Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 31

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When everyone heard what the Phoenix King Valley Elder said, a majority of them sighed with relief . It seemed as though they were satisfied that there was hope for their children .

The person who asked the question wasn’t ashamed at all as he continued, “Many thanks to Elder . Earlier on, I was rude and hope Elder will not blame me for speaking out of turn . I am filled with admiration for Elder’s noble character and unquestionable integrity . Since Elder has already spoken, we will wait for the announcement . ”

After giving a bow, he went back to mingle around with the other influential people .

When Bai Luochu saw everyone’s flattering expression and joyous emotions, she was struck speechless . She even felt a sense of despise in her heart . Nothing was set in stone but they seemed to think that they had formed some sort of relationship with the Phoenix King Valley . They assumed that their sons and daughters would definitely become a member of the Phoenix King Valley and their status would rise along with their children .

If the Phoenix King Valley accepted disciples so easily, they wouldn’t be known as one of the Three Great Immortal Sects .

Bai Luochu stood silently beside the Second Prince as though she was invisible . She calmly waited for the information she was dying to obtain . As she stood there, she felt the stares of someone burning a hole through her body . It was none other than Su Luoqing who was still holding a grudge… She was definitely thinking of a way to mess with Bai Luochu .

Out of the blue, Bai Luochu sensed a gaze directed at her . She turned around to look and didn’t notice anyone . She only saw the First Prince whispering something to his subordinate . . .

Could she have sensed it wrongly?

Over at the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s side, he was still laughing and chatting with the Emperor . When the elder was speaking, he was forthcoming in their objective for venturing out of the valley this time . “We will be staying in the imperial capital for a total of seven days . If everyone has any questions, there is no need to rush . During our stay here, we will be staying at an inn and will head over to nearby mountains and forests to check for harmful spirit beasts . We’ll take the chance to neutralize some of the dangers and if you have any questions, you can come over to the inn to make an inquiry . We will reserve a timeslot to provide sufficient explanation for any questions you may have . ”

“I didn’t expect for Elder to help our Cloud Water Nation out . You have truly given it a lot of thought and it’s our blessing to obtain Elder’s consideration! Come, let this Emperor make a toast to Elder!” As the Emperor spoke, he offered a toast towards the members of the Phoenix King Valley .

“Sigh . It is all because of the lass who said that the imperial capital had immense spirit qi and was afraid spirit beasts would be attracted . If there are any incidents, I would like to trouble everyone to inform me . I think it is a great training opportunity for our disciples and didn’t object to her suggestion . ”

This old man had successfully turned the topic towards Feng Wan’er . With a single statement, he made everyone view her in a better light . In the end, there were several people who understood that the reason behind Feng Wan’er’s concern . She probably did everything for the Third Prince, Pei Wuchen .

“Oh? Waner is truly considerate . ” The deep meaning behind the Emperor’s words was truly worth pondering over and his eyes seemed to gaze at the Third Prince from time to time, seemingly hinting for him to do something .

“Of course, we still have other important tasks on hand this time . I have spent most of my days inside the valley and I wish to take a look at the flourishing capital city . ”

“That’s great! I will get my Third Son to take my place as the host . He will bring all of your around to view the wonderful scenery around the imperial capital . After seven days, Elder and the others will surely return in high spirits! However, Elder mentioned something about completing an important task… May I know what Elder needs to do?”

When the Emperor heard the Hall Master’s words, he understood that the elder was creating a chance for the Third Prince to spend some time with Feng Wan’er . Since that was the case, the Emperor took advantage of the situation and sold his favor to the old man . It would help to facilitate the marriage between Pei Wuchen and Feng Wan’er . He would also be able to inquire about the Phoenix King Valley’s next move .

“If Your Majesty is willing to listen to my troubles, this old one shall not shrink away . I will humbly offer a toast to thank Your Majesty for your generosity . ”

As the elder finished his statement, he offered the Emperor a toast and spoke about their objective . “We made a trip out of the valley because we obtained a piece of information about how a strange beast appeared a thousand miles away from the imperial capital . The beast had never been seen before and as One of the Three Great Immortal Sects, our Phoenix King Valley can’t avoid the call of duty . If we can tame it as our valley’s spirit beast, it would be for the best . If we are unable to tame it, it would serve as an eye-opener for this group of children . Of course, if the strange beast is extremely aggressive, we will work together with the other immortal sects to subdue it and prevent it from causing a tragedy in the world . ”

Ferocious beast in the jungle? Bai Luochu originally thought that it was already a pleasant surprise for the Phoenix King Valley to stay in the imperial capital for seven days . After all, based on her understanding, she was able to form an accurate judgement of the Phoenix King Valley’s current situation as long as she took note of their daily movements .

The information about the strange beast in the jungle was a pleasant surprise for her . If she could secretly sneak out to scout out the strange beast, it would be beneficial for her to plan her next move .

But Bai Luochu wasn’t in a hurry right now and she felt that she had to make proper considerations before doing anything . Right now, the important thing was to listen to more information regarding the Phoenix King Valley .

When Bai Luochu had gathered her thoughts, she heard the elder speaking to everyone, “Everyone… about the information all of you are dying to know, this old one will provide an answer . ”

When everyone heard the Elder’s voice, they fell silent . The hall became so silent one could hear a pin drop .

“Our Phoenix King Valley will start accepting disciples in a month . When the time comes, we will pick individuals with superior talents from the imperial capital to join the Phoenix King Valley as new disciples! As for whether or not the selection will be impartial, I would like everyone to be at ease . Our Phoenix King Valley is able to obtain the title as one of the Three Great Immortal Sects and exist for generations not because of superior strength . We are able to stand strong because of our neutrality and our focus to maintain righteousness in this world . ”

“For the selection of the elites, I will be placing importance on strength . Those with exceptional abilities will naturally become a disciple of our Phoenix King Valley! Of course, there will be sparring matches and there will be a judge present during the battle . We will not allow anyone’s children to be injured . ”

This old man spoke clearly and addressed all of the concerns, doubts, and worries in everyone’s heart .

But since these officials were here to form their connections, how was it possible for them to let go of the members of the Phoenix King Valley so easily? There was only a short moment of silence in the palace hall before it became jostling and clamorous again . There were people who were giving their thanks to the Phoenix King Valley’s members, and there were also people who were asking the previous disciple selection .

The entire hall was bustling with activity .

When Bai Luochu saw that the Phoenix King Valley Elder wasn’t going to say anything else worthy of her attention, she quickly felt that all the ass-kissing was getting disgusting . She planned to return to her residence .

The moment she moved, an ear-piercing cry resounded through the hall .

“My goodness . The master isn’t even moving but the servant is going to leave first . She is truly a responsible and diligent individual!”

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