Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 11

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Although the servant girl mentioned that Bai Luochu could move around the residence as she pleased, Bai Luochu still felt that the person who bought her was overly mysterious . Her intuition told her that the lord of this residence definitely had a special identity . Otherwise, they wouldn’t need to be overly vigilant with a new servant .

Most importantly, Bai Luochu wanted to know the reason he bought her . Was there anything special about her? Looking at how things were, it definitely wasn’t as simple as buying a slave . . .

Bai Luochu had been blindfolded with a piece of black cloth from the entrance, but she had already released her spiritual energy . She noticed that the servant girl brought her in circles before arriving at their destination . Luckily for her, the path wasn’t too confusing and it didn’t take Bai Luochu long to plot out a route from the entrance to the room . The only thing the journey taught her was that the residence was massive .

Bai Luochu casually looked around and decided to bide her time . Since she was the objective, someone would tell her the purpose of the purchase soon . She wasn’t in a hurry since it was much more comfortable to cultivate in this place as compared to the prison cells of the BestialBattle Arena .

After having a simple meal, Bai Luochu wanted to cultivate her spiritual energy like what she had been doing all along . However, she suddenly recalled that her meridians were already cleared up and her body constitution was suitable for cultivation .

After all her considerations, Bai Luochu decided to absorb heaven and earth spirit qi for cultivation . She wasn’t going to repeat what she did before where she used her spiritual energy to open up her meridians .

As she absorbed the heaven and earth spirit qi produced by all living beings in the world and gathered it around her spirit platform, a completely different feeling filled her body . In the past, she had to use her spiritual energy to guide the spirit qi to move around her meridians . However . . .

Since Bai Luochu’s meridians were opened up, she could directly cycle the spirit qi in her body to complete a cycle of cultivation .

The moment she made a complete cycle, Bai Luochu stopped as a grave expression appeared on her face .

It seemed weird but Bai Luochu suddenly realized a problem that she had overlooked when she was cultivating in the past .

Previously, Bai Luochu placed all her attention on breaking the obstructions in the meridians . She completely forgot to inspect their condition and only realized something was off after her first circulation of spirit qi .

On this continent, all living things were produced from spirit qi . When they perish, the spirit qi would be returned to the world . After the spirit qi returned to the heavens and earth, it would be used to create new life once again .  

It was a repetitive cycle and the reason behind the appearance of more cultivators . As time passed, the absorption of heaven and earth spirit qi became a basic instinct for humans .

Even ordinary people who didn’t cultivate would gradually absorb spirit qi due to the smooth flow in their meridians . As the spirit qi nourished the body, they would be able to enjoy a healthy and long life . As for those who started cultivating at a young age… it was no surprise they possessed even more advantages .

It didn’t matter if one’s innate talent was adept for cultivation or if they were a descendant from an influential clan and had Alchemists to provide assistance in firming the fundamentals and nurturing the spirit . After reaching a certain level, their meridians would be stronger and more robust compared to a regular human . It was the same for Bai Luochu in her previous life .

As for Bai Luochu’s current body, her meridians were obstructed from a young age and were basically considered innately crippled meridians . When spirit qi entered her body and encountered the obstruction, it would automatically dissipate after some time . Since her meridians lacked nourishment for many years, they became abnormally weak . Even newborn babies had meridians in better condition than hers .

In terms of meridians, Bai Luochu was like an elderly person with one foot in the grave .

"Sigh…" Bai Luochu let out a long sigh . Previously, she assumed that the pain during the spirit qi circulation came from the impact between the obstruction and spirit qi . Right now, it seemed like the pain was probably due to the fact that her meridians were unable to endure a large amount of spirit qi surging through them .

"At least there is still hope . . . "

Bai Luochu stood up and walked slowly to the window and gently rubbed the window frame while looking back at the distant temple in her fond memories . The corner of her mouth arched upwards as she muttered, "Even if it is too late, I still have the inheritance to help me . "

Had it been anyone else who had missed the best window for cultivation, coupled with weak meridians, they probably wouldn’t be able to do much in their lifetime .

Since it was Bai Luochu, it wasn’t too late . The reason why the disciples of the temple were considered to be evil dao practitioners wasn’t simply because they didn’t conform to the rules and restrictions of the world . It was due to their insane cultivation speeds . They cultivated much faster compared to disciples from other sects and it was also the reason they were deemed as unorthodox practitioners .

Furthermore, Bai Luochu was a leading figure among them . Not only did she possess the cultivation technique of the temple, she was also the only person in the world who acquired the secret technique from the ancient inheritance .

Originally, Bai Luochu didn’t want to start using this inheritance to cultivate in the early phase . After all, if someone discovered it, they would instantly connect the dots and realize that she had reincarnated . Without enough power, she would face serious trouble if her enemies came knocking on her door .

Since she no longer had any choice, Bai Luochu didn’t hesitate . If she wanted to quickly nourish her meridians and increase her strength to personally kill her enemies, she would have to use that ancient inheritance’s secret technique .

Instead of hesitating, why not make the most of every minute and second to cultivate? It was the only way for her to quickly regain the strength she possessed in her previous life .

Bai Luochu turned around and got on her bed as she started to meditate . Just as she was about to begin, a knocking sound could be heard from the door .

In this unfamiliar environment, Bai Luochu was much more cautious .

“Knock, Knock, Knock . ”

Just as the knocking ended, the voice of the servant girl from before came from outside the door, “Young Lady, this servant has brought some daily necessities . If it is convenient, will Young Lady please let me bring the things inside?”

When she heard the servant girl’s voice, Bai Luochu instantly let her guard down . There was a strange feeling in her heart after hearing how the servant girl addressed her .

Thinking about how she was bought by this ‘Lord’ to be a personal servant, she had no idea what was going through his mind . Also, wasn’t she supposed to have the status of a servant girl? Logically, they should be addressing her by name . Why was the servant girl addressing her so formally?

Bai Luochu might have doubts in her heart, but she still replied firmly, “You may come in . ”

“Creak . ” The door was pushed open from the outside and there were two servants following behind her . There was a box in each of their hands and from the way they were perspiring, it was clear that there were many items inside .

After the servants placed the boxes down, the servant girl waved her hand and dismissed them . She then opened the boxes and explained to Bai Luochu about the clothing she was to wear when residing in the manor .

“Members of the residence all have their respective roles . All of them would wear clothes with different styles, colors, and materials . Because Young Lady is my Lord’s personal servant, your clothing will be made with soft smoked gauze or cloud brocade . As long as Young Lady likes it, there are no restrictions on the styles and color . ”

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