Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2320

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Evilmoon pierced through Kun Pengzi’s body. Wrapped in black qi, it was like an evil dragon’s toxic fang, devouring Kun Pengzi’s life.

“Young master!” The Kunpeng race’s experts along with the rest of the Xuan Beasts cried out.

Kun Pengzi was the descendant of the Peng Emperor and the hope of the Xuan Beasts. All their hearts sank.

“Long Chen, if you dare-!” roared Peng Wanli.

Evilmoon shook ever so slightly and Kun Pengzi exploded. In that instant, a translucent figure shot out. That was his Yuan Spirit.

However, just as it fled, Long Chen’s saber fell, instantly blasting the Yuan Spirit into specks of light that slowly dissipated.

A peerless genius of his generation, descendant and heir of the Peng Emperor, a monster that had been sealed in the ancient era, the heavenly genius shouldering the hopes and dreams of the Kunpeng race and the Xuan Beasts, died.

Seeing those specks of light slowly fade, shock filled everyone. Kun Pengzi… had been killed.

Kun Pengzi was an expert blessed with immense karmic luck, someone who had the blessing and protection of the Heavenly Daos. Such a figure rarely died.

Even when encountering experts stronger than themselves, the protection of the Heavenly Daos would allow them to escape with their lives. But Kun Pengzi had still been killed by Long Chen.

A wave of mournful cries came from the Xuan Beasts. That one blow from Long Chen had severed any hopes of the Xuan Beasts rising.

“That was satisfying. Let’s continue!” Evilmoon cried out excitedly, its killing intent even stronger than Long Chen’s. Perhaps it had been sealed for so long that its urges now exploded. It had an urge to slaughter the entire world.

Long Chen rushed toward Ye Benchang, who had already lost his mind out of fear.

Of the four, Kun Pengzi had been closest, so he was the first unlucky target. As for Ye Benchang, he had become the second.

Seeing Long Chen charging over with such killing intent, Ye Benchang finally revealed a look of terror. The previous exchange had badly wounded him, and he had yet to recover.

Long Chen’s attack just now had not only broken their combined attacks but also their confidence, leading them to no longer have the courage to keep fighting.

Ye Benchang took out a Soul Calming Jade that made Long Chen’s pupils shrink. It didn’t have the same design and color as his, but the fluctuations coming from it were definitely the same.

The design was different, but it also had nine lines, making it a nine-line Soul Calming Jade. Ye Benchang was about to crush it.

An invisible wind blade silently slashed down, cutting off his arm before he could crush his Soul Calming Jade. Tang Wan-er appeared. That wind blade came from the priceless treasure that Leng Yueyan had given her. It was perfectly suited to her cultivation technique, and she was able to use it to sneak up on Ye Benchang without anyone noticing.

Ye Benchang’s expression changed. Before he could grab the jade back, Evilmoon arrived, so he could only raise his broken sword.

Ye Benchang’s divine sword was easily sliced through, and Evilmoon cut through his ribs.

Ye Benchang had been cut in two. As his weapon was broken and his body was crippled, he despaired.

“Long Chen, release our commander or the Heavenly Dragon Legion will annihilate your Dragonblood Legion!” The warriors of the Heavenly Dragon Legion tried to charge over, but the Dragonblood Legion stopped them. Their crazy charge only resulted in deaths and injuries amongst themselves, with not one person managing to get by.

“Annihilate the Dragonblood Legion? How about we annihilate you first?” sneered Guo Ran. Although the other side was composed of third step Netherpassage experts, in terms of combat power, ten thousand against ten thousand, the Dragonblood warriors were completely suppressing them. Almost two thousand deaths had appeared amongst the Heavenly Dragon Legion, yet they dared to threaten the Dragonblood Legion?

At this time, Di Feng and Tian Xiezi were dumbfounded. Kun Pengzi was dead and Ye Benchang was crippled. Theoretically, they should charge forward to run interference and give Ye Benchang a chance to recover.

However, they were already defeated. Despite knowing what they should do, they didn’t dare to. A desire to flee began to rise within them.

After cutting Ye Benchang in half, Evilmoon didn’t stop. Long Chen stabbed Evilmoon straight for Ye Benchang’s head. Someone like Ye Benchang had to be eliminated.

