My Vampire System - Chapter 1295

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The group had made a decision, and with it, Vorden had gone off into the forest to search for Peter while the others headed towards the castle before they would make their way to the Temple on the island.

Before leaving, Vorden had headed to where Raten was, informing him to come back and stay closer to the castle. It would be his job to make sure that no Masked got too close to the area for now.

Inside the castle, the group had entered the room where Linda was present.

They all could see her lying there peacefully on her bed, free from wounds, not even aware that she had visitors. Since her clothes had been tattered during the fight, Borden had dressed her in another set… a French maid outfit.

Borden saw the strange eyes of the others looking at him, questioning his choice of attire.

"It was the only thing I could find in this place, I swear!" Borden tried to explain himself, getting all red faced. "She was out of it, and we had to leave her large Armour behind. We couldn't take it with us and until she wakes up, she can't use her Shadow equip to put on her regular armour and I couldn't just leave her half naked!!!.."

"Don't try to explain yourself, bro." Fex said, placing his hand on Borden's shoulder. "The more you try to explain yourself the guiltier you look. Besides, I think you made a good choice."

There was another block head in the room who also appreciated the outfit, but even he knew better than to use this moment to make a crude joke about Borden's taste.

Knowing that they needed to leave, and with no signs of Linda waking up, one of them would have to carry Linda along with them. Borden had quickly volunteered for the task, but for some reason the others didn't think it was a good idea for him to be carrying her, instead everyone agreed that Mona was a good choice. With her beast armour she had inhuman strength so it was no problem for her either.

If necessary, Fex could use his string ability as well, allowing Mona to use her hands and legs while fighting. After picking up Linda's body, the group moved into the room next door, to find Wevil's corpse lying on a bed. The sheets underneath it had been stained red from the blood on his clothes.

The feelings of the others in the room were filled with sadness, anger and even more. They all took a minute of silence to pay their respects to Wevil, before Fex eventually put the large wooden box that was on his back down.

"I won't let your body stay on this island, Wevil." Fex declared, carefully picking him up and gently putting him into the box which was fortunately quite well cushioned. After all, it had initially been designed to keep Agent 11 inside there even with Fex moving about widely.

"I'll make sure to protect you so that Linda gets to say her goodbye. I bet once we're back, Quinn will give you the best grave, allowing the rest of the Cursed faction to thank you for what you did for them." Fex spoke to the lifeless body.

"Can I help put the lid on?" Layla asked. Naturally, Fex agreed to her request. Before he knew it, everyone was grabbing the lid of the box and helped close it, before carefully placing it on his back.

"I know it's hard for all of you, but remember we have to keep moving." Mona managed to say. As one of the former Big Four she lost enough subordinates and friends, but she knew that as strong as the members of the Cursed faction were, it didn't change their young age. It looked like they had been blessed, to not have to experience such a thing often enough to grow used to it. Unfortunately, as an outsider, she felt like it was her job to keep the group moving, so that Wevil would be the only casualty.

After leaving the castle, the group was walking with Borden at the front. Not only because he was arguably the strongest among those present, but also because he knew the way to the Temple. As for Raten, as long as he didn't fight the Dragon he should be fine moving behind the others dealing with anyone that would follow as their rearguard.

"Th-that looks like it's the Dragon!" Layla pointed upwards.

The whole group turned as they could hear the Dragon's roar, and for the first time, it looked like it had left its place by the tablet.

'I hope this means Quinn is okay.' Layla silently prayed for his well being.

However, seconds later, a figure appeared just above where the Dragon was. Seeing it even from such a distance Mona instantly recognised it. After all, it was what had killed the Demon tier beast, her Kraken.

Seconds later and the small figure had knocked down the Demon tier beast. The force of impact when it collided with the ground was so great that the next second they could all feel the entire island shake violently. The rumbling of the ground was so great it felt like an earthquake that was going to sweep them off their feet.

