Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 42

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Lord Su immediately sent everyone away and sent someone to bring the madam in . He then whispered something into Madam Su’s ears before leaving the room . Right now, only Bai Luochu, Madam Su, and the bedridden Su Luoqing were left in the room .

“If I do anything to offend Young Lady Su, it’s because I have no choice . This poison has already spread throughout her meridians . If I do not use silver needles to force out the poison, it will be harmful to Young Lady Su’s body in the long run . I wish for Madam Su’s understanding . ” Bai Luochu quietly waited for Madam Sus approval .

“I understand . Can I ask your honor to quickly provide treatment?” Madam Su was much more composed than what Bai Luochu had imagined her to be . It seemed like the madam was truly an outstanding person .

After obtaining Madam Su’s approval, Bai Luochu started to conduct the treatment . Firstly, she fed the antidote that she had prepared in advance to Su Luoqing . Afterwards, Bai Luochu carefully disinfected the silver needles before starting her treatment . She inserted the needles according to the location of the meridians before forcing out  the poison from Su Luoqing’s body .

It was unknown how much medicine Su Luoqing had been fed during her ‘treatment’ . The moment the silver needle entered Su Luoqing’s body, filthy black blood oozed out from the eye of the needle . Immediately after, the room was filled with an awful stench .

When Madam Su smelled it, she couldn’t help but retch . She immediately took out her handkerchief to cover her nose and mouth .

She raised her head to see that Bai Luochu didn’t have any trace of reaction . It was only her who felt disgusted by the smell . She immediately felt ashamed and wanted to put down the handkerchief . Just as she brought it down, that smell rushed towards her nose and she almost puked .

When Bai Luochu saw it, she consoled the madam . “Madam doesnt have to mind . This poison is truly vicious and pungent . The smell is indeed a little overbearing . I am simply used to such things and no longer have any reaction to it . A normal person will definitely feel disgusted, Madam doesn’t have to be concerned . ”

When Madam Su heard what Bai Luochu said, she nodded her head with embarrassment and took the handkerchief to cover her mouth and nose .

Bai Luochu consoled Madam Su not because she was kind-hearted but because she was worried that Madam Su might really vomit . If that were to happen, it would make the room smell even worse . If Madam Su fainted due to the smell, Bai Luochu would even have to take the time to wake her up, causing more trouble .

Why not take the initiative to say something and prevent such troubles from happening?

The room had regained its serenity again, as Su Luoqing’s body constantly bled out the poisoned blood and the stench was slowly disappearing . The color of the blood was finally returning to its original red color .

After spending the time it took to burn two sticks of incense, Su Luoqing’s body was finally cleared of the poisoned blood . Bai Luochu pulled out the silver needles and sealed Su Luoqing’s acupoints . She then asked Madam Su to get someone to clean up both the room and Su Luoqing .

As such, the treatment was completed .

When Bai Luochu exited from Su Luoqing’s chamber, she immediately saw Lord Su’s anxious expression . She spoke frankly, “Lord Su, I didn’t fail to live up to your expectations . ”

Such a simple statement was enough for Lord Su to understand that his daughter was going to be fine .

Lord Su quickly thanked Bai Luochu and went inside to take a look . When he saw that Su Luoqing had yet to regain consciousness, he turned back and asked, “Divine physician, this . . . why isn’t she awake yet?”

“No need to be anxious . The poison in her body had already fused into her blood . I forced out all the poison from her body and she is currently suffering from the lack of blood and qi . I will provide a prescription for her . After consuming it for a few days, there will be no problem . ” Bai Luochu knew that Lord Su was truly guileless in his love for his daughter . No wonder Su Luoqing was so spoiled and had so many shortcomings .

“Oh, will your honor please move to the study room and write down the prescription? In order to thank your honor, I ordered the Madam to prepare a small feast . I hope that your honor can do us the honor of being gracious hosts . ”

“There is no need for a feast . Young Lady Su still has to recuperate . The noise and extravagance will be detrimental to her health . Furthermore, I am studying the art of fasting and it isn’t convenient for me to take part in the feast . Why not let my lord remember this favor today? If there comes a day where I need help, I hope Lord Su can remember the favor of saving his beloved daughter . ”

If Bai Luochu had stayed behind for the feast, she would naturally have to participate in social interaction . She had always hated those people who flattered and sweet-talked . Besides, she would have to take off her mask in order to eat . Right now, she didn’t alter her facial appearance and might just expose some flaws . If that happened, nothing would make up for the fact that she was the one who poisoned Su Luoqing in the first place . All her effort to plot and scheme would go down the drain .

Furthermore, she was truly in a hurry to return . She wanted to wash off the odor as soon as she could .

Seeing how Bai Luochu firmly refused to stay, Lord Su didn’t try to keep the physician . Thinking about how this physician saved his daughter, it was nothing for him to owe the physician a favor .

“Since that is the case, this one will spare the civilities . Your honor saved my daughter’s life, this nobody will remember the favor . ”

Bai Luochu then followed Lord Su to the study room where she wrote down the prescription for Su Luoqing . After making sure that there were no errors, she handed it to Lord Su .

This prescription to recover the qi and blood was a common prescription and naturally wouldn’t expose anything . She was naturally willing to hand it over . After all, the treatment she provided to Su Luoqing was through her acupuncture technique . Madam Su shouldn’t have been able to pick up on anything . As such, the risk of this dangerous chess move from her was considered to be negated .

When Lord Su received the prescription, he personally escorted Bai Luochu and Pei Rumo out of the Su Residence . After he returned, he sent someone to report to the Empress Dowager and the Emperor while asking another person to purchase the medicine for Su Luoqing .

When Bai Luochu returned to the residence, she didn’t bother about the First Prince and immediately headed back to her chambers . She then asked Zi Su to draw some water for her to take a bath . After washing and scrubbing her body, it was already time for lunch .

Bai Luochu might have a laid-back personality normally, but she was also extremely particular about cleanliness . After experiencing the disgusting stench from Su Luoqing’s body, she was nauseated and she couldn’t even take a bite of her lunch . She lit some incense and asked Zi Su to burn those clothes she wore to the Su Residence before she could sit down and eat in peace .

Zi Su saw that Bai Luochu didn’t want to say anything and as her servant, Zi Su didn’t press the matter . Since Bai Luochu had gone out together with His Highness, she couldn’t have caused any trouble .

It was during the evening when Zi Su hurried in to give a report . “Young Lady, today, there was a Divine Physician Bai who treated the Su Clan’s Young Lady . Right now, Divine Physician Bai’s name has already spread throughout the entire capital city!”

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