Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 38

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There was a saying, “Good things seldom make it out of the door but bad deeds travel thousands of miles . ” On the day when Su Luoqing humiliated herself during the birthday banquet, she was already the topic of conversation for all the madams and young ladies in the aristocratic clans . Even before the situation died down, another wave rose . Su Luoqing was actually poisoned?

However, this discussion didn’t stop at the influential clans . The entire capital city seemed to have found out about it and Lord Su’s reputation took a hit .

“I’ll ask you one last time! Where did Qing’er go? Who did she meet?” Lord Su was pointing at Su Luoqing’s personal servant as spittle flew out of his mouth .

When the servant girl saw how angry her clan lord was, she was flustered . She couldn’t even speak properly . “In response… response to my lord . Yesterday, Young Lady went to the Hundred Herbs Hall as usual to get a diagnosis . She… she went there to obtain nourishing herbs, but…”

When the servant girl recalled how her Young Lady wantonly satirized another young lady and even wanted to kill her, she didn’t know how to explain it to her lord .

“But what?! Hurry up and say it!” Seeing how this servant girl was stammering, Lord Su became so angry that he raged .

“But Young Lady broke out into a conflict with someone . They fought in the main streets and I think her opponent found the opportunity to poison the Young Lady . ” After the servant girl finished her narration, she knelt on the ground with a terrified look .

Due to the love and concern he had for his beloved daughter, Lord Su immediately rushed to the Hundred Herbs Hall to find out what exactly happened .

Lord Su immediately arrived at the Hundred Herbs Hall as he barged to the front . He interrogated the attendant and wanted to find out the person who fought with Su Luoqing . His hand gripped tightly on the attendant’s collar, causing the child to choke . The attendant’s face turned completely red and he wasn’t able to breathe properly .

“My lord, will you loosen your grip? Speak properly . ” The physician at the side couldn’t watch anymore and persuaded Lord Su .

However, Lord Su acted as though he didn’t hear it . Even the people at the side were no longer able to take it . “Yesterday, it was obviously your clan’s Young Lady who satirized the other young lady . When she saw the other young lady was ignoring her, she started using killing techniques! That young lady was just a weak and frail woman without any spirit qi in her body . How can she be capable of inflicting poison on Young Lady Su? Someone else must have done it! They probably couldn’t ignore how overbearing Young Lady Su was behaving!”

Anyone who wasn’t stupid would be able to understand the meaning behind the man’s words . It was Su Luoqing who persisted in her wrong ways . She brought everything onto herself by provoking others . In the end, she was poisoned by someone who couldn’t accept her overbearing behavior . One day later, Lord Su was trying to vent his anger on an innocent man… Tsk tsk tsk, the Su Clan was incredible alright .

Lord Su was naturally able to understand the meaning behind their words . His face turned ashen and pale for a moment . He could do nothing but glare at the person before loosening the attendant’s collar as he walked towards the imperial palace . From the looks of it, he was probably going there to request for an imperial physician .

When everyone saw what Lord Su was doing, they couldn’t help but sigh . It was truly the case of the daughter imitating the father’s vices . Su Luoqing was usually oppressive and overbearing . Anything that she fancied, she would snatch it for herself . Right now, seeing how her father behaved, everyone knew where she inherited her snobbish attitude . The Su Clan had been using their status as a relative of the imperial clan to behave cockily . It was about time they suffered .

In the imperial palace, the Empress Dowager was aware of the situation and her heart was in pieces . She immediately issued the imperial decree to gather all the imperial physicians in the imperial palace . She was merely waiting for someone from the Su Clan to request for them .

Even though they were expecting someone to come, none of them expected Lord Su to come in person . The Empress Dowager was also shocked and it seemed as though the poison in Su Luoqing’s body wasn’t going to be easy to neutralize . Otherwise, Lord Su wouldn’t have come personally .

The Empress Dowager saw Lord Su plopping down on his knees as he kowtowed with a loud knock on the ground . “I hope for the Empress Dowager to issue an imperial decree to request for the imperial physicians! Please save Qing’er!”

The Empress Dowager might be old, but her mind was still very sharp . She knew that this matter couldn’t be delayed any longer and she hurriedly issued the imperial decree . She then allowed Lord Su to lead these imperial physicians back to the Su Residence .

When everyone saw the imperial physicians walking out of the imperial palace in a single file and into the Su Residence, they quickly gathered over to watch the show . They wanted to see the severity of the poison in Su Luoqing’s body . How was she able to cause all the physicians in the Imperial Physician Court to move out?

However, the Su Clan wouldn’t allow them to do as they wished . They immediately closed and locked the gates as they declined all sorts of requests to visit them . The Su Residence was isolated from the outside world .

These people immediately scattered after they knew that there was no show to watch . However, there were a few meddlesome people who waited by a teahouse at the side for the result .

Within the Su Residence, all the imperial physicians were entering and exiting Su Luoqing’s chamber in an orderly fashion . The originally silent doors let out creaks due to overuse . They started off with ordinary imperial physicians and the Imperial Physician Court’s Chief Physician went last . Finally, all the Chief Physicians gathered to do a joint diagnosis but were still unable to find a way to treat the poison . All of them shook their heads at Lord and Madam Su while they cupped their fists to imply that there was nothing more they could do .

Those with a good sense of hearing would be able to hear Madam Su’s wails from a mile away . There were some muffled cries mixed within . “My pitiful daughter! Who is the one who did such a treacherous deed? Who wants you dead so badly?!”

Even though she wasn’t loud, her voice was distinct .

The Su Residence was so busy that it was chaotic . As for the First Prince’s residence, everything was calm and tranquil .

When the First Prince heard the report from his subordinate, he immediately understood that Bai Luochu was the one who did it . He wanted to wait and see what exactly Bai Luochu wanted to do . After all, Bai Luochu had her own schemes . No matter how dangerous the situation looked, she wouldn’t allow Su Luoqing to die .

After thinking about it, Pei Rumo went back to his work . He pretended to be unaware of everything .

As for Bai Luochu, she had been immersed in the state of cultivation for the entire day . Under her instructions, Zi Su went on to investigate and spent the entire day probing out the Su Residence . Zi Su then returned to relay the information to Bai Luochu .

Bai Luochu sneered in her heart . With the likes of those quack physicians in the Cloud Water Nation, they had to be dreaming if they wanted to neutralize her poison . The Su Residence would probably be requesting the help of famed physicians around the world soon .

It went according to Bai Luochu’s plan . On the same evening when the imperial physicians went back to report, Lord Su went with them . After the report, Lord Su even added some details to make the poison sound even worse that it was . The Empress Dowager was so anxious she immediately requested an audience with the Emperor . After getting the approval from the Emperor, imperial notices were posted on various announcement boards throughout the Cloud Water Nation .

Bai Luochu was as steady as a mountain when Zi Su relayed the information to her . She quietly waited for a golden opportunity to show off her stuff .

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