"WE HAVE TO GET OFF THE ISLAND NOW!!!" Mona's hands were shaking, but she turned away from where the Dragon was, picking up her tempo, no longer caring whether the Cursed faction wanted to follow her or not, still carrying Linda along with her.

Meanwhile, the Cursed group had trouble believing their own eyes, that there could actually be something out there that could so easily deal with the large Demon tier beast.

"Don't worry, maybe Quinn can't do stuff like that but he's stronger than any of us." Nate said in an attempt to cheer everyone up. However, the truth was that he honestly doubted any human or vampire would be able to pull off a feat like that.


Out by the river, Eno was speechless after Jim had demonstrated he had the means to evolve a one spiked Dalki into a six spike in an instant.

'A six spike and so fast? Was my information wrong? I thought the highest spiked Dalki of the leaders was a five spike, yet my eyes aren't deceiving me, I can clearly count six spikes at this moment.' Richard thought.

It was at that moment, that the Dragon had been knocked out of the sky seconds later, making them all feel the aftermath.

"Just in case you thought they only looked the part, the one who took out that Dragon was another six spiked Dalki. Believe me, they're all the real thing." Jim said. "That Blood armour of yours is impressive, I give you that, but are you really confident that it will be enough to take on a six spike that just did that to a Demon tier beast?"

"It's true that the blood in my body is the same as in yours, hence why I'm giving you this chance. Let me turn in my favour now and the both of us can walk away from this freely. This is the last time I will ask, Richard."

"Which will it be, will you keep your word… or will you pretend to have forgotten why you are standing in front of me at this very moment?!"

Richard knew exactly what Jim was referring to.

"While I believe in the principle of equivalent exchange, what you're asking me to do means forsaking the entire human race! I alone might not be able to deal with your Dalki, but you yourself should be easy enough!" Eno shouted, as he lifted up both hands, and a red beam could be seen at the tip of both his fingers.

The next moment, two Blood bullets shot out. Jim's face made it clear that he hadn't actually expected his ancestor to refuse. He had been unable to react, however the now six spiked Dalki by his side had, placing his hand out, blocking the bullet that had been aimed at Jim's head, yet the other went right through shoulder, causing him to moan in pain.

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"Damnit, why didn't you block them both, you numbskull!" Jim cursed. "Screw it, just get that ungrateful old geezer!"

The Dalki's hand that had blocked the Blood bullet, one of the vampires' strongest offensive Blood spells, was completely fine. The next second, the Dalki jumped from its position throwing its fist out towards Eno.

The red spire on the vampire's crown glowed, and just like when the Dragon had attacked with its flames, the Dalki only connected with an invisible pulse of red aura. It was similar to a wall while ripples of red aura were coming from where the Dalki had punched.

"That damned Blood armour. Eno, here I thought at least you could be reasoned with, but it seems like you're not the person I thought you were! I will take that armour for myself, and then take the king's armour as well!" Jim roared in anger.

It was at that moment, that another vampire leapt out from the jungle and swung its arm out towards Jim.

"Oh great, your lapdog has arrived!" Jim shouted recognising that the person was Brock. Opening a small portal by his side, Jim pulled out a shield from the portal that looked to have been made from diamonds.

The second Brock's arm touched the shield, it started to light up, and it felt like the power was being reflected right back towards him. His arm was breaking by the second, and the force seemed to be carrying on. Brock had no choice but to roll away from the ground, and now looking at his right arm, it was no longer where it was before. It had completely blown off.

"Hahha, you fool. Remember I am an Eno as well! Did you really think I would openly show all my cards? As you can see this was a little gift given to me, by your dear friend, Arthur. Vampires are so foolish, they have no idea just how powerful Demon tier equipment really is!"

"I want you to remember one thing, Richard, it was you who refused my offer!" Jim spat out, while placing his free hand on the other one spiked Dalki, whose body started to transform.

Brock and Richard were now faced with two six spiked Dalki as well as the tenth family former leader who had a Demon tier shield in his hands.


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