Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 Fighting Against Ying Hou

Although Long Chen had long since been on guard against him, he had still never thought that Ying Hou’s speed was so terrifying . As soon as he just barely moved, he had already arrived in front of him .

But he had already prepared himself for this . If Ying Hou wasn’t strong, how could he be listed with his father as one of the empire’s top three experts?

Long Chen’s heart was completely calm as he watched the sword slash towards his neck . Any fear was put away . He entered a kind of special state .

Not paying the slightest attention to Ying Hou’s sword, his power exploded as he slashed the broadsword in his hands at Ying Hou’s waist .

The broadsword was exceptionally heavy, but now that he had twelve cyclones, his physical strength had reached an inconceivable level . It was no longer any problem to Long Chen .

Wind whistled . The current Long Chen no longer dared to hold anything back . As he slashed with that broadsword with his full strength, even space seemed to be cut apart .

Ying Hou clearly had not expected that Long Chen would be so unafraid of death . This was clearly an attack that would cause both sides to suffer .

But despite it being such a basic method, it caused his attack to completely collapse . The sword in his hand was only three feet long, a standard sword length .

But Long Chen’s broadsword was seven feet long . If their attacks continued like this, then the result would be that while his sword would manage to slash through Long Chen’s throat, Long Chen’s broadsword would also cut apart his body .

No matter how conceited he was, he would never dare use his body to block Long Chen’s broadsword . Even a Muscle Rebirth expert like him was unable to do that . He had no choice but to give up his attack . Turning his body, he floated back, dodging the sword by just a fraction of an inch .

Although Long Chen seemed as if he was planning on bringing Ying Hou down even at the cost of his own life, the truth was that he was sure that if he had dodged instead, Ying Hou who had taken the initiative would continue to press his advantage . If he let Ying Hou attack him consecutively, he would just be quickening his defeat .

Seeing Ying Hou retreat, Long Chen roared, his voice like spring thunder . His broadsword’s slash suddenly stopped and became a stab straight for Ying Hou’s stomach .

Ying Hou had only just dodged when he saw Long Chen suddenly change attacks . His expression couldn’t help changing slightly .

After all, that broadsword was heavy to an astonishing level . Ying Hou had already seen that, so he didn’t dare take it head on .

But the important thing was that such a shockingly heavy broadsword was able to be controlled so easily by Long Chen . He was even able of switching attack patterns in the middle of an attack . That meant Long Chen’s strength had already reached a terrifying level .

“Hmph, it’s just brute force . ” Ying Hou coldly snorted . His sword streaked through the air and heavily stabbed against Long Chen’s broadsword .

Sparks shot everywhere . Long Chen was shocked that his full strength attack was pushed to the side by Ying Hou’s sword, causing his sword to only hit air as it went past Ying Hou’s body .

More importantly, he had used so much force that with the addition of Ying Hou’s sword stab, Long Chen’s body was also forced forward along with his broadsword .

Long Chen had only just realized what a terrible situation he was in when Ying Hou’s sword shot out as fast as thunder, aiming right for a vital point on his stomach .

Relying on his spirit’s battle experience, he instinctively twisted .

Ying Hou’s speed was too quick for him to dodge . His sword stabbed a bloody hole in his stomach .

Luckily Long Chen’s twisting had caused him to miss a vital point . But before Long Chen could even take a breath, Ying Hou’s second slash was already coming, this time for his throat .

Long Chen’s heart was wildly thumping . This was a what a Muscle Rebirth expert was? There was no way to fight on par with him . In front of Ying Hou, Long Chen was like a child without the slightest ability to retaliate!

The speed of Ying Hou’s sword was inconceivable . It was already too late for him to dodge . He could only watch with his eyes wide opened as it approached his throat .

Other than the icy-cold sword that was approaching, the only other thing in his eyes was Ying Hou whose expression was filled with ridicule and resentment . This was the first time Long Chen felt death be so close .

“Fuck off!”

A golden light flew by . Due to the wind revolving around it, a sharp whistling sound rang out as it cut the air apart .

Just as Ying Hou’s sword had been about to pierce Long Chen’s throat, a huge golden ax viciously chopped down at Ying Hou .

Aman’s reactions had been a bit slow . Seeing the two of them talking and then suddenly start fighting, he hadn’t even reacted until he saw that Long Chen’s life was about to be lost . In a great hurry, he had charged forward, swinging down his ax with his full strength .

Ying Hou was just about to kill Long Chen . Suddenly feeling his back turn cold and an intense mortal danger, although he was a bit unwilling, he had no choice but to give up his killing attack on Long Chen and swing his sword up to meet Aman’s battle-ax .

Aman was forced back dozens of meters and looked in shock at Ying Hou .

Ying Hou also didn’t have an easy time as he was shaken back several meters . His sword blow just now had used a technique to shift the power away . However, he was still forced back . Even his arm was somewhat numb . He was actually greatly shaken by this . Aman was practically a Magical Beast in human form .

