Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 Three Style Parting Wind

When he slowly closed his eyes and examined his body, he realized that spiritual qi had appeared within his blood . Although it was very faint, he was sure that it was present .

“I’ve entered the Blood Condensation realm?”

So after reaching the thirteenth level of Qi Condensation by using the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, you would enter Blood Condensation .

The Blood Condensation realm was the point where the spiritual qi in the body had been condensed to the pinnacle . It would be scattered throughout the blood, purifying the blood of its impurities, returning it to its true essence .

With such a pure blood nourishing the body, the physical body would become much stronger and one’s strength would multiply .

Having entered the Blood Condensation realm, Long Chen was so excited that he almost cried . Although, at this point, he still didn’t feel his body immediately becoming stronger .

But as long as the impurities in his blood were incessantly purified by his spiritual qi, his strength would quickly rise .

And in any case, what the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art cultivated was the physical body . Now that he had entered the Blood Condensation realm, he would even be able to pose a threat to Ying Hou who was at the Muscle Rebirth realm .

Blood Condensation was something that couldn’t be rushed . Since Long Chen had thirteen enormous cyclones, he didn’t need to deliberately focus on it to purify his blood . That meant he would be a dozen times faster than ordinary people .

What Long Chen wanted to do now wasn’t to condense his blood, but to increase his actual strength . A Battle Skill appeared in his hand . Long Chen smiled . It was time to see just how powerful an Earth class Battle Skill was .

This was the first Earth class Battle Skill Long Chen had ever obtained . Thinking back to the terrifying moves Ying Hou had displayed, he was filled with a burning passion .

To Long Chen who lacked Battle Skills, this particular Battle Skill came at an extremely opportune time . Speaking of which, he should really thank Xia Changfeng .

He opened the Battle Skill and carefully read over it . His expression became a bit strange . He originally thought that the Three Style Parting Wind had three different moves .

But as he read, he realized that it was just one move which had three variations . They were split into the Parting Wind Slash, Parting Wind Slice, and Parting Wind Stab .

The principles behind them were the exact same . It was just the final use of it that was different, making it ‘three styles’ . It truly was deceptive .

Thinking back to how Yao Niqian had sold it back then and how she had acted as if it was completely unique and amazing, he was completely speechless and felt cheated .

According to that method, this Three Style Parting Wind could easily become Nine Styles . Parting Wind Chop, Parting Wind Thrust, Parting Wind Swat… there could be as many ‘styles’ as you wanted .

Although he was a bit disappointed, Long Chen wasn’t a person who didn’t know to be content with what he had . After all, he had obtained it without spending a single cent . The person who should be depressed about it should be Xia Changfeng .

Reading through the Three Style Parting Wind’s usage of spiritual qi, Long Chen found that it only used six acupuncture points . That was much inferior to the nine points required by Split the Heavens .

Each time the spiritual qi passed through an acupuncture point, it would require an even greater control . It would be much more difficult with each point, but the power would also multiply .

Originally Long Chen had thought that Split the Heavens was a low grade Earth class Battle Skill, but now that he compared to the Three Style Parting Wind, the difficulty was clearly much greater .

Wouldn’t that mean that Split the Heavens was at least at the middle grade Earth class, and perhaps even high grade Earth class?

No wonder Split the Heavens was so terrifying that he had been unable to control it!

He had used Split the Heavens against Ying Hou before, but Long Chen knew that his usage was not the complete form .

He did not dare use its full strength because his meridians weren’t able to endure it . He also felt that even if he activated his FengFu Star to its peak, he would still be unable to fulfill Split the Heaven’s true requirements .

Split the Heavens was just like a bottomless pit . He was still far from being able to use it truly . Perhaps he had truly accidentally picked up a true treasure .

Long Chen’s sword whistled through the air and a wave of Qi shot out, slashing apart a shrub ten meters away .

“It actually contains the wind’s force . Is this Sword Qi?”

Long Chen finally understood why this Earth class Battle Skill was called the Three Style Parting Wind . It actually was a wind attribute Battle Skill .

Most Battle Skills used the superposition of multiple acupuncture points to increase the physical body’s strength, similar to how Ying Hou had used his Battle Skill . Although that was powerful, it didn’t have any attribute .

The human body was just like like a treasure trove of hidden treasures . Through continuous excavation, one could find endless hidden potential .

For example, Meng Qi used her powerful Spiritual Strength to control Magical Beasts . She could use her Spiritual Strength to open up a space just like a spatial ring to store her housepets .

For example, Pill Cultivators used the physical body’s strength to condense a Pill Flame . Their flame’s potential was endless, capable of destruction and also of merging heaven and earth’s various treasures into medicinal pills .

For example, martial artists condensed Qi and Blood, tempered their muscles and bones, forging their originally frail bodies into bodies that were even more powerful than Magical Beasts .

All of these stemmed from the human body . The human body was filled with unknown mysteries . By following the methods that former generations left behind, people could strive to unlock their own hidden potential .

As for the Three Style Parting Wind, by running spiritual qi through six specific acupuncture points, it could actually release spiritual qi outside the body to form an astral wind .

The fact that Long Chen could summon an astral wind to blow apart a shrub ten meters away with just his initial comprehension of the Battle Skill was definitely a pleasant surprise .

Long Chen’s Pill God memories contained the exact routes of his meridians and locations of his acupuncture points, making it so that he was basically able to use a Battle Skill as soon as he learnt it .

