The Villain’s LoveChapter 20
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"Please don't leave me."After his family is slaughtered and his country is laid to ruins, Luciano, the prince of a grieved nation turns into a demon of vengeance. After all the evil deeds he commits, he finally faces the queen of the enemy country, A

You’re My Belated HappinessChapter 19.2
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All the reunions with the person you had a crush on in the past are long-cherished schemes.Ruan Yu's web novel on Jinjiang, "Really Want to Nibble on Your Ear", has been accused of plagiarism.She posted on Weibo: God knows, this story about a crush

The Devil Does Not Need to Be DefeatedChapter 1039
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Holy SwordskillblessingAs a brave summoned to another world, Shien is basically invincible.The goddess told him: "You are the one who is most likely to defeat the devil."The princess told him: "I have never seen a foul man like you."Even his teammate

You Can Keep The Male LeadChapter 16
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I was just sleeping, but when I opened my eyes, I've become someone else in a white bridal dress.Erin Spillet.I became the villainess of a novel.My bridegroom, the male lead, kept making eye contact with another woman. It was the heroine; his love in

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of CounterattacksChapter 1635
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Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for pitiful cannon fodder. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles, encountered all kinds of you're heart

Takane no Hana (WN)Chapter 22
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Hinako Konohana is a true young lady.Her family's Konohana Group is a conglomerate with total assets of 300 trillion yen. She attends one of the most prestigious schools in Japan, and her talent and beauty are completely out of reach for me, an ordin

MistChapter 105
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Hyperthymesia. Those with this condition can remember every detail of their lives from something as significant as the world's turning point to something as small and as insignificant as a minor fleeting thought. They cannot forget and their thirst f

World KeeperChapter 691
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Dale Mitchell, your average guy in a below-average job. But, what happens to him is anything but average. After hitting someone in his truck, his world was turned upside down, inside out, and more than fifty shades of grey.Now, he seems to be somethi

A Sinner’s ChanceChapter 146
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After an untimely death, Velen Arcturus, found himself as a formless soul in Hell. This wasn't a great surprise to him, he wasn't exactly what one could call a good person after all. However, when he's told that rather than being punished, he's being

The RunesmithChapter 145
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What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?Will his knowledge in hardware technology help him out after he discovers its correlation to the words of power?How will he fit in with the other noble houses as the lowl

Isekai’d ShoggothChapter 117.
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It begins as a usual isekai story.No, wait. It`s worse. It's otome isekai. And I`m the villain.Of course, there must be some kind of cheat to make up for it. It's that kind of story.And my cheat is... being a shoggoth. Which apparently includes being

Water MagicianVolume 1 - Chapter 61
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This is the story of Ryo, who was reincarnated in the world of swords and magic.It is a story of the royal road to survive using the magic of water attribute.What is magic? What is swordsmanship?How does it relate to the laws of physics that we know?

Show Off Once in Every WorldChapter 224
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Wen Ying became the "Unlucky One" chosen by Lord God.No matter which world she appears in, she is not loved."I heard that you became a sugar baby?""Stepped on three boats. Ah, the boats probably capsized.""You are a minister's wife, but you're seduci

Reversing Life With Item CopyChapter 14.1
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"The future is dark and blurry.I thought days like this would go on.But.[You can copy an item's options to another destination.] [Target: No limit]That day, my life changed dramatically."

Marriage of the Di DaughterChapter 72.4
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The young lady from the Xue family was talented and beautiful, and married the dream husband at the age of 16. They had a loving and harmonious relationship and were together for 3 years when her husband attained the title of Imperial Scholar.Now tha

The RunesmithChapter 47
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What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?Will his knowledge in hardware technology help him out after he discovers its correlation to the words of power?How will he fit in with the other noble houses as the lowl

Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do!Chapter 121
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Chu Mu Yun relied on his story of Demon Realm to become a one-hit-wonder in JJWXC, but he never expected that he, after writing out seven mental cases and abusing seven mental cases to death, would transmigrate into this shitty novel!What the hell wa

Get to Know about Wife FanChapter 36
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As a wife fan of the popular idol Huo Xi, Qiao Qiao's most hated person is Sheng Qiao, an actress who gets involved with Huo Xi for hype.Besides taking camera to join some activities, her major daily task is to diss this white lotus sincerely.What sh

Pampered by the Escape BossChapter 36
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Other people's escape games:"Run!""AHH, I'M GOING TO DIE!""Help! Help!"Gu Yian's escape games:The BOSS pets her head: "Be good, let's watch the show together."Gu Yian: "???"The BOSS smiles lightly: "Listen, their screams bring people such joy."In fro

