One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 3005

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Chapter 3005: It’s Her!!


Baby Chu leaned over his shoulder, still looking in Song Enya’s direction. Noticing his restlessness, Gu Jinglian slapped his butt, asking, “What are you looking at?!”

“The bride is very familiar. I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.”

Gu Jinglian ignored him.

When Song Enya saw Gu Jinglian walking away with the child, she silently rejoiced. It is said that children have poor memory. The child had probably forgotten about her and what happened that day!

After all, it was such a young child. What would he remember?!

She was just scaring herself!

Song Enya consoled herself. In any case, when she found out that she had kidnapped the wrong child, she did not do anything to him. She did not rebuke him or hit him. She merely left him at the same spot. The little brat was fine now wasn’t he?

She was curious though, how did this child manage to escape from that desolate area!

Her only worry was that if the child had recognized her!

However, on second thought, so what even if the matter was exposed?

After today, she would be the young madam of the Mu family. Moreover, she was the Mayor’s daughter. No matter how powerful the Gu family was, would they dare stir trouble at the wedding?

At the very least, they would have to give some face to the Mu and Song families, and not pursue this matter.

Moreover, at that time, she did not know that the child was related to Gu Jinglian!

Besides, children are simple and innocent, a little coaxing and they’d move on.

Hence, Song Enya did not take this matter to heart.

The wedding event officially commenced.

A flower girl and a pageboy entered. The boy walked at the front bearing a pillow on which a ring sat, while the flower girl held onto the hem of Song Enya’s dress.

Song Enya held Mu Yanchen’s hand as they walked to the center of the stage and faced each other.

Baby Chu looked around curiously. Under the light, as he studied Song Enya’s side profile, his thoughts started racing as he seemed to recall something. Scenes flashed past in his mind like a revolving lantern, and his expression instantly darkened!

It was her?!

It was the woman from that day?!

At the center of the stage.

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Mu Yanchen looked at Song Enya’s exquisitely made-up face. It was charming and compelling, but suddenly, Meng Qingxue’s face appeared in his mind.

“Yanchen, you’ve always been my world. What about me? How much standing do I have in your heart?”

“Yanchen, please don’t marry her.”

“Mu Yanchen, are you willing to take Miss Song Enya as your wedded wife, in sickness or in health, for richer or poorer, are you willing to care for her, love her, respect her, and be faithful to her until the end of your life?”

Mu Yanchen opened his mouth and struggled internally. The word “I do” was stuck in his throat like a fishbone and for a long time, he could not respond.

His mind was filled with Meng Qingxue’s face and his thoughts were in a mess.

Seeing that he did not respond, Song Enya started to feel nervous.


Next to him, Mu Shumin urged him anxiously, fearing that he would cause trouble.

Mu Yanchen suddenly snapped back to his senses. As if he had made up his mind, he said in a deep voice—

“No I will not.”

“It’s her! It’s her!”

At the same time, a childish and angry voice came from among the guests. “She’s that evil woman!”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

Song Enya’s chest tightened as she looked down from the stage. She saw a cute little boy standing on his seat, glaring at her with hatred!

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