Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 Phoenix Cry’s Strongest Man

The always calm and indifferent grandmaster Yun Qi suddenly erupted . A placing flame spear three meters long appeared in his hands . It contained an endless destructive will that wished to exterminate the land and slash apart the heavens .

The weapons in their hands weren’t really weapons, but Pill Flame that had been compressed to the peak and taken shape outside their body . They were also called Flame Weapons .

That was a Pill Cultivator’s life flame . It was the condensation of all their lifetime’s effort . Its destructive power was unparalleled . It was said that if it was refined to the absolute highest realm, then it would be able to burn the heavens and vaporize the seas .

The first reaction of Wei Cang and Wang Luyang was complete shock . Their blazing weapons hastily went to block .

When their three Flame Weapons collided, everyone saw a bright light explode in front of them that made them blind . Only then did they hear an incredible explosion, and waves of heat caused them to feel as if they were in a furnace .

Shi Feng and the others’ expressions greatly changed . They were the closest to this battle, just thirty or so meters away . Even just the aftershocks from that battle would be able completely roast them .

But even though they wanted to retreat, it was already too late . It was at that time that a sword heavily stabbed into the ground in front of them .

Shi Feng and them immediately saw the sky darken and a wave of earth completely covered them .

When Shi Feng finally managed to dig his way out of that boiling earth, he noticed that everything in a radius of three hundred meters had already turned into scorched land that was emitting a scalding steam as well as an unpleasant smell .

“You guys retreat . Don’t get involved anymore . ”

Chu Yao’s voice rang in their eyes . It was she who had saved them just now . She was unable to block that kind of heat, and so she had quick wittedly raised the earth to protect Shi Feng and them .

With a heavy layer of earth covering them, they had managed to survive that first attack . Otherwise even if they didn’t die, they would still have been heavily injured .

Shi Feng’s group quickly retreated . Just a couple hundred meters behind them was the execution stage . But they didn’t dare go over there right now . That was because there were executioners there, and they were afraid the fourth prince would suddenly order the deaths of the entire Long household if they were hasty .

No matter how fast they were, they would be unable to save them from those executioners or even flee themselves . And so they couldn’t blindly rush over there . Everything had to be taken one step at a time .

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Explosive ringing continued as waves of blazing heat spread . Ordinary people could only see a sky full of flames and were unable to see what was happening within that blaze .

Only Blood Condensation experts with their powerful eyesight could see those three human-shaped flames that were continuously colliding .

“So last time you were hiding your true strength!” After exchanging several blows, Wei Cang and Wang Luyang had been repeatedly forced back . Wei Cang’s expression sunk as he finally realized the truth .

“No need for useless words . Today, your two lives will completely end,” cold shouted Yun Qi . His entire body’s spiritual qi was pushed to the max as his attacks became even more sharp and ruthless, forcing the two of them to repeatedly retreat .

Everyone was completely stupefied . This was a fight between Pill Masters? It was practically a battle between flame gods . Other experts were unable to even approach, let alone participate in the fight .

Before they would even be able to attack, they would already be roasted into coal . Pill Cultivators truly were terrifying and completely unstoppable .

Grandmaster Yun Qi was able to force them back repeatedly fighting one on two . Although Wang Luyang and Wei Cang were both Pill Masters, in terms of their Pill Flame, they were obviously inferior to grandmaster Yun Qi by not just a bit . Both of them couldn’t help being alarmed .

At the same time as he was filled with shock, Wei Cang also couldn’t help thanking his luck . He hadn’t expected Yun Qi to have hidden himself so deeply . If it was one on one, his situation would definitely be disastrous .

The power of their three Pill Flames was extremely great . Despite exchanging over thirty consecutive blows, their auras didn’t show the slightest signs of becoming exhausted . Although Wei Cang and Wang Luyang were at a disadvantage, the fight was still at a stalemate for a while .

“Little girl, this time there will be no one to save you . Die!”

Ha Qi suddenly sinisterly laughed and charged at Chu Yao who was watching the fight from a distance . If Yun Qi had not interfered before, he would have already killed her .

Now seeing that there was no one else in his way, he immediately charged at her .

But he had only just moved when he sensed a strange stream of air . Relying on his life and death experiences, he immediately stopped .

A cold light shot past with a rain of blood . That was an arrow that had brushed against his nose . If Ha Qi had been even the slightest bit slower in reacting, his head would have been pierced .

“Can my Long family’s daughter-in-law be bullied by you?”

A deep and resounding voice spread throughout the entire battlefield . It shook everyone’s hearts, as the voice contained an extreme contempt and killing intent .

Everyone was completely shocked . They had been completely focused on Yun Qi’s battle, but at some point, three more figures had appeared on the battlefield .

The person at the front was a tall man with a lion’s nose, a wide mouth, a sword-like eyebrows . He appeared incredibly powerful . His cheeks seemed to have been carved with a knife, and an icy killing intent soared from him .

“Long Tianxiao!”

That was one of three top experts of the empire, the Border Suppressing Marquis Long Tianxiao who was praised as the strongest man in all of Phoenix Cry!

