Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2057

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Gu Yang and Wu Yue’s battle had been an alarm for the Dragonblood warriors. Although Gu Yang hadn’t used the Dragon Blood Battle Armor, Wu Yue also hadn’t used his trump cards.

The two of them had fought in the purest clash of power, with Gu Yang actually being inferior. As for Wu Yue, he was just one of the Nangong family’s many core disciples. It could be imagined just how terrifying the foundation of an everlasting family was.

They no longer dared to slack off in the slightest. Their will to fight had been ignited once more. Sometimes, people needed a powerful figure as a reference in order to draw out more of their own potential.

However, Long Chen didn’t make them forcibly break through any bottlenecks they had. They were to calmly stay within the home of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. They could eat, drink, and play. They could do anything but cultivate.

When Long Chen had said this, the Dragonblood warriors had thought that he was being sarcastic. However, he had then explained that he wanted them to fully relax. They were to temporarily forget that they were even cultivators.

Sometimes, people needed a certain rhythm in cultivation. That referred to pace, as well as tension and relaxation. The harder they worked at cultivation, the more fatigued they would grow, perhaps without even sensing it. An unsteady Dao-heart was not suitable for cultivation, so the first step was to give them a good vacation.

If they wished to, they could come up with a new identity for themselves and go play in the outside world. Long Chen gave them one month to do whatever they wanted. During this month, they were to forget about cultivation and do whatever they wanted to.

Although this was neglecting their cultivation bases, their foundations were already extremely strong. This was just another way for them to temper their Dao-hearts. Even if ten thousand people cultivated the same technique, their future paths would not be the same. Each person had to comprehend their own life slowly through experience.

Long Chen’s only requirement was that they focused on being safe. They could go to their homes and see their families, they could pay visits to old friends, and they could simply stare up at the clouds. It was up to them.

There were powerful undercurrents flowing on the Martial Heaven Continent, but at least on the surface, things were still calm. None of the large powers were willing to make any big movements. This was a rare moment of peace. There shouldn’t be any significant battles during this time. The only thing they had to be on guard against was the Corrupt path.

This might be a bit dangerous, but cultivation was inherently dangerous. He couldn’t constantly restrict them. They were his brothers, not his subordinates, and they had the right to pursue their own freedom.

After arranging things for the Dragonblood Legion, Long Chen left on his own, heading toward the gathering of past and present heroes.

Unexpectedly, the location of this gathering was actually the Western Desert. That was a bit far, but Long Chen didn’t rush. He had plenty of time, so he just peacefully sat in his flying boat.

Long Chen looked down at the mountains and plains that he rapidly flew by. The occasional startled roar of a fierce beast would come at him when he passed their territories. However, those beasts all felt a sense of danger from the flying boat, so they didn’t attack.

Long Chen ignored those beasts. Seeing the land swiftly pass beneath them, various emotions welled up within him.

Back when he had first set off for the cultivation world, he had been a weak youth with grand ambitions. He and Little Snow had made a journey of ten thousand miles to take their first step on the path of cultivation.

This would be the tenth year since that first step. He had fought countless battles, and rivers of blood had dyed the ground, but he still hadn’t reached the peak, nor had he unraveled the mysteries behind his origins. Instead, he was sucked into the quagmire of the cultivation world, unable to extricate himself.

Sometimes, he wondered what kind of life he would have had if he hadn’t been given the jade pendant. What would have happened if Long Tianxiao had hidden the truth about him? Would he already be married and have children? Would he be growing old in the Phoenix Cry Empire, living peacefully until he died?

Regretfully, there was no way to know. People always said that upon stepping into the cultivation world, there was no way back.

Now that he thought about it, it was true. The trees longed for peace, but the wind never left them alone. He only had more and more enemies, and enmity would pile up. Sometimes, just a look could invite a killer. The cultivation world was a bare and naked world where the strong devoured the weak.

During these ten years of battle, he had grown tired of this senseless and unending fighting. However, he couldn’t stop. If he stopped, he would be killed.

Exercising forbearance? That would bring more humiliation, more slaughter, and more enmity. In the cultivation world, no matter what you did, you would make enemies, unless… you stood at the peak of this world.

At that time, whatever you said would be right. Even if you farted, countless people would respectfully come to admire the scent and praise it.

At the beginning, Long Chen had thought the cultivation world to be mysterious and holy. But upon stepping into it, he found that it was a bloody and cruel fighting ring. It was filled with slaughter and an unending desire to dominate others.

Some people had already been devoured by those desires. The stronger they grew, the more desire they felt, until they wished to be the ruler of this world.

