My Vampire System - Chapter 948

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It was the next day and the first thing that was on the agenda, was a meeting between the leaders of the Cursed faction. Heading across the bridge and over to the command centre, Quinn could see Sam standing there with a tablet in his hand. While the others sat all around the large circular holographic displaying machine.

"I expected to see you all here with a headache, or hangover but you all seem to be doing fine." Quinn commented.

"Yeah, it seems like alcohol doesn't really affect us like it used to." Nate blurted out.

Nearly everyone at the table had turned their heads towards Nate, because today there were some others at the table that were unaware of their secret.

For one, there was Megan, one of the only Cursed leaders that was still a human and also it looked like Helen from the Daisy faction had been invited along as well. She had stayed for the party, and had stayed for the night too. It looked like Sam must have invited her along.

Clearing his throat, Sam began the presentation as he usually would, once Quinn had sat down.

"As you know we have been away for a while, and I hope everyone had a good time last night, but we have to remind everyone of our goals and what we plan to do next as a faction and group."

Sam went on to update everyone of the events in the human world and how the communication between, what was now deemed as the three world leaders had gotten better. The Graylash family, the Cursed faction, as well as the military, all were working together now, and we're collaborating more and more.

"The reason why I have called Helen here today, is because I think it's important that we should give recognition where recognition is due. There are quite a few factions now under the Cursed faction name, including Daisy. Helen has done a great job in coordinating between them in order to get resources and any help needed.

"She has also suggested that there be a meeting between faction leaders once a month in order to bring everyone closer together."

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From the way Sam was speaking, the idea sounded similar to what giant corporations would do. There were several smaller companies under one big one with different departments. Once in a while they would have a meeting in order to make sure everyone was doing their own part, in their own way all towards the same goal.

Next, Sam allowed Helen to speak a little and she started to talk about the accomplishments that the factions had achieved.

"We have stumbled across quite a few legendary tier beasts on our planet search, although have seen no Demi-god tier beats or demon tier beats. If we did anyway, I have asked the group to report back to us, since they are a high risk for our faction." Daisy reported. "For the legendary crystals, we have kept them so the leaders in the Cursed faction can get the best gear first."

"You don't need to worry about that." Quinn said, interrupting her midway. "The Daisy faction worked hard for the legendary tier beast crystals. I'm sure some blood was split and maybe even some lives were lost. For you to hand them over to us, it just feels wrong.

"While you guys are out on the front lines getting crystals, it is more important that they protect themselves first before thinking about us. Improve your gear, to improve the chance of you surviving, and in turn get more crystals. Then you can hand over whatever you have spare to us." Quinn said.

For a second, Helen had lost her train of thought and just looked at Quinn.

"If I don't take my chance now, I may never know when it will come." Helen said not breaking eye contact away from Quinn. It looked quite fierce and the others were unsure if she was about to climb over the table and attack him. "I would like to ask you out on a date whenever you are free. Remember what I said before? Sometimes you need some free time to do things like this."

Everyone was stunned from what they had just heard. Helen was quite a strong person that wasn't used to taking orders. It was why she had made a faction trying to rise to the top herself not wanting to take orders from any of the other families.

However, the major shock was the fact that she had said these words in front of everyone during a meeting.

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'How could she..' Layla thought, as she could hear her heart thumping louder than her thoughts. 'Isn't she shy, with all these people looking around. How could she say that? I haven't even..'

Now, what everyone was more curious about, was just what exactly Quinn's answer would be.

Clearing his throat, and making sure no one could read his facial expressions, he gave a reply.

"We can see if I have some time, at some point." Quinn said.

After his reply, Helen sat back down in her seat and continued as normal.

"Well, that was definitely interesting huh. I can tell you for sure that wasn't planned in the meeting or run past me." Sam said, trying to crack a joke to break the current atmosphere but he was never really good at those things.

"Now, let's move onto the main reason why I called you all today." Pressing a button on his tablet, the holographic display started to form something in front of everyone's eyes. A giant building started to emerge with a large circular design and square shaped buildings.

The design was modern, with lots of glass to let light in, while also being practical as they had bridges connecting from building to building. It was hard to get a scale of the size of the building until they could see the model humans walking through it.

It was bigger than any university they had seen in the past and looked like a miniature city.

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"This is what the military has been working on for a while now and they say it's finally complete. What you are all looking at is the newly designed military school." Said Sam.

"A military school, but that thing is nearly as big as one of the military bases, never mind the school. I even thought the schools there were big." Nate said, amazed.

"Your right, this is a really big school but there is a reason for that. Rather than have eight military bases like before, now they only have one. I think you all remember the inter-base tournament, or at least have seen it broadcasted for those of you that are a little older." Sam mentioned, knowing there were those that had never attended one.

"The new military school has been built where the first military base was located. Now, the eight bases have been condensed into one. From what I have learnt most of the forces have moved along with it as well.

"The students themselves will be placed into nine groups which will be linked to their military group counterparts. These military groups are controlled by nine head generals now. Sounds strange right, why decrease the base but then increase the head generals. This is all due to Oscar's plan to collaborate with the Graylash family and the cursed family more.

"In these nine groups, three of them will actually be directly controlled by one of the three great powers. The Cursed faction, the Graylash family, and what is now known as the Earthian group, which was formally the military.

"The idea is for the students in each of these groups to be placed under one of them randomly as a House. This will be used for sporting events and competition like the inter base tournament. When they graduate they are free to decide which group they would like to go to." Sam explained.

It was interesting and Sam felt like he could go on and on about the details and the plans for this project, yet everyone there started to notice something. For some reason, Sam was focused on the students more than anything, rather than the military group themselves.

"So why are you telling us all this, and what exactly does Oscar want from us? Other than looking after some of those in the military?" Quinn asked.

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"Well, there are a few things. First, Oscar wants three members of the cursed faction to act as head general. They will be in charge of three of these groups linked to the Cursed faction. The Graylash family will do the same. This way, there is not one power that is greater than the other. Even in the military. Making it, so the military is more of one singular group but three forces.

"As for the second thing, he recommends that we send someone there as a teacher as well. The head general or whatever position he decides to give us, can also become teachers, but the reason I was telling you all of this was because, Quinn. I think it might be a good idea if you became a teacher for a while."


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