Whether it was the troops on the side of Phoenix Cry or the Grand Xia, everyone’s hearts were jumping wildly . They were completely pressured by just that imposing air coming from Long Tianxiao .

He had almost killed a Muscle Rebirth expert with just a single arrow . Just what kind of strength was that? His title of military god was definitely not meaningless .

Only after people exclaimed did Chu Yao realize this was Long Chen’s father . But for Long Tianxiao to address her as ‘daughter-in-law’ made her face completely red . However, a warm feeling filled her heart as well .

He drew back his bow again, and another arrow shot out like lightning straight towards the execution stage . The arrow reached them practically as soon as it left the string .

What horrified everyone was that after that one arrow was shot out, all the executioners standing behind Mrs . Long and the others all toppled to the ground . Only then did people realize that a small hole had appeared on each of their foreheads .

The entire field was deathly silent . Long Tianxiao’s archery skills were too amazing to even comprehend . With just a single arrow, he killed over twenty people that were all standing in different places .

“He truly is worthy of being called the strongest man of Phoenix Cry . That Explosive Arrow has practically reached the realm of perfection,” praised Xia Youyu .

Only Muscle Rebirth experts were able to see through the profundities of Long Tianxiao’s arrow just now . In reality, Long Tianxiao had used his spiritual qi to break down the arrow the moment it left the bowstring .

Once the arrow was shot forward, it scattered into pieces to become over twenty thinner arrows that killed those executioners .

But although they could comprehend this, other than Long Tianxiao, there was no one else that was capable of such a thing . His Explosive Arrows were enough to strike fear in the hearts of the barbarian tribes . Who knew just how many of their experts had fallen to him?

It was rumored that that archery skill had been created by Long Tianxiao . Today, everyone learned the terror behind that one arrow .

Since Long Tianxiao’s arrow had killed all the executioners, Chu Yao, Shi Feng and the others all rushed over to Mrs . Long and the rest of the Long household’s side . They untied their bindings and brought them to stand behind Long Tianxiao .

Long Tianxiao slowly turned around and looked at his haggard wife . He quietly whispered, “Sorry, I’ve caused you to suffer . ”

Mrs . Long shook her head . “It’s us who have burdened you . It’s just that I don’t know… Chen-er, he…”

She couldn’t continue . If even they had ended up like this, then Long Chen’s situation was probably even worse .

“Don’t worry, Chen-er will be fine . How could my Long Tianxiao’s son be defeated so easily?” he comforted .

He then turned to look at Chu Yao and nodded in satisfaction . “But that kid really does have good eyesight . He brought such a good daughter-in-law back to my Long family . ”

Chu Yao immediately blushed and her voice was minute as she said, “Chu Yao greets uncle Long . ”

Long Tianxiao laughed heartily . Then turning to Shi Feng, he patted him on the shoulders . “Well done . ”

Being praised by the strongest person in Phoenix Cry filled Shi Feng with excitement . Just what kind of honor was that? Fatty Yu and the others also looked up to Long Tianxiao with worship .

Even in front of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers from both empires, Long Tianxiao still acted as himself without even placing them in his eyes . He took action to kill without the slightest misgivings . Just what kind of boldness was that?

But when Long Tianxiao looked at the half unconscious Aman, his expression sunk .

“Husband, is Man-er’s wounds urgent?” Mrs . Long trembled .

Long Tianxiao didn’t reply . Instead he told Chu Yao and the others to take care of everyone . He then turned to Yun Qi who was fighting fiercely and nodded .

Within Long Chen’s letters was a detailed description of the current situation in the capital . It was even more detailed than his own reports .

“Long Tianxiao, your son Long Chen committed a capital offense, and for both empires-”

Long Tianxiao waved his hand to cut off the fourth prince . “You don’t need to make your fake hypocritical speech . I, Long Tianxiao, don’t like plotting, but that doesn’t mean I am a fool . So what if you set up some traps? I’ve still come . If you want to kill my Long household’s people, then just come . Let me see just how many of your lives will remain afterwards . ”

Long Tianxiao’s words were said extremely emotionlessly, but they still somehow seemed to drip with blood . His meaning was clear; he wasn’t suicidal, but if he did die, he would bring them down with him .

As for exactly who would be brought down with him and how many people, that was something people could only wonder .

Every person there felt a cold chill run down their backs . Even the heat coming from that battle far away was unable to stop that chilliness .

Long Tianxiao stood alone against layers of troops, giving off a feeling that he could not be shaken .

Mrs . Long was filled with warmth when she looked upon that familiar back . Twenty years ago, she was precisely attracted by his imposing manner that looked down upon the whole world .

Looking at him, she also thought of a slim figure . Although he wasn’t so muscular, he had once also said he would become like his father, a true hero .

Seeing that Long Tianxiao was able to rely just on his imposing manner to complete pressure everyone, Ying Hou’s eyes were filled with jealousy and hate .

Unsheathing his sword, Ying Hou charged over, his sword pointed at Long Tianxiao . “Long Tianxiao, today my sword will repay that grudge of my finger from all those years ago!”

Long Tianxiao cast a glance at Ying Hou and indifferently said, “Who are you again?”

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