Having his life saved, Long Chen quickly whispered a few things to Aman, ending with, “Aman, he’s very difficult to deal with . We’ll have to stake our lives . ”

“Stake your lives?” Ying Hou rubbed his somewhat numb arm and sneered, “With just your superficial tricks and that brute force? You two might be very powerful compared to others, but in front of a Muscle Rebirth expert like me, neither of you have the slightest chance . ”

Long Chen pointed his sword at Ying Hou . “Whether or not we have a chance is something we’ll only know after trying . ”

Ying Hou didn’t seem to be a in a rush to kill them . He stabbed his sword into the ground like a crutch . He began to indifferently speak:

“Although I can’t see through your cultivation bases, there’s not the slightest trace of Blood Qi coming from your bodies . That means you are both in Qi Condensation .

“As a present I’ll be sending to your father, I’ll do you a favor and tell you just how great the difference is between us .

“At Qi Condensation you absorb heaven and earth’s spiritual qi into your own body, allowing you to use heaven and earth’s power for your own . What you cultivate is Qi .

“At Blood Condensation you use heaven and earth’s spiritual qi to purify your blood . It allows you to strengthen your body . What you cultivate is physical power .

“Qi and physical strength add together to release a great strength . However, it is only additive .

“Once you reach Muscle Rebirth, your muscles’ physical strength explodes and Qi nourishes your spirit . Your Qi and physical body merge together perfectly .

“But at Muscle Rebirth, the might produced by Qi and body is no longer additive, but multiplicative . If Blood Condensation’s combat level is ten plus ten, then Muscle Rebirth’s combat level is ten times time . ”

Long Chen’s core was shaken greatly . He knew Ying Hou wasn’t telling them this to be nice .

He was telling them just how great the difference between them was in order to make them give up and despair .

Although he knew that, Long Chen’s heart was still horrified . If what he said was really true, then they really wouldn’t stand a chance .

And even ignoring his power, just Ying Hou’s strange movements and his speed which was fast as lightning were enough to shock him .

This was an absolutely hopeless situation . No wonder the fourth prince dared to make this scheme . Long Chen was to kill Xia Changfeng, and then Ying Hou would then kill him . Everything would return to normal after that . It was truly a deep scheme .

Aman obviously wasn’t thinking as much as Long Chen . He only glared straight at Ying Hou . “Brother Long, what is he saying? Additive and multiplicative? What’s Qi Condensation and Blood Condensation?”

“Don’t bother with what he says . Remember what I told you just now,” quietly replied Long Chen .

Ying Hou indifferently looked at Long Chen . “What? You really still want to struggle at this point? Do you doubt what I just said?”

Long Chen raised his sword at him and sneered, “You’re wearing a photographic jade on your chest . You want to take a picture of my despair before death for my father, right?”

He had been too nervous before . But now he noticed there was a strange jade on his chest .

That jade had many curving lines on it . Although Long Chen had never studied Inscription Arts, he had heard of photographic jades .

The inscriptions on them could record images for a short time . Long Chen had obviously correctly guessed Ying Hou’s intentions .

“Haha, I really never expected to be seen through be you . How boring . ” Ying Hou lightly stroked the jade . “I really did want to send the full image as the gift . First I’ll send your head to him . Then I’ll show him the image of your deathbed struggle . Only then can I relieve the hatred I’ve repressed for so many years . ”

Long Chen laughed, “What a shady move . You really are a contemptible little man . A half man half woman sissy . You only use these disdainful moves . My father could sever your finger; today I’ll sever your head . ”

He suddenly stamped his foot . Even the land trembled with him as his shot forward like a wild gale, slashing his sword at Ying Hou .

“Hmph, ignorant kid, today I’ll let you see just how terrifying it is when Qi merges with your body . ”

Ying Hou coldly snorted and his robes began to float without any wind . Green veins began to bulge on his skin like many swimming snakes .

That was a specific attribute of the Muscle Rebirth realm . When his entire body was covered in green veins, his aura suddenly exploded and a terrifying energy shot out everywhere . The space around was even twisted and warped .

Seeing this, Long Chen ground his teeth . No matter how powerful Ying Hou was, he had to do his utmost to fight . Otherwise he definitely wouldn’t have a good burial .

He was afraid of death . If he really did die, what would happen to his mother? What would happen to Chu Yao? What about his arrangement with Meng Qi?

He couldn’t die . But only by going all out and risking his life would there even be the slightest chance of him surviving . His entire energy gathered into the broadsword .

Long Chen placed aside his fear and bravely charged into the face of death . Even without his urging, his FengFu Star slowly began to circulate on its own .

After it had only half circulated it seemed as if some sort of energy was lacking and it slowly returned to calm .


He courageously charged forward; his sword shook the sky as he used his full force to bring it slashing down .

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