“At such a young age, you’re already so vicious, with no sense of mercy. Can someone like you lead the people against the foreign invaders?” Just at that moment, an icy snort rang out. Although it was just a snort, the sound covered up the commotion of the battlefield.

A hand reached out of midair toward Long Chen. In that instant, the world froze and every expert stopped moving.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to move, but that they couldn’t. Every fluctuation seemed to repeat itself, as if the laws of heaven and earth had changed.

This was the Samsara power of a fourth step Netherpassage expert. Everyone knew that only someone capable of controlling Samsara power could forcibly change the laws of heaven and earth.

Only now did they see an elder with a white beard appear in front of Long Chen. His face was covered in wrinkles, and it was extremely grave. 

The strange sight of his hand appearing first and only then noticing him showed that his power was affecting their senses.

The elder’s hand reached toward Long Chen’s throat. Life and death energy manifested in his eyes. It was as if the world was under his control. Even Long Chen felt that his body was frozen.

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However, despite that, Long Chen still sneered, “What does my viciousness have to do with you? Are you another bastard from the same hole as this one?”

The elder seemed to be the master of life and death. Killing intent sparked within his eyes because of Long Chen’s words. “Little brat, it seems your parents never taught you manners. I’ll teach you in their place.”

Brilliant light exploded from his hand. However, just as it was about to touch Long Chen’s throat, a giant figure appeared behind him. A bone club viciously slammed into the back of his head.

People recognized that giant figure. It was Wilde. He had actually managed to silently sneak up on this elder.

A resounding explosive sound rang out, and the frozen world instantly became undone. The laws of the world returned to normal.

However, shockingly, even though Wilde’s club had smashed into the back of the elder’s head, that elder’s head didn’t explode. Those familiar with Wilde knew that his physical strength was even greater than Long Chen’s, so were the heads of fourth step Netherpassage experts really that hard?

Although his head didn’t explode, his scalp was split open. Long Chen saw a ring of light around Wilde’s club, blocking it. Most likely this was an instinctual defense.

A fourth step Netherpassage expert seemed to possess an instinctual reaction to any danger.

However, even if this club wasn’t enough to kill him, it did make the elder dizzy. Long Chen took advantage of that. With the space around him unfrozen, he raised a hand and smacked the elder in the face, sending him flying.

After that, his hand was quick as lightning, grabbing Ye Benchang’s throat.

Only then did the elder recover. Seeing the odd gazes of countless experts, he shuddered from rage.

“Long Chen, you are courting death!” he roared. He hadn’t been planning on killing Long Chen and only wanted to suppress him. However, who would have expected that someone had been hiding within the void? Caught off guard, he was actually slapped in the face.

“Old fellow, you’re the one courting death! Last time didn’t count. Let me try again and see if your head is really so hard!” demanded Wilde.

Wilde was different from the Dragonblood warriors. He didn’t have any realms or tribulations to go through. He also didn’t have any of the aura of a cultivator. Moreover, he was not affected by any restrictions or suppressions of the Heavenly Daos. Guo Ran had once said that if he made an invisibility cloak for Wilde, he might be an even better assassin than Dong Mingyu.

That little joke by Guo Ran was remembered by Xia Chen. He had specially made a special belt that could conceal Wilde within the void. As long as Wilde only moved around, no one would sense his existence.

When he had first obtained that belt, Wilde was so excited that he started playing hiding and seek. As a result, no one could find him. Only when he was too hungry and began to munch on things was he exposed.

During this tribulation, Long Chen had had Wilde hide in the void. As long as Long Chen didn’t give the order, Wilde wasn’t to come out.

Wilde always listened to Long Chen, so even though the powerful shockwaves of the battle had sent him rolling back and forth, he had remained silent.

Only when that elder came and froze the world did Long Chen give the order. Wilde had stealthily gotten close as the elder’s frozen space was unable to affect him. As a result, he managed to smash the elder in the head.

However, because it was a sneak attack, it wasn’t his full-strength attack. Seeing the elder was fine, Wilde was indignant and wanted to try it again.

“Wilde, wait.” Long Chen stopped Wilde. That was a fourth step Netherpassage expert, and this battle was too dangerous for Wilde. Long Chen suddenly raised his head and shouted, “Elder Long, how long are you planning on just watching the fun?”

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