zi Su saw how Bai Luochu spoke so resolutely about the possibility, Zi Su quickly swallowed the words in her mouth .

“What are people saying about me now?” When Bai Luochu thought about what a great opportunity Pei Qingfeng was giving her, her mood was great . She wanted to know what the masses were saying about her .

“The commoners are saying that Divine Physician Bai isn’t just proficient in the medical field . He is also very amiable and approachable . He doesn’t have those eccentric habits of those so-called experts . In addition… in addition to the fact that Young Lady is disguising yourself as a rather handsome young man, there are plenty of young ladies who are secretly having affections for you!” As Zi Su spoke the latter part of her statement, she couldn’t help but speak with a trace of mischief .

Bai Luochu raised her brows and pretended to reprimand Zi Su, “You brat! You truly dare to say anything now huh? When I take on the identity of Divine Physician Bai in public, the mask never left my face . How can those people know if I am handsome or not? What if I am wearing a mask because of my hideous appearance?”

“Aiya, Young Lady, don’t you still have your heroic aura and figure? Furthermore, the title of ‘Divine Physician’ won a lot of bonus points!” When Zi Su saw that Bai Luochu was unconvinced, she immediately explained and made extreme efforts to prove that the information that she gathered was all the truth .

It was true that Bai Luochu’s current body was much more slender as compared to other ladies . In addition to the aura that she already had since her previous life, she truly had the appearance of a semi-mature young man .

When Bai Luochu saw how Zi Su was behaving, she couldn’t help but shake her head silently . She finally finished her lunch as she dismissed Zi Su .

After seeing Zi Su walking faraway, Bai Luochu took out a name list of aristocratic descendants that she had requested from the First Prince . She carefully circled some names and these people weren’t descendants from first class aristocratic clans, It could even be said that these people were simply children from declining and waning clans . If one had to find something in common about them, it would be their rather competent cultivation levels .

These people were the easiest to subdue, weren’t they?

They weren’t as arrogant as those descendants of noble aristocratic clans and they made the decision to participate in the Phoenix King Valley’s selections in order to raise the standings of their clans . As long as these people had some grievance in their hearts, she would be able to think of a method to convince them .

After all, they were just some kids who were full of mettle . They were all young and inexperienced . They weren’t like those cunning old foxes who knew how to scheme . As soon as they boarded her ‘pirate ship’, it would certainly be impossible for them to get off in the future .

On the other side, she obtained a list of ordinary people from the Second Prince . They were descendants from ordinary families who wanted to participate in the selection . When she had the time, she was prepared to go observe them to see if they could be of use to her .

Bai Luochu wasn’t so naive to think that she could rely on herself to revive her temple . After all, she was just a slave servant in the First Prince’s residence . . .

It would be for the best if she could make use of the imperial clan’s influence . Right now, her reputation as Divine Physician Bai was also getting more prominent . It seemed like it was time to make some preparations for her next course of action .

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