Pampering My Cute PetChapter 40
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There's nothing that Yu Wan has in common with her new neighbor whether it's charisma, personality, or cooking skills other than that they both own dogs. Their two cute pets get along well (a bit far too well) and start what seems like a rocky friend

Did The Affectionate Love Interest Collapse Today?Chapter 34.1
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Within almost every melodramatic novel, there's an affectionate male supporting role who is infatuated with the shou protagonist. To be there when the shou is being attacked by the gong, to offer love when the gong abandons the shou protagonist, figh

I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As PossibleChapter 24.2
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Not long after Ning Wan was banished' to a rural neighbourhood by Zhengyuan Law Firm headquarters, a second victim was exiled to join her.Vivacious, tall, handsome, a complete gentleman, he exuded the unique auraof a character likely to die off-scree

What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s BathtubChapter 49.1
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He Ruge was addicted to "Your Exclusive Lover" this love nurturing game. Captivated by the attractive military uniformed person, whose original form was a White Tiger Male God.When the game came to the end, He Ruge suddenly became a mermaid and trans

Little Sea Otter Became PopularChapter 44.2
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Qiao Dai, a little sea otter who has lived her whole life in the Pacific Ocean, has transmigrated and become the cannon fodder real daughter of an entertainment novel. Seeing that the plot was about to begin and faced with the tragic end of the origi

If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll DieChapter 72
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With so many people in the entertainment industry, the most unpleasant thing for Ye Chen is Ren Jing's hypocrisy. Ren Jing looks polite and amiable, but Ye Chen couldn't listen to half a sentence he says.Then one night, Ye Chen got drunk. When he wok

Since I’ve Entered the World of Romantic Comedy Manga, I’ll Do My Best to Make the Heroine Who Doesn’t Stick With the Hero Happy.Chapter 46
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I love a romantic comedy manga.However, my favorite heroine is a sub-heroine, a losing heroine who will never be able to connect with the protagonist.One day I was hit by a truck and woke up to find myself playing the role of the hero's best friend

Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup ArtistChapter 92
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Li Mo, a senior beautician from the modern era, transmigrated to the ancient period and became a peasant woman sold to a countryside man.Looking at the crumbling thatched house, a husband with a disabled leg, and the bony little bun, Li Mo sighed and

Housekeeper of the Hundred Blossom PalaceChapter 131
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"You, that's His Majesty the Emperor, you know!?""Is that more important than a steamed bun?"* * *Yui Mei has two secrets.First, she retained the memories of her past life. Second, it is highly probable that she is a daughter of the Sai Kingdom's Emp

Gateway to HappinessChapter 87
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Lu Zheng had transmigrated into a baby in a swaddle. She wondered if she should laugh or cry.What? She was abandoned to a peasant family by her biological parents again?It was time to cry this time!So what if it were a peasant family? As long as her

Sand Sculpture Demon King, Online FarmingChapter 69
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He was transmigrated as the most miserable Demon King in history. Before Hill had the time to feel depressed, he heard the news that the Demon King's Palace was surrounded by Paladins. Then he was forced to sign an unfair treaty, disempowering and hu

We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be SingleChapter 206
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After the 108th Monster Population Census, the Monster Family Planning Office issued a new regulation: Given the rising single monster population, which poses a threat to the society and undermines the harmony between humans and monsters, Monster Fam

Yu WuChapter 40
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The traitorous general Gu Mang was returning to his homeland. Everyone wanted to see him dead, and it was said that the one who hated him most was his former best friendthe cold and ascetic Young Master Mo.The rumours said: Young Master Mo prepared t

The Male Lead Knelt Before MeChapter 5
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Ji So-eun possessed Lena, a supporting character in a novel.After being possessed, a lot of people took my hand and knelt before me, causing a strange rumor to arouse because of that."You've caused a lot of men to kneel before your feet with your bod

Beloved Marriage in High SocietyChapter 106
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There are only two destined outcomes for an illegitimate child of the Meng family.One is to be useful and then being used to death. The other is to be exploited for being a useless person.After being reborn, Meng Ting chooses the second option withou

The Husky and His White Cat ShizunChapter 311
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Mo Ran thought becoming Chu Wanning's disciple was a mistake.His shizun was really too much like a cat while he himself was a dumb pup who'd only slobber and wag his tail.Dogs and cats were different by nature; originally, the dumb pup didn't want to

The Duchess and the DevilChapter 38
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Her husband, Derrick Vaisil, who had a funeral four days ago, suddenly came back to life. But this man was so different from before he died!"I'm hungry, wife."From regularly turning up in the dining room that he had always avoided,"How about we use t