However this didn’t mean he would be a master at it immediately . Using various Battle Skills required constant adaptation to find the best tempo and rhythm . Only then could he display its peak strength . That required constant testing and practice in order to do .

But even so, Long Chen’s cultivation speed was absolutely shocking . Even a Muscle Rebirth expert like Ying Hou would require several months just to be able to use an Earth class Battle Skill, and if he wanted to have a complete mastery of it, that would require years .

Although Long Chen couldn’t master it immediately, he was still able to gain an initial skill in the Three Style Parting Wind due to his complete understanding of his meridians .

With his experience in cultivating Split the Heavens which required nine acupuncture points, the Three Style Parting Wind was much easier .

Furthermore, after obtaining the forest divinity’s help, his meridians had doubled in width and were much tougher . He was absolutely able to control an Earth class Battle Skill that normally only Muscle Rebirth experts were capable of using .

The Three Style Parting Wind was actually just one move with three variations, split into a slash, slice, and stab .

The method of circulating spiritual qi in the body was the same for all three variations . It was only when the spiritual qi left the body that the method from which it entered the weapon was different . That was why Long Chen left he would be able to change it into the Nine Style Parting Wind and perhaps sell it for an even higher price .

After testing it a couple times and becoming familiar with the meridians used, Long Chen paused his training of it and returned to the village .

He had truly advanced a great deal this time . He had broken through to the Blood Condensation realm and his thirteen cyclones had joined together to form a divine ring . In the future he would be able to summon it out and fight with his full strength .

He had been unable to do that when he had ten to twelve cyclones for fear of others being shocked by his anomaly . But the new divine ring was something that no one would guess was made of thirteen cyclones . They would only be able to assume that it was some supplementary Battle Skill .

The world of cultivation was boundless and there were countless Daos . Techniques and Battle Skills were as numerous as grains of sand . All kinds of rare and strange Battle Skills existed . As long as you didn’t ostentatiously show it off, rare Battle Skills wouldn’t cause too much of a ripple .

With the assistance of that divine ring, not only would he able rise to another level when fighting, he would be able to fight for even longer . With it continuously absorbing spiritual qi and adding on how much spiritual qi could be stored in his FengFu Star, he wouldn’t have to worry about running out of spiritual qi again .

Now Long Chen couldn’t wait to fight against Ying Hou again . Back then he had been forced into despair by Ying Hou . If Xiao Hua hadn’t saved him, he would already be food for a Magical Beast .

At the same time, Long Chen felt even more anxious . He didn’t know just what was happening within the capital . He also didn’t know whether his father had set any plans into motion after receiving his letter .

Although he was extremely worried, Long Chen still had something he had to do first . That was to repay his debt to the forest divinity .

After meeting the forest divinity who had come from the Spirit World, Long Chen felt as if he had managed to peek into whole new, vaster world .

At the same time, that also lit up his passion . The world was so marvelous . The current him who was stuck in a small place like the Phoenix Cry Empire was nothing more than a frog at the bottom of a well .

He was even more impatient to resolve the matters of the capital . He wanted to bring Chu Yao out to see the world . He wanted to see Bai Ling’s Huayun Sect, Meng Qi’s Wind Spirit Pavilion, and grandmaster Yun Qi’s Pill Valley which was a divine, holy land in the hearts of Pill Cultivators .

The world was just too big . He had to go out to see it . But before that, he had to resolve his matters .

The enmity of stealing his Spirit Blood, Spirit Bone, and Spirit Root still had to revenged . Otherwise, what was the point of cultivation? He had already mostly placed his suspicions on Ying Hou .

However he still wasn’t completely sure if it was him, and he also didn’t know why he would do such a thing . Was it because someone had told him to? And if so, who?

The fourth prince was only in his twenties at this time, so he would still have been a child when he had been schemed against . So it probably wasn’t the fourth prince who had ordered Ying Hou to do this .

He shook his head and placed those thoughts aside . Wondering about such things was useless . The fact that Ying Hou had come to kill him this time meant that whatever plot they had been brewing for so long was finally ready and that they no longer had any misgivings . A huge event was about to explode, and the truth would immediately become evident .

What Long Chen needed to do was to increase his strength as much as possible before that final critical moment . Only then could he protect his family .

He had sent medicinal pills to help his father, but if the people beside him were only of ordinary talent, the chance of them breaking through was not great .

The main target of the hidden scheme against the Long family was Long Tianxiao . Long Chen was just a minor character .

Just to handle a minor character like him, they had sent a powerful figure like Ying Hou . Then in order to handle his father, they would definitely use an even more overbearing method .

And so he didn’t hope for any help from his father’s side . All he hoped for was that those pills he had sent could help his father survive the approaching danger .

As for the capital, he would have to rely on himself . So he was extremely pressed and couldn’t waste even the slightest bit of time .

He rushed back quickly towards the village . In order to not to alarm the villagers, he had run out quite far .

He needed to talk to Xiao Hua about the village’s surroundings . It would be best if there were a couple strong Magical Beasts around . He trusted that the people who had lived here for hundreds of years would have the best understanding of the area .

Despite rushing for over four hours, Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest fatigue . Instead he was feeling stronger and stronger, the gradual result of advancing into Blood Condensation . His speed only continued to increase, and he was like a wisp of smoke that shot to the village, leaving behind a long trail of dust and leaves .

As the village approached, Long Chen gradually slowed down . As soon as he walked into the village, he suddenly heard an angry roar .

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