Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 The Terrifying Ying Hou

Ying Hou coldly smiled both mockingly and disdainfully. His hand which was now covered with bulging veins brandished his sword, causing it to slice through space.

BOOM! Terrifying waves of Qi surged out violently, causing the entire mountain valley to tremble.

Long Chen suddenly felt as if he had been smashed by a huge mountain. He was sent tumbling through the air, vomiting out blood.

He rolled dozens of meters and spit out another mouthful of blood. His insides felt as if they were on fire. Long Chen’s face was covered with shock and terror.

Ying Hou’s words from before had not just been to frighten him. They had been the truth. When Qi and physical power superimposed, the strength that could be unleashed was truly enough to cause a person to despair.


Aman let out an angry roar. His ax smashed down right after Long Chen was sent flying. But Ying Hou’s sword was as quick as lightning, quickly striking against Aman’s battle-ax.

Aman was sent flying back like a skipping stone, tumbling through the air several times before heavily landing on the ground.

But while Aman was sent back flying further than Long Chen, he didn’t spit out any blood. This truly surprised Ying Hou.

“Now you two should be convinced. In front of true strength, all your struggles are futile. Give up.” Ying Hou didn’t chase after them to attack. He stood in his original position like an emperor, coldly looking down on them.

Relying on the broadsword to struggle back up, Long Chen shook his head, blood staining his mouth. “Giving up midway isn’t my style. I still haven’t chopped off your head yet either.”

Ying Hou coldly looked back at Long Chen. His anger suddenly turned into laugher. “Haha, you truly are worthy of being Long Tianxiao’s son. You really are tough as bones. I hope once I crush every single bone in your body you can still stay as tough. Kid, go repent in the underworld.”

After speaking, his body suddenly moved. Long Chen was shocked to realize that he was looking at an afterimage. Ying Hou’s speed was inconceivable and he arrived in front of Long Chen in an instant, slashing with his sword.

Seeing Ying Hou’s attack, Long Chen once again didn’t bother with defending, instead also sending a slash out at Ying Hou.

This method of giving up defense to take one’s enemy down as well wasn’t really a method. It was a technique that could only be used when all else was useless.

In terms of speed, Long Chen was unable to compare to Ying Hou. And in terms of power, he was also not his match.

All he could rely on was the length of his broadsword. He could only use his courage and boldness to fight against him. Although such a technique was extremely dangerous, it would at least allow him to delay for a bit.

As expected, Ying Hou was fundamentally incapable of accepting such an exchange where he would also be heavily injured. He recalled his sword to defend, looking for another opportunity to attack.

At this time, Aman also charged over, hacking down with his ax. It seemed that the previous blow hadn’t harmed him at all. His physical body truly was so formidable that it was frightening.

Long Chen was gratified to see that Aman seemed to suddenly become smart. He had learned from Long Chen to ignore Ying Hou’s sword and attack with his life on the line.

Consecutive blows echoed throughout the valley. The very land trembled with each exchange.

With Long Chen and Aman working together and gambling their lives, Ying Hou was actually unable to display his abilities and was forcibly blocked by the two of them.

In terms of both power and speed he had a definite superiority over them. But Long Chen and Aman’s attacks were absolutely insane. They didn’t care about any blows striking them, only using their bodies to receive his attacks. However, they risked their life to strike fatal blows on him.

Ying Hou’s face turned green from anger. There were several times when he felt an urge to continue his attack while disregarding their blows in order to kill them, but he still continued to patiently endure.

For one thing, Long Chen and Aman’s strength was too great. They definitely possessed a fatal danger to him if he were to take their attacks head-on. A slight miscalculation or accident and it wouldn’t be just exchanging blows, but exchanging lives.

And secondly, he possessed the absolute advantage. Handling Long Chen and Aman was just a matter of time. There was no need for him to take any reckless risks.

It was precisely because Long Chen had seen through Ying Hou’s thinking that he dared to do as he did. After all, this was an absolute last resort. Without risking his life, he would instead just die immediately.

Weapons clashed and flew. An hour passed in just the blink of an eye. Long Chen was alarmed to realize that his physical strength was starting to fade. The broadsword in his hands began to feel heavier and heavier.

And as for Aman’s side, he wasn’t much better off. His ax was no longer as quick and violent as before. He had obviously also reached his limit.

Seeing a cold smile appear on Ying Hou’s face, Long Chen’s heart turned cold. Ying Hou was doing this to capture them alive. He would continue to completely exhaust them so that he could torture them as much as he liked after.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. If you want my life, then we’ll have to see if you have the qualifications or not!

Ying Hou smiled inside when he saw that Long Chen and Aman’s power was weakening and their attacks were becoming slower.

Suddenly Long Chen swung his sword too hard. Due to a lack of energy, he stumbled forward a step along with the sword. That one step immediately revealed a huge opening.

Almost by reflex, Ying Hou didn’t even think. Dodging Aman’s ax, his sword directly slashed towards Long Chen’s waist. Obviously Long Chen’s guess was right; Ying Hou was planning on keeping them barely alive. Otherwise that sword would be going straight for his heart.

A cold glimmer shined in Long Chen’s eyes. Suddenly his FengFu Star was activated to its full power. All his power flowed straight into his Dantian.

The twelve cyclones that were already three hundred meters wide immediately grew to ten times the size. They quickly revolved, and the spiritual qi within fifty kilometers was immediately sucked dry.

“Whether or not I can succeed, I have to try!”

Long Chen prayed inside. His twelve cyclones all revolved, causing all that spiritual qi to condense into a cord that flowed through the LiYao point, rushed into the HuiMing Point, and finally passed through the QuChi point to enter the LaoGong point.

