Overgeared - Chapter 1521

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Hayate lived for others. It was a devotion that no one knew. It was the dragons’ words that were full of contempt and hatred that remembered and bound him. People had forgotten him a very long time ago. He was a lonely existence. 

Grid was angry for him on his behalf. Hayate and the tower members isolated themselves from the world. It was with the goal of killing the dragons, who took humanity hostage. This was a story unknown to the world. 

It was an action done by Hayate. He was previously concerned that Grid would provoke the anger of the dragons, turning his epic into a secret story. Yet now— 


Grid himself pulled out the secret story. It was the aftermath of the decision to fight the dragons in the process of communicating with Gujel’s ego. It was a natural phenomenon. Grid wanted to establish a real relationship with Gujel. Thus, he just expressed his honest feelings and willpower. He didn’t mean for it to be written as an epic. 

The fact that Grid overlooked was the specificity of the existence of dragons. Dragons weren’t involved in the birth and maintenance of the world. Therefore, they weren’t objects of faith. Even so, they were qualified to lead the world to destruction. 

It was simply because they were strong. It wasn’t just the ultimate power that was inherent to them. They also created the concept of magic. They were a transcendent species free from divine power and could put the world under their feet. His resolution to fight them without avoiding them when the time came was accepted as a historic event. 


Actions preceded accidents. Grid compressed time and space and jumped, desperately reaching out to Hayate. He had to respond. Hayate was gambling without any chance of winning. It was right to call it a sacrifice. It was in order to protect Grid. Grid had the right and the obligation to stop him. 

“Stop!” Grid shouted, but he was one step too late. Before he knew it, Hayate’s presence covered the entire world. 

At this moment, Grid’s story was put on the back burner for the dragons. They weren’t treating him as insignificant. Grid was qualified to be hostile to the dragons. Without qualifications, there wouldn’t have been an epic in the first place. This world acknowledged Grid. 

It was just that Hayate was more special for the dragons. The only dragon slayer in history—from a certain point, he became the goal and purpose of the dragons. For the dragons, Hayate’s presence was much greater and heavier than Grid’s resolution. 

Most of the dragons that existed in the world now felt Hayate. They regarded all concepts except Hayate as meaningless and had many feelings. 

The heavenly gods also noticed the unexpected event. 

“That hateful human has finally ushered in the day of death.” Zeratul burst out laughing as he was restoring his damaged condition. 

Zeratul was pleasantly surprised. He was surprised because it was a level of joy comparable to when he imagined killing Chiyou. ‘Was I this conscious about Hayate?’ 

No, it couldn’t be. He just thought Hayate was a hateful bastard. He was the one who damaged Zeratul’s status... 

Zeratul was frowning when an unpleasant voice entered his ears, “You are ugly.” 


Zeratul looked at the being who dared to criticize a god and it was even in the presence of the god. A short stature and a young face—the flush that remained on both cheeks that still had baby fat showed an abominable purity. 

The number one archangel, Raphael. They were pure. It was because unlike ordinary angels, there was no mother. They were one of the few origins of the angels. 

“I can’t believe a named god is afraid of a human being.” 

“I’m not afraid,” Zeratul couldn’t stand it and responded. Then he immediately regretted it. 

“You foresaw the end of Hayate and rejoiced. Is there any reason to rejoice if you aren’t afraid of him? I’m curious. Please explain it to me.” 


Your curiosity is none of my business... 

It happened as Zeratul wanted to swallow down such feelings... 

“Knock knock~ Venice is here! Oh my? Our cute Raphael, you are devoting yourself to Zeratul again today.”

“It is one of my roles. Venice, I will also take care of you if you suffer the same thing one day.” 

“Oh my, why are you saying such a terrible thing?” 

His savior appeared. 

Venice, the god of money—most of the heavenly gods treated her coldly. It was because they despised her persistent tendency to convert everything into goods. However, Zeratul was favorable to her. It was because he could show off his secret techniques, the martial arts of the martial god, through the store she ran.


The bombings were indiscriminate. The magic of the dragons was fired while ignoring the distance. 

‘This isn’t something to blame myself for.’

Grid judged coolly as he stood beside Hayate, who took a deep breath after recovering his sword energy. 

Communicating with Gujel’s ego, the occurrence of the epic, and attracting the aggro of all the dragons—Grid thought it was a process that should be naturally accepted. 

A dragon weapon was the ultimate weapon—it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was one of the end contents and an object that should be handled carefully, ergo it was impossible to simply neglect Gujel’s ego. Dragging the aggro of the dragons in the process was a problem for him to bear. Therefore— 

“You were too hasty,” Grid reprimanded Hayate. For the first time, he criticized and blamed the person he had always paid respect to. The current Grid was too rational to feel guilty because of emotions. 

“I'm sorry,” Hayate apologized. He acknowledged that Grid had the right to criticize him. However, there was no regret in his expression. He understood Grid’s position, but he believed he was right. “Please understand. I thought there was too much to lose if I stood idly by.” 

Grid was a god. He was immortal. Still, being immortal didn’t mean one was free from the concept of death. As Zeratul proved, death to a god wasn’t the end, but it was an opportunity to lose his status. It wasn’t known if Grid was aware of it, but he had reached a position to fear death more than when he was a human being. Moreover, he had tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people under him. 

