Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 44

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If someone were to ask Bai Luochu why she was so respectful to the Empress Dowager, they were thinking too much . To Bai Luochu, the First Prince’s identity wasn’t anything special, the imperial authority wasn’t considered anything in her eyes . Thus, the Empress Dowager couldn’t be considered anything in her eyes as well . To Bai Luochu, there were only useful and useless people .

The current Empress Dowager was useful to her .

Fortunately, due to her status as the divine physician, the Empress Dowager wasn’t hard on her and immediately asked Bai Luochu to stand up . “Divine Physician, quickly stand up . There is no need for formalities . Men! Bring Divine Physician Bai to his seat . ”

Bai Luochu bowed again before sitting down .

“Actually this Empress asked someone to invite Divine Physician over for no other reason than to thank you . Firstly, it is for me to thank Divine Physician for saving Qing’er . Secondly, there is a favor I need to ask . I am already of a certain age and my body definitely has some minor problems . I wish that Divine Physician can do a thorough check up for me . Even if there isn’t a permanent solution to my problems, it will be good if my body can feel a little more relaxed . ”

The Empress Dowager spoke the truth and with the heavenly prestige of the imperial clan, there was no reason to evade this task .

It was fortunate that Bai Luochu had already guessed it . Furthermore, diagnosing and treating illnesses weren’t difficult tasks for her . Therefore, she agreed .

“This commoner gives his thanks to Empress Dowager for her trust . I will do my best to diagnose Empress Dowager and provide treatment . ”

“Then, I shall thank Divine Physician Bai for the trouble . ”

As soon as Bai Luochu felt the Empress Dowager’s pulse, she knew that she had been living a luxurious life . Now that she was of a certain age and her body was no longer like before, some problems naturally appeared as she continued to enjoy the lavish meals in the imperial palace .

“Empress Dowager, do you feel that you have no appetite and you are lacking power in your limbs? Your spirit doesnt seem to be too good as well . . . ” Bai Luochu was certain of the problems, but she still had to ask due to respect .

“Divine Physician is correct . There aren’t any real major problems . It’s just that my body doesn’t feel as great as before . Is there any problem?” The Empress Dowager asked with concern .

“Empress Dowager can feel at ease as we managed to spot your problem before it became worse . From now on, you have to control your diet and I will come by frequently to treat your illness with acupuncture . There should be no problems . But… as you are already of a certain age, the effects might come a little slower . This is the most dependable method and it will not harm your foundations . ” Bai Luochu saw how concerned the Empress Dowager was and had to offer some comfort .

“If that is the case, I will have to trouble Divine Physician Bai . In order to facilitate Divine Physician’s entry to the palace, I will send someone to bring an access token to the First Princes residence . You will be able to enter the palace freely . ”

“Since that is the case, this commoner shall accept Empress Dowager’s request . I will be entering the palace to provide treatment for Empress Dowager every seven days . No matter what, in this forbidden palace, rules must still be obeyed . I will ask the First Prince to send a notice of visit one day in advance to avoid clashing with the other nobles . ”

After hearing how Bai Luochu spoke, the admiration in the Empress Dowager’s heart became stronger . She was even more firm in her opinion of Divine Physician Bai .

Since Bai Luochu was already here, she provided an acupuncture treatment on the spot . She then wrote down the things to take note of in the Empress Dowager’s diet, asking the servant girls in the Empress Dowager’s palace to note it down .

After making all the arrangements, she bade farewell to the Empress Dowager and returned to the First Princes residence .

Since she was summoned by the Empress Dowager, Bai Luochu wasn’t able to rest . Divine Physician Bai’s great reputation spread like wildfire and apart from entering the palace every seven days to provide treatment to the Empress Dowager, Bai Luochu had been invited by all the aristocratic clans in the capital city . She also used this opportunity and got to know plenty of young masters .

If anyone were to ask who was the most popular person in the capital city, it would undoubtedly be Divine Physician Bai .

In a single month, Bai Luochu made use of the name of Divine Physician Bai as she did well in the capital city . Time flew and before she knew it, one month had passed .

After a month, there were more Phoenix King Valley’s disciples who had arrived in the imperial city . There were also plenty of youths with great innate talents and exceptional cultivation gathering in the capital city . They came from the other regions of the Cloud Water Nation .

Bai Luochu was initially doubtful but she suddenly recalled that it had already been a month since the palace banquet . She remembered that it should be the time for the Phoenix King Valley to accept new disciples . That explained the arrival of so many talents in the capital city .

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but feel angry at herself for her carelessness . She had been too busy the entire month and had actually forgotten about such an important matter! Seeing so many powerful individuals, Bai Luochu had decided that this was the best timing for her to secretly recruit soldiers!

On one side, Bai Luochu had small abacus in her hand as she played with it . The Second Prince also had his plans .

“Your Highness, the Young Lady used the name of Divine Physician Bai to create a great reputation for herself in the capital city . Her business is booming too . Many people in the capital city already knew that Divine Physician Bai  is staying as a guest in the First Princes residence . Some of the nobles can’t sit still and all of them are visiting the First Prince’s residence in succession . The doorstep of the First Princes residence is going to be leveled soon!”

When the Second Prince’s personal servant saw how his lord was still so calm and not anxious about his own body condition, he got rather anxious for the Second Prince .

“Since that is the case, let us go seek treatment from this ‘Divine Physician Bai’ . ” As he finished his statement, Pei Qingfeng made his preparations and headed to the First Princes residence to look for Bai Luochu for a ‘diagnosis’ . He could even provide her with some fame .

Just like this, Pei Qingfeng went over in the name of seeking treatment . He came into contact with Divine Physician Bai every few days and could be seen entering the First Prince’s residence frequently . Some of the people even heard from the servants of the First Princes residence that this Second Prince was addressing this Divine Physician Bai as brothers when they were in private .

The nobles in the capital city were paying attention and after hearing these rumors from the streets, they immediately believed it .

Immediately after, they started to treat Divine Physician Bai more courteously . Moreover, the Second Prince had always been one to obtain the commoners’ approval . When these commoners saw how the Second Prince treated Divine Physician Bai, they felt even more respect and love for Divine Physician Bai . As such, the reputation of Divine Physician Bai soared high into the sky .

“Is everyone in the city saying such things?” When Bai Luochu heard the rumors in the capital city, she couldn’t help but grow curious .

“It is true . But Young Lady, I don’t think it is a bad thing . After all, the better the Young Lady’s reputation, the easier it will be for you to do things in the future . ”

Bai Luochu nodded with skepticism but she got the answer that she wanted . The rumors in the capital city were probably related to the Second Prince . These rumors were indeed beneficial to her but the question was… why was Pei Qingfeng doing her a favor?

At this moment, Bai Luochu wasn’t able to fully grasp the reason behind it . Right now, she wasnt in the mood to consider it either as she had far more important matters waiting for her to do .

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