Peerless War God - Chapter 4446

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"Mr. Guli, although we are Ke Qing under Wan Chengwu's command, we are not willing to get involved in the fight for the title of golden island. I hope you will succeed." At this time, a master of robbing fairyland, who was originally under Wan Chengwu's command, stood up and yelled to Guli.
"Yes, this is originally the housework in Golden Island. We just promised to do things for Golden Island, but not for this kind of infighting." Another old woman, who looked old and had a long face, also said so.
Guli's eyes sank, his mouth turned up, and he was full of sneer. However, this expression was only revealed for a moment, and then it quickly converged.
How he didn't know what these people were thinking was that he wanted to eat free food and retreat. It was shameless and disgusting.
Although this kind of behavior is very bad and despicable, it is beneficial for him and Wan ling'er, and he is happy to see it become.
However, when things are over, these people can't stay. They are too crafty. Even if they have good strength, they can't be of any use.
Guli thought for a while and said, "well, as long as you step aside and don't get involved in this matter, I want you to promise that you will let bygones be bygones, OK?"
"Thank you very much."
"Thank you, Mr. gulee." The old woman got gulee's approval, her eyes showed a touch of joy, and she stood far away, just watching the scene from the other side.
With the beginning of a person, there will soon be a second and a third... Just in the blink of an eye, half of Wan Chengwu's forces choose to retreat and no longer get involved.
And this includes the next simple you, burning heaven sword immortal and Youming sword immortal, and depressed Zheng Mingyang.
Compared with the old woman and others, they retreated and betrayed at this time. On the contrary, they were the most able to accept it. After all, they took the shortest time to join wanchengwu forces and got the least benefits.
"Wan Chengzhi, what else do you have to say? It's too late to say so that you won't die without a last word. It's a pity." Gulee sneered, sneering.
This scene is really funny. It is clear that Keqing, who was raised by Wan Chengwu at a great cost, was unwilling to take action at the critical moment and betrayed one after another, which makes people laugh.
At this time, the faces of Wan Chengzhi and WAN Chengjie are extremely ugly, but they don't have much heart to fight with Guli. The most important thing is the battle between Wan Chengwu and Qin Daoyuan. What is the result.
"Brother, be careful. The strength of this tusk is very heavy. You can't fight hard." Wan Chengjie shouts loudly, trying to remind Wan Chengwu and give him some advice.
At present, Qin Daoyuan and WAN Chengwu have stood together. Their mana is shining and dazzling. On the contrary, the others are quiet. Although they are facing each other fiercely, none of them has done anything.
They are all waiting for a result. They are waiting for the result of the two men's battle to decide whether they will win or lose.
If there is no accident, the outcome of the battle will directly determine the direction of the whole incident. For a moment, everyone's eyes are focused on the two men who are fighting.
Subconsciously, all the people got out of the way and made a huge space.
As time goes by, the huge sword light Qin Daoyuan held in his hand has been pressed down.
"Well done. Today, let me learn your swordsmanship. How much courage do you have to be so arrogant?" Wan Chengwu said angrily.
As the helmsman of Wan's family, his strength and skill will not be too bad. He also has the strength of robbing fairyland.
A bright silver armor appeared on him. On the silver armor, there were many water system inscriptions. Suddenly, Wan Chengwu raised his hand, waved a terrible shadow like a black dragon, and hit the sword light in Qin Daoyuan's hand.
The shadow of this boxing is too terrible. It is hundreds of feet in size, condensed into the shape of a black dragon, lifelike. In the sound of the dragon's chanting, it roars away.
The bluish green sword fell on Cang Long's head and stabbed him directly. After struggling for a while, Cang Long's boxing shadow burst into pieces and turned into a bubble all over the sky.
Seeing this, Qin Daoyuan had a cold smile on his face. His magic power increased again. The sword light went through the sky and took Wan Chengwu away.
But how can Wan Chengwu be reconciled? With a grip of his right hand, a mysterious force swings away in the space. The force of heaven and earth is stirred, splashing, and the space turns upside down. It seems that there is a tide rushing to attack. You can see that the black dragon, which just collapsed into countless bubbles in the sky, condenses out again, and is more solid than before. If it survives, it will be normal.This scene is amazing in the eyes of all people. This is the strength of the strong robbers. They can easily arouse the power of heaven and earth, exert all kinds of terrible powers, and control the powers to the extent that most people can.
If you are a monk of holy land, once the black dragon is defeated, it will not be able to rally again, let alone make its power to a higher level.
"Go." Wan Chengwu said angrily.
When the Dragon roars, his front paws open and close. He grabs Jianguang in his hand. Jianguang desperately wants to struggle. But the claw of the dragon is so powerful that it has the shape of water. It can't get rid of it.
Qin Daoyuan's face changed slightly and became more serious. He said, "it's a bit interesting to trap water, but it's too naive to trap my sword with this skill."
"Magic power, stars move."
Qin Daoyuan's right hand pointed like a sword. He pointed a little to the empty sky. A ray of light penetrated into the sword and disappeared. The next second, with a loud bang, the sword suddenly enlarged hundreds of times and sent out a golden light, which was very shocking.
"Ha ha, kill me." In the middle of a big drink from Qin Daoyuan, he moved. After flashing in the void for several times, he came near and held out the golden sword shadow with his right hand. He chopped it in the air.
Chi, there is no barrier, the dragon was cut into two sections, fell to the ground, completely destroyed.
"You... MMM!"
Wan Chengwu only felt that his chest was blocked, and there was blood that he wanted to pour out. It was extremely uncomfortable, but fortunately, he suppressed the discomfort and didn't make a fool of himself in public.
However, even if he took it by force, he was shocked and retreated for several steps. Only then did he slow down the tone. A wise man can know which one is better and which one is weaker at a glance.
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