My Vampire System - Chapter 949

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Chapter 949 - A teacher

What was being suggested by Sam, was a thought that hadn't once crossed Quinn's mind. 'Become a teacher?'

Kids had certain dreams growing up, but Quinn being someone who had always hated school and the teachers around him that ignored everything that happened, never thought he would be put in such a position where he could become one.

Quinn himself was soon to only become eighteen and be considered an a.d.u.l.t by the world. It was strange to even think of himself as a teacher, and besides, he had more important pressing things to do. So why would he need to waste his time with this?

"I can tell what you're thinking, Quinn, but you should hear me out before you make up your mind. The meeting for everyone else is dismissed. If there is anything you would like to request, feel free to run it past me, and then I can run it past Quinn." Sam said, and soon after, everyone had left the room quite quickly.

They wanted to know the reason as well, why Sam thought it was best for Quinn to take on this role, but if he said the others shouldn't be there, they probably had an idea of what the reason could be.

For once, Linda was shoving Nate out of the room, even though he wanted to stay.

Eventually, the only two left around the table were Sam and Quinn, and Quinn had moved, so now the two of them could talk side by side.

"Look, you don't have to worry too much about the teaching part of this. There are plenty of courses you could choose where you could help them out. Combat courses, for one. You're better than any of the teachers that ever taught us hand to hand combat. Or if you wanted to, maybe you could teach them how to use Qi. I'm sure Oscar wouldn't be against that idea, after seeing what Pure could do with it." Sam suggested.

Quinn hadn't thought about that. Teaching the new generation Qi would certainly give them more chances against the Dalki. If everyone had it, then Pure would no longer have an advantage.

Pure was already advertising Qi to the world, so more people would choose to join their side, so maybe they could do the same.

However, there was a worry in the back of his mind. Potentially teaching people this, meant it could be used against him. A double edged sword, and it was even worse against vampires. Qi had a disrupting effect, and if they were good enough with it, they could also use it against the shadow, like Lucy managed to do.

"This can't be the only reason. I know you better than this Sam, come on, spill it all out." Quinn asked.

"Well, there are a few points. For one, with you there, I think you will see firsthand if the military has changed its ways. See if they align with your goals. Don't you want to change the way the system works? To do that, the best way is to learn how it works, and being part of the system is a good first hand experience.

"Also, do you remember I told you how students would later select which group they would like to join after the military ends? Well, out of all of those, the Cursed faction is the newest and not the most popular. The only reason we have people joining us now is due to the Daisy faction's popularity. The students that have no choice will be sent out the Cursed fanfiction. People like you Quinn, with no ability.

"I saw you use that strange power against Cindy. When you used all of our shadows. The time limit seemed kind of short. The only thing I can guess is because the shadow you borrowed from us wasn't enough. Maybe you can find some students that could learn the shadow.

"We don't know if the shadow is a vampire only ability, and you can't use your shadow eater skill on non vampire subjects, but if you can find more people that can learn the shadow, then you can borrow the powers from those around you a lot more," Sam explained.

Although Quinn now had a lot more MC points, he understood where Sam was coming from. On top of that, he was sure Arthur, with his thousands of years of being a punisher, still had a larger amount.

With the enhanced soul weapon, Quinn could use the shadow just as much as Arthur could, but not for the same amount of time.

"I understand, and honestly, what you're saying doesn't sound too bad, but my worry is about the other things that need to be done. I feel like I can't just waste my time being a teacher, and maybe someone else could do this." Quinn replied.

"You don't have to worry. If you were to get a role, it would be as head general. Of course, your real title and rank are higher than that, but this is just for the sake of positions within the military groups. Do you remember Paul? I bet you hardly ever saw him during your time at school. It was the same for our military head, and It could be the same for you.

"If you have to deal with other matters, they will just get a substitute for you in the meantime. And if you worry about your position affecting how people will treat you, don't worry about that too much. The broadcast from the match you had when you became one of the major powers, you don't even look the same as that little twerp from before.

"I don't even think anyone would recognise you," Sam said.

It was true that there was quite the jump in appearance from when Quinn was a vampire Nobel to vampire lord, and he had also changed his hairstyle. People didn't recognise Quinn unless he mentioned it to them. So to the outside, and others, they didn't know what he looked like.

However, the shadow powers and blood abilities would be a giveaway, but with a bunch of students, would he ever need to use them?

"So, I would be assigned as head general of one of the nine groups, and become a teacher. Doing all the things you mentioned, but have the freedom to come and go as I please?' Quinn said, and Sam nodded.

When it was put as simply as that, it really didn't sound like there was any downside to it at all.

"Of course, we would need people to fill up the other positions to run the school, to support you, so you wouldn't be on your own. They have even said we can send anyone there as students. I was sometimes thinking teacher's miss the things that happen in school, so we could send a few of our own in the Cursed family as students. It will also help your scouting job a little easier."

After debating internally for a while, there was something that drew him to the position more than others. It was the fact that he could see how the new school worked. His end goal was changing the system.

The Dalki were indeed a threat, but Quinn wasn't so sure people's lives could just change once the war was over. At the same time, he started to think back to when he was in school. Sam was right. Teachers did miss a lot of things that happened, and who knows if they were other teachers like Duke in charge of the other groups.

Oscar didn't seem like a bad person, based on Quinn's impression of him, but even he didn't know everything that went on. Lastly, Quinn was lucky to have a teacher like Leo there, one that he really needed.

If Quinn could be there for the students that also needed him, like he did, then he would be happy to take up that task.

"A teacher huh, I guess it doesn't sound too bad," Quinn said, agreeing to Sam's proposition.

Now, they just needed to decide who would be coming with him.


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