When his spiritual qi flowed into the first point, that acupuncture point seemed just like a flood gate that was forced open. After his spiritual qi went through that gate, it somehow began to flow faster, rushing into the next point with an even greater force.

Once the spiritual qi had finished through all the layers of superposition and entered the final LaoGong point in his hand, Long Chen suddenly felt intense pain coming from his LaoGong point.

“Crap, my meridians can’t handle this.”

As soon as he felt that pain around his LaoGong point, he realized the surrounding meridians had begun to be unable to handle the rushing of the spiritual qi and were slowly starting to blow up.


Long Chen angrily roared. He could no longer care too much about that. He controlled it so only a strand of that energy flowed out of the LaoGong point.

Without even thinking about, he injected that strand of energy into his broadsword. The broadsword immediately began to shake and rumble.

Just as Ying Hou’s sword was about to pierce into Long Chen’s waist, he suddenly felt his heart jump and all his hair stand on end. Relying on his many years of battle experience, he instinctively gave up on his attack and hastily retreated.

But even as he began to retreat, the broadsword in Long Chen’s hand was already raised. The seven foot long broadsword emitted a strange light and seemed to possess an aura of endless death as it descended upon Ying Hou.

“Split the Heavens!”

Ying Hou was completely terrified as he looked up at that sword. That sword had somehow managed to lock him in place.

A small Qi Condensation beginner was actually able to use his Qi to lock a Muscle Rebirth expert two realms above him in place. That was absolutely horrifying.

Normally such a lock could only occur when the stronger expert attacked the weaker one. If two opponents were on the same level, it was extremely difficult for one to lock the other in place. For an insignificant Qi Condensation cultivator to lock down a Muscle Rebirth expert was a joke!

However, such a thing actually now happened to Ying Hou. But Ying Hou quickly recovered from his shock, sensing the scent of death drawing near.

The sword in Long Chen’s hand held a strange shine. It was just like a divinity’s blade. It mercilessly slashed down.

“Wave Breaking Slash!”

Now was not the time to be shocked by Long Chen’s lock. Seeing that sword slash down, Ying Hou shouted. All the green veins on his body sharply grew until it was like vines were wriggling right under his skin. His aura once more grew to a new level as he also slashed out.

Qi waves shout out dozens of meters. This Wave Breaking Slash was one of Ying Hou’s ultimate techniques. It was an Earth class Battle Skill.


The moment Long Chen’s broadsword met Ying Hou’s sword, for a moment, heaven and earth both turned still. Only then did an enormous explosion ring out.

Three figures were sent flying at the same time. The terrifying energy completely destroyed their original battlefield. A huge crater almost thirty meters wide appeared where they had collided.

Long Chen felt as if his entire body’s bones were about to fall apart from exhaustion. His right hand was hurting particularly. According to common sense, with his current meridian widths, he was still unable to display Split the Heavens.

He had forcibly used it just now. This had completely broken down his meridians surrounding the LaoGong point. But he had also finally learned just how terrifying Split the Heavens was.

He had actually been lucky in that at that final moment, he had only used a strand of Split the Heaven’s energy. He hadn’t dared to use the rest of that energy.

But even so, all his hand’s meridians were broken. If he had used the full force of that Battle Skills, perhaps all his meridians would have completely been blown apart and he would truly become a cripple.

Other than a lingering fear, Long Chen also felt a burst of excitement. It was already so powerful. Just what class of Battle Skill had Split the Heavens reached?

“You really are worthy of being Long Tianxiao’s son. Good, very good, hahahaha!”

A burst of laughter rang out. The dust slowly scattered and Ying Hou appeared from within.

But the current Ying Hou appeared extremely miserable. His clean and tidy clothes had become unbearably tattered. There was a large wound in the middle of his stomach from which blood slowly flowed out.

Of the sword in his hand, only the hilt remained now. That exchange just now had completely destroyed his precious sword.

Long Chen’s pupils shrunk. Although Ying Hou was extremely destitute now, his aura hadn’t dropped much at all. That meant Ying Hou still possessed an extremely great fighting capability.

Using one hand, he tore off his tattered clothes, revealing his wound and also a soft armor.

That armor was a golden color. It appeared extremely flexible and strong, however, even so, a large hole had been split open due to Long Chen’s sword.

“What a powerful Battle Skill. If I hadn’t had this Golden Silk Armor, I really would have died.” Looking down at his wound, Ying Hou icily said, “I’ll give you a chance. If you hand over that Battle Skill, I’ll give you two a quick death.”

Long Chen switched the broadsword into his left hand. His right hand was already half crippled and was unable to hold it anymore. He forced himself up and coldly laughed, “And what if I say no?”

“Long Chen, you better think this through. Death isn’t scary. Living a life worse than death is the most painful. And I just happen to have some skill in that area. I’d advise you not to regret anything,” icily said Ying Hou.

“I, Long Chen, have never done anything I’ve regretted.” Long Chen glanced at him and then stealthily cast a meaningful glance at Aman.

Long Chen didn’t dare be too obvious. After glancing at Aman, Long Chen slowly raised his sword and sneered, “Ying Zhao, that move just now was just a testing blow. Now that I’ve tested it… I’ll take you dog-shit life!”

After saying that, he stabbed the sword into the ground. At the same time, waves of Qi exploded out and raised up all the dust into the air.

“Hmph, just let me see how capable you are.” Ying Hou grimly laughed. Rubbing his ring, another sword appeared in his hand and he raised it in front of him.

But when the dust settled, the guarded Ying Hou realized that Long Chen had already disappeared, only leaving behind the foolish Aman standing there.

Ying Hou’s expression changed. He hastily looked up to see that Long Chen had already fled several hundred meters into the mountains.



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