My Vampire System - Chapter 947

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The party was a big hit, and it allowed everyone who was part of the Cursed faction, to have a good well deserved rest. There weren't many times they could celebrate things that happened in this harsh world, so they took advantage of it, and made sure to make it count. It looked like Quinn and his group weren't the only ones keeping busy. The faction members had been as well, contently going out on quests keeping up with trade and more.

What seemed to go down well at the party most, was the alcohol, as those that had been turned into vampires found out that their taste buds for this were practically the same as before. Finally, it was something that they could enjoy from their human life.

Looking around the room, they could see a red faced Nate, trying to talk to a few girls in the faction. Most of those that were turned seemed to handle their alcohol well, better than when they were human, so based on Nate's condition he had ethier drunken a large amount, hoping he could build up the courage to talk to the girls or he was just one of those that couldn't handle their drink well, even as a vampire.

"I would have thought with our healing abilities it wouldn't let us get drunk, but it looks like I was proven wrong," Quinn commented.

Hearing this, Sam could see who he was talking about.

"I'll keep an eye on him and the others, make sure they don't spill the beans on our big secret. Although, maybe they will just think it's drunk talk. Have a rest for tonight and we can talk about it tomorrow." Sam said, rushing off and trying his best to get his friend away from the girls.

"Sam, my wing man! Come on and tell these girls how great I am." Nate could be heard saying in the background. Rather than Sam pulling him away, it looked like Nate had pulled him in instead.

"Wait a minute, you're not drunk at all, are you just pretending!?" Sam shouted back.

'Our secret huh, can we really just hide it forever with how involved we are in everything?' Quinn thought. 'The Cursed faction are now the centre of attention, someone is bound to find out about it one day.'

'And if they do, then you can deal with it as you have done most of your problems.' Vincent said. 'As Sam said you have done well.'

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Heading on over, Quinn decided that he wanted to talk to Megan for a short while. The centre of the Hall was being used as a dancing space, with food and drink placed around the edges. It reminded Quinn of the prom videos he would see in old movies, although it was something he never had, as prom had been stopped in his time and age.

Instead, when you turned sixteen and finished school, you were chartered to military school instead.

'Better times.'

Behind the tables of food there were also seats and a few tables, and on one table in particular there were a few girls sitting down along with Megan, but it wasn't the girls he was familiar with. Helen, her two sisters were sitting along with her.

"Do you mind if I take a seat?" Quinn asked, pulling one of the chairs back.

"Please Quinn, you don't have to ask." Megan said, as she couldn't help but stare at Quinn's face as he went to sit down. She had to often remind herself that this young looking man was actually a young a.d.u.l.t, who was hardly eighteen.

All of this was even without using any of his Cham skills. It was through Quinn's evolutions.

'He's far too young for you Megan, and besides you have Dennis, where is Dennis?" She wondered and soon saw that he was on the dance floor having a little wiggle with Linda.

A deep fire started to burn in her c.h.e.s.t.

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"All men are sc.u.m." She blurted out.

"I'm sorry, did I do something to offend you?'" Quinn said. "I can leave, if you want me too."

Realising the words she was meant to say in her head had come out of her mouth instead, she felt extremely embarrassed, and her cheeks were getting redder by the second.

"No, Quinn I-"

"Don't worry about her," Helen said. "It just seems like her man is being taken by another woman over there."

Turning around, Quinn could see who they were talking about. It was Linda and Dennis. The two of them had always been close due to Blip being best friends with Dennis. After Blip's death they didn't spend much time together.

'Did they get closer in the castle together?' Quinn wondered.

"It's normal to feel this way." Quinn said. "I'm just glad you weren't turning into Cindy."

"Who's Cindy?" Megan asked.

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"Oh, don't worry just someone I met while I was away. Anyway, the reason I came over here was I wanted to thank you for everything you did. I know it must have been hard." Quinn said.

"Oh no, please I had so much help from Helen here. She is the real superstar." She replied, grabbing her shoulders. "This is the one you need to say thank you to."

"Thank you, both of you." Quinn said with a gentle smile.

While at the table, the group started talking a little bit more. Quinn asked Megan to give him a small update on what had happened so far while they were away. With Helen here, he thought it would be good to be caught up as well.

Apparently not much had happened. The Dalki hadn't attacked, there had been a few scuffles with humans here and there on a few beast planets, but that always happened now and then anyway.

"Do you really have to talk about work right now?" Helen said, taking a sip of her drink. "I know you're the leader and everything, but you're only eighteen, you should live a little. Do you even have a girlfriend, sometimes you just need to let out some stress?"

That's when Quinn noticed that he had soured the girl's moods. They looked to be having such a good time at the party drinking away. He had only come over to thank Megan but somehow the conversation moved onto the matter at hand.

"I'm sorry," Quinn said standing up. "I think I should let everyone have their fun."

And before the others could say anything, Quinn was no longer in the party room. No matter how hard others looked, they couldn't find him anywhere.

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"Crap, Helen, did you really have to say that to him? I'm sure he's quite s.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e for his age." Megan replied.

"But, I was generally interested in the boy. Someone who has good looks like him, and is one of the leaders of the world. If he really wanted to, he could get anyone he wished." Helen said, thinking about Quinn a little more.

The reason why no one was able to find Quinn for the rest of the night, was because he had used the skill, shadow lock on himself. Of course he wanted to have fun, doing certain things, going out on dates. However, whenever he would think about those things his mind would always start to wonder.

He thought, 'couldn't I be doing something to better myself right now'. The reason why he enjoyed the game power fighters was because he felt like he was learning something from it and progressing his goal, but with other games or dates, he could just imagine his time would be better spent improving for what was to come.

'Don't worry Quinn, you're a vampire now.' Vincent said. 'Humans think this way because they have a short life span. They need to fit everything they can into that lifespan. I understand you more than the others. You have plenty of time now that you're a vampire. When everything is done, then you can have your fun.'

Although Vincent was trying to cheer him up, he didn't like that Vincent was comparing him more to a vampire than a human.

It was at that point he realised that Quinn always considered himself Half, half. As a human who was turned into a vampire, but that wasn't the case at all. Quinn wasn't a dhampir like Erin. Her hair had returned blonde now she was amongst other humans and didn't need blood nor was affected by the daylight.

Quinn as a full fledged vampire, who used to be human.

'When Quinn had eventually gotten out from the shadow lock, he found that the party had ended. There was no one around and he was left on his own.

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'If I live my life as a vampire forever Vincent, is this what it will feel like? Will I see everyone I care about grow old and leave me.'

For a brief moment, Quinn was understanding why Vincent had chosen to become human and possibly why Vampires in the end decided to go into eternal slumber.

Thinking about this, Quinn feared for the end.


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