Long Chen looked down on such people the most. Whenever he encountered them, his first instinct was to slap them.

As for this gathering of past and present heroes, he really didn’t want to go. If he didn’t go, he might make some enemies. But if he went, he would get even more enemies.

Worst of all, he didn’t have any trump cards right now. Evilmoon and the Heaven Flipping Seal were in seclusion, absorbing the energy of the divine pillars. Huo Long was also in seclusion as Long Chen had told it to refine the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame as quickly as possible. Only once it could fully control its power could he possibly manage to fight the Pill Fairy.

Most importantly, if he wanted to refine eleventh tier medicinal pills, he would need a powerful flame.

He did have the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, but when he had obtained it with the Pill Fairy, they had agreed to split it in half. The half that Long Chen had obtained was only suitable for fighting. When refining pills, Huo Long normally had to use the power of the Heaven Incinerating Flame.

For pills below the eleventh tier, the Heaven Incinerating Flame was strong enough. But for eleventh tier pills, it wasn’t hot enough. It would not fully unleash the medicinal energy of the ingredients, which would affect the final quality of the pills.

Long Chen now had the formulas for eleventh tier pills, as well as many eleventh tier medicinal ingredients that he had obtained in the Yin Yang World. It was possible for him to start refining eleventh tier pills, but he hadn’t.

One reason was because Huo Long hadn’t refined the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame, so there was no way to refine high grade eleventh tier pills. Another reason was even more important: he didn’t have a good enough pill furnace.

He didn’t have a pill furnace on the level of a divine item. Even Zheng Wenlong couldn’t buy such a thing. Perhaps a pill furnace on Ancestral item’s level was purchasable, but above that level, they were essentially in the hands of Pill Valley. 

Pill furnaces were no ordinary divine items. It required special craftsmanship to create one, and the craftsman would have to be an alchemist, or there would be no way to create a pill furnace that met the standards.

Guo Ran could already create divine items, but he couldn’t forge a pill furnace. As for Pill Valley, there was no way that they would give him one. So if Long Chen wanted to get a pill furnace, he would have to think of something himself.

He was in the middle of flying when his boat suddenly shook. Looking ahead, he saw a giant bird flying over, covering the sun. It was causing the surrounding space to twist.

It was a terrifying twelfth rank Magical Beast. It was enveloped in golden light that made it look like a sun. As it flew through the air, wind buffeted Long Chen’s flying boat.

It was going extremely fast, but Long Chen’s vision was sharp enough to recognize it. It was a golden crow with three feet. The light surrounding it was like a flame.

“A Three Foot Golden Crow!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. It was an ancient beast. Based on its aura, it had fully matured.

On its back, Long Chen saw an elegant figure sitting cross-legged. Her exposed arms were like white jade. Her long hair covered her face, but just her figure was enough to make a man indulge in fantasies.

There was a golden bow on her back, but before Long Chen could get a closer look, she had sped off.

“It seems she’s one of those supreme geniuses from the ancient era. Just that steed of hers is enough to sweep through others. I wonder where she’s from? I knew I should have listened to Ye Lingshan explain some more about these experts,” sighed Long Chen. In the Martial Heaven Alliance, Ye Lingshan had wanted to give him some well known knowledge of the famous experts, but he hadn’t been interested as he had been in a rush to return to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race.

He couldn’t help thinking it would be good if Ye Lingshan was present. Perhaps she would have been able to recognize that person’s identity based. 

“Brother, have you ever driven a flying boat like mine?” Suddenly, a shout rang out.

Long Chen turned to see a man operating a strange flying boat. He looked down on Long Chen and shouted at him.

Was there really such a need to show off an amazing flying boat? Long Chen ignored him and sped off.

However, after just a bit, that person had caught up to him, shouting, “I was asking you a question! Do you recognize this flying boat?!”

Long Chen started to get angry. If someone had a great flying boat, fine. Did they have to show it off? Based on that person’s powerful aura, he was definitely an expert.

Long Chen frowned. Not wanting to cause any trouble, he quickened his pace. Now, that person seemed angry. His flying boat accelerated, and he instantly passed Long Chen.

“Fuck, even such a person deserves to be called a supreme expert of the ancient era? That’s only because you never encountered me. If you had, I’d have slapped you dead!” cursed Long Chen. Did those ancient experts not know how to be low-key?


Suddenly, a mountain exploded in front of him, causing Long Chen to jump and stop his flying boat.

A man came walking out of the dust, appearing wretched. Upon seeing Long Chen, he shouted, “Brother, have you ever operated a flying boat like this? Do you know how to use the brakes?”

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