Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 36

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“Young Lady, why is there so much money?!” Zi Su was shocked . Even though she was surprised, she subconsciously knew that the First Prince was the one who gave the money to her .

Bai Luochu didn’t say anything . Looking at how much money she had now, it was time for her to purchase some spirit medicine to continue strengthening her meridians to compensate for her cultivation progress that had fallen behind due to the obstruction in her meridians for over a dozen years .

When Zi Su realized that Bai Luochu wasn’t willing to speak, she didn’t continue asking . Just as she was about to leave the room, a question left Bai Luochu’s lips .

“Zi Su, what is the name of the shop that sells the highest quality medicinal ingredients?” Bai Luochu placed some money into her pockets .

Zi Su pondered for a moment before speaking, “The highest quality spirit medicines will only appear in auctions . High grade spirit medicines are rare and one might not be able to obtain them even if they had money . If Young Lady is looking for ordinary spirit medicines, the Hundred Herbs Hall in the east of the city should be the best . ”

Bai Luochu nodded . She then informed Zi Su, “I’m going to buy some spirit medicines . Keep my lunch warm and heat it up when I return . Since there is nothing else to do, you can head back and go about your own business . ”

Zi Su heard Bai Luochu’s instruction and left . Other than bringing along some money, Bai Luochu also strapped the dagger and the poison needles on her waist belt . She was prepared for the worst case scenario in case she became someone’s target .

After making all the arrangements, Bai Luochu left the residence . She walked towards the eastern part of the city .

The journey was rather smooth as the Cloud Water Nation were lax in their rules regarding road-side stalls . There were plenty of peddlers calling out for business along the street during the day and apart from some commoners purchasing their daily necessities, Bai Luochu even encountered several disciples of the Phoenix King Valley . However, she knew that she wasn’t strong enough and if she were to recklessly make a move, she would be cut down in a second . As such, Bai Luochu didn’t make too many stops as she went towards the Hundred Herbs Hall .

A short while later, Bai Luochu arrived at her destination . The moment Bai Luochu laid eyes on the Hundred Herbs Hall, she understood that it was probably the most well-known herb store in the capital city .

Even though illnesses weren’t rampant in the city right now, it was still very busy in the Hundred Herbs Hall and Bai Luochu could imagine that many of these people were purchasing spirit medicines to assist them in their cultivation . After all, she was doing the same thing . There were plenty of madams and young ladies in the store and it seemed like the Hundred Herbs Hall sold products good for maintaining a youthful appearance .

Bai Luochu quickly listed the spirit medicines to an attendant in the shop . When the attendant heard the names of the spirit medicines, he shook his head, “Young Lady, our shop does not have those . They are only available in the auctions . Do you want to see if you can change some of them?”

Bai Luochu detected a trace of embarrassment in the attendant’s voice and she realized that she had really failed to take some points into consideration . She then elaborated on the medicinal effects before asking the attendant to pick some herbs for her . “I need those spirit medicines that can assist in cultivation . I do not need those that cause a direct increase in strength . I need those that can strengthen the meridians and those that can smoothen the foundation . I also need some that can nurture the spirit . ”

After listening to Bai Luochu, the attendant immediately understood and went into the back of the shop to look for the spirit medicine .

While Bai Luochu was waiting, a familiar voice entered her ears .

“Oh! Here I am thinking about the person who dares to act haughtily in the Hundred Herbs Hall . Looks like an inexperienced bumpkin here to look for some high grade spirit medicine!”

Bai Luochu instantly identified the owner of the voice . When she turned around, she stood face to face with Su Luoqiung . She had been targeting Bai Luochu since the birthday banquet!

“Why aren’t you speaking? Are you a mute? Or do you only know how to talk when you are seducing men?” Seeing as Bai Luochu wasn’t speaking, Su Luoqing pressed even harder .

“You are really taking advantage of your master’s influence . You made use of the Second Prince’s favor to buy spirit medicines at the Hundred Herbs Hall . My goodness, you are nothing but a wastrel! No matter how much spirit medicine you drink, you will still be a useless fool!”

Speaking up to this point, Su Luoqing seemed emboldened by her words as she stepped up to grab Bai Luochu’s jaw . Bai Luochu wasn’t one to look for trouble but seeing as Su Luoqing was making the first move, she became irritated . She immediately raised her hand to slap Su Luoqing’s palm aside .

“You dare to dodge? Yesterday at the birthday banquet, I let you off out of respect for the Second Prince . Today, the Second Prince isn’t here to protect you! Look at how I discipline a lowly servant like you . ” As Su Luoqing finished her scolding, she sent out a palm strike with all her strength at Bai Luochu’s face .

Bai Luochu naturally wasn’t going to resign to her fate as she immediately utilized her movement skill to evade .

When Su Luoqing saw that her attack had missed its mark, she executed another palm strike . Just like this, the two of them started to fight .

With consideration for all the patients in the hall, Bai Luochu used her movement skill to evade Su Luoqing’s attacks . She led Su Luoqing out of the store and into the streets . When the people on the main street saw two good-looking ladies fighting, all of them dropped whatever they were doing and started to watch the show .

Su Luoqing saw that the number of people spectating was increasing and realized that it might affect her reputation as a well-bred young lady of a great clan . She wanted to quickly end the battle and her moves became even more ruthless . All of the moves she executed were killing moves .

If Bai Luochu was the same Bai Luochu in the Bestial Battle Arena with no spirit qi or movement skills, she would have died in Su Luoqing’s hands a long time ago . However, she wasn’t faring any better right now . Even if she used her movement skills, she would only be able to evade Su Luoqing’s attacks .

Bai Luochu thought that it was time to end this battle once and for all . She reached for the poison needle on her waist and decided that it was high time Su Luoqing was taught a lesson . She was going to use her strange movement skill and her poison needles to put Su Luoqing down .

Right now, Su Luoqing’s stamina was dropping quickly and she was slowly becoming anxious . After so many moves, she wasn’t able to obtain the upper hand! She hadn’t even touched the edges of Bai Luochu’s clothes! She cursed silently at the lowly servant before her and she even thought that she was dealing with an undying cockroach .

At this moment, Su Luoqing was determined to utterly humiliate Bai Luochu!

“Ahh!” Just as Su Luoqing was going to make another move, she suddenly felt an unbearable pain in her abdomen as all her muscles cramped up . Su Luoqing immediately covered her stomach as her face turned deathly pale . Large beads of sweat were dripping off her forehead .

Bai Luochu knew that the poison had already flared up in Su Luoqing’s body . She originally didn’t want to make a move but the other party had been too overbearing . Su Luoqing even made a couple of killing moves! If Bai Luochu didn’t return the favor, she would be letting Su Luoqing off too lightly . In her heart, Bai Luochu sneered as she waited for the show to start .

Su Luoqing couldn’t determine the reason for the sudden pain and had no choice but to order her servant girl to escort her back to her residence . Before she left, she didn’t forget to threaten Bai Luochu . “Just you wait! One day, I will stomp you under my feet and crush you like the bug you are!”

After Su Luoqing finished her threats, she ordered her servant girl to help her board the carriage . The moment she sat down, the carriage sped off at full speed .

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