Being hostile to the dragons required too many sacrifices. Therefore, Hayate didn’t regret his choice. 

His unwavering eyes made Grid sigh. “Isn’t the location of the tower exposed? Hayate, I think you have lost many things.” 

The Tower of Wisdom was a haven for the tower members. The tower members who lost the protection of the tower weren’t free from the dragons’ gaze. They would have to stay up with their eyes open every night. Additionally, the tower was a treasure trove. Top treasure such as the magic machines and the moon night iron were stored in the tower. Losing it would cost too much to the tower members. It was like losing almost everything. 

Hayate reassured him, “There isn’t only one tower. We have been fighting against the dragons for thousands of years and we are prepared.” 

“However, it isn’t that easy to move.” The second seat, Fronzaltz appeared. His expression was ferocious, but this was due to the characteristics of the giants. He actually wasn’t very angry, nor did he express his dissatisfaction with Hayate and Grid. He judged that the two men didn’t make any mistakes or do anything wrong. It was the response of a wise giant. 

“It has been a long time, Overgeared God.” 

Fronzaltz valued discipline and law. He was polite from the very first time he met Grid. The Pioneer was the representative of humanity and was respected regardless of age and species. However, the current behaviour was somewhat excessive. He bowed down deeply like he was dealing with his master. 

“Please be comfortable.” 

Grid admired the tower members. Fronzaltz was a giant who had lived since ancient times. Their current attitude was very uncomfortable. 

Fronzaltz shook his head. "You are worthy of respect. You should get used to it, even if you are uncomfortable.” 

Fronzaltz’ attitude was natural. Grid wasn’t only the representative of humanity, but a god apotheosized from the desires of humanity. Additionally, he created a dragon weapon and probably got the qualifications to be a dragon slayer. 

‘He hasn’t fully realized his greatness yet,’ Fronzaltz thought as he looked at the flustered Grid in a doubtful manner. Then he urged Hayate, “Hurry and pack your things. There is a high chance that the dragons will pursue you, so we have to hurry.” 

“Yes, things have reached this point, so Grid, you should go back.” 

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“I’ll be with you.” 

Hayate nodded to Fronzaltz and then spoke to Grid, who made an unreasonable demand, “Then I will keep grabbing the dragons’ attention.” 


“Keep one thing in mind. The reason why the dragons are obsessed with me, not you, is because you are worse than me.” 

“...Yes.” It was no longer possible to force Hayate, who persuaded him well. Grid had a regretful expression as he handed Gujel’s Sword to Hayate. “Then please deliver this sword to Biban for me. It is the gift I promised Biban.” 

“......!” Fronzaltz’ eyes widened. A dragon weapon that the tower members couldn’t make. The energy of a ‘Dragon Slayer’ was felt from it. Of course, it was only a part of it, but it was powerful enough. 

‘I expected it, but... it is still shocking.’ 

The power Hayate gained from ‘cutting a dragon’s neck’ was implemented by Grid through technique alone. It was a potential that he couldn’t believe despite reading the report. 

[Affinity with the 2nd Seat of the Tower of Wisdom, Fronzaltz, has increased by 10.] 


“Sir Biban will be very happy. He will probably regard you as his lifelong benefactor.” 

“One of my lifelong benefactors is Biban. The same is true for Hayate.” 

[Affinity with the 2nd Seat of the Tower of Wisdom, Fronzaltz, has increased by 10.] 


“I will soon send someone to you with the location of the new tower. Please come again.” Hayate smiled lightly and immediately returned to the tower. Fronzaltz followed behind him. It was while bowing to Grid. 

‘I was worried that something would go wrong with the tower. I’m glad.’

The foundation of the tower made a lot of noise that could be heard from outside. Based on the shaking of the entire building, it seemed to be moving the magic machines. 

‘Should I just go back?’ 

Grid was about to leave when he became surprised. He literally stiffened like a stone statue. It was because a very large flying ship appeared at the top of the tower that had split in half. It was well over 300 meters long. The height was half that. If he hadn’t experienced the vast interior of the tower, he would’ve hardly believed that such a big thing was stored in the tower. 

‘It is so cool. Is it a relic of the giants?’ 

Grid was first attracted to the ship’s guns. In particular, the size of the cannon installed on the upper deck was overwhelming. He thought it would boast a power comparable to a dragon’s Breath. 

“Ehh? H-Hey!” 


Grid had been looking at every part of the flying ship, only to doubt his eyes. 

Biban, who was clinging like a cicada to one of the ship’s guns, spotted Grid and shouted, “What is this? You came?! You should’ve told me! Uwaaaah!” 


What was it? Why was he hanging on the side alone? Grid was curious, but he tried to turn away from his curiosity. It was obvious he would think it was empty and absurd once he found out the reason. 

The flying ship sprayed magic power from 12 engines simultaneously and suddenly became a dot that disappeared. It was a sight that made Grid’s chest pound. He had a premonition that Radwolf would be of great help to him in the future when he wants to make a flying ship with Greed. 

‘This isn’t the time for this.’

Grid hurriedly used the return scroll. There was news that the dark elf king had started to open his mouth.

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