My Vampire System - Chapter 1045

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Chapter 1045 - The special set

After deciding what to do, it didn't take long for Sam to get in contact with those from the Graylash family. They needed to send some orders across, to organise and prepare a few things. Although, when he mentioned how many people they were planning to send, and who would be taking charge, they didn't exactly seem pleased with them.

At the end of the day, they had no choice. Even Owen had told them to leave everything up to the Cursed faction. In the end, Quinn had allowed Eno to go with them, but Quinn didn't really say yes.

He still felt like Eno was more like a guest on the Cursed faction ship, rather than a part of it. If he wanted, he would leave whenever he wished. So if Eno was planning to follow them to this planet, what was stopping him?

Telling him he couldn't go, Quinn was sure Eno would do anyway, and it would only sour their relationship.

'Maybe I can learn a bit more about Eno on this trip as well.' Quinn thought.

On top of that, Sam had added one more person to the group, but they would be meeting them in the faction base along with the Graylashes. This person, was sergeant Hayley Snelleart, Paul's daughter. The reasoning, was because she was a healer.

With some people having witnessed a few things and rumours already surfacing about the Cursed faction using strange powers, Sam Didn't want more to spread. It was always normal to have a healer on the team.

At the same time, they could improve relationsh.i.p.s with the new army groups they had received.

A ship was being prepared, but before heading off, Quinn wanted to visit a certain person.

Entering the forging room where the sound of clanging never seemed to stop, he could see quite the tall, small framed but muscular person known as Alex.

"Hey Quinn." Alex said as the wings on his back started to flutter a little bit. "It's been a while since I've seen you here."

After Alex had saved the forgers from the attack with Pure, the others knew about his wings. Quinn didn't attempt to remove their memories or anything like that. In fact, he didn't want to take it away from Alex as many of them felt indebted to him and were more loyal, and even worked harder compared to before.

Luckily, nearly none of them knew what Alex's ability was before he had been turned.

'Wait, I don't even know what Alex's ability was?' Quinn thought.

However, it didn't matter now and while in the forgery he was able to let his red blood wings out freely. Hardly anyone ever came down here now. Requests were instead sent to their platoon leader, who would then file a report until it eventually got to Sam. Who would then talk to Alex, and decide where things needed to be distributed first.

"I'm sure you have heard what I'm about to go do." Quinn said, knowing news like that would have travelled fast. Even on his way to the forgery, everyone was wishing Quinn good luck. The more he heard those words the more he felt like something was just going to go wrong.

"Anyway, I was wondering what to do with a Demon tier crystal. I know certain crystals are more suited towards certain items. So I don't have a choice in what it can be turned into, the best thing would be gauntlets or a weapon type to increase our strength, but is one Demon crystal enough?"

"I'm glad you asked." Alex smiled. "Actually a demon tier crystal is a little different to all the other tiers. It has so much energy that only one is required to turn into a piece of equipment. Of course. you could probably use some Demi-god crystal or legendary crystals to enhance certain bits, but honestly you would have to get the demon tier crystal first before finding out what could be added.

"Speaking off, I know you haven't upgraded your equipment in a while and you might be annoyed at me but I made you a few things." Alex said, as he started to pull things out from underneath his workbench and place them on the table.

It was an armour set that looked to go pretty well together, as if each one was created from the crystals of the same beast. It was mainly silver in colour with blue spiral patterns twirling through each piece. On certain parts, grey fur could be seen.

"Last time, I had no experience when making your emperor tier equipment and I know it was a disappointment, but this time we had more experience with the legendary tier crystals given to us by Helen and the others." Alex explained.

"Didn't I tell you guys to use all the Legendary tier crystals on yourself first? And then focus on the main hunting teams like the Daisy group?" Quinn replied a bit annoyed.

"Quinn, you're about to go fight another Demon tier beast, and this time alone!" Alex said. "Do you think I can really let you do that as your personal forger. If you went and died. Do you think I could ever sell my equipment, or they might even Blame me for your death!"

"I'm glad that's your main worry." Quinn commented.

"Besides, the legendary tier crystals were actually donated by Helen herself, and she said that she wouldn't hand them over unless it was something made for you. I don't know what you did to get a girl to give over these crystals. I know some who would kill their husbands to get them.

"I acutely heard that Daisy had these legendary crystals from a long time ago, but never made anything out of them. I don't know how they managed to get so many from the same type of beast, but it only means better things for you."

Quinn looked at the set, and even without using his inspect skill he could tell they were of the legendary tier. Equipment made with higher grade crystals just had a different shine to them when they were mixed in with the other materials.

'Did she really just hand these over, instead of using them for herself?' Quinn thought.

'I guess she's pretty serious about trying to win you over. Maybe this is a pre wedding gift? Or an anniversary gift you two don't know about.' Vincent said. 'When did you two first meet again?'

Quinn knew Vincent was joking, but he still couldn't believe what was in front of him. The equipment had already been made and was here, so of course he would use it. He would just have to give them something in return when he next saw them.

'There is only one disappointment." Alex said, rubbing the back of his head. "There are no weapons. I couldn't even make any gauntlets. All the crystals were used up. I did however, have a spare set of emperor tier gauntlets made, but once again they don't seem to have an active ability."

Saying this, Alex almost sounded embarrassed. First, Quinn took a glance at the Emporer tier gauntlets. Even though they would improve his stats overall, it wasn't worth it at the moment. And there was a reason for that.

Since his Qi had improved drastically, when supplementing his Qi into the gauntlets the active skill also gave a more devastating shock compared to before, and for now, he would rather have them on him.

"I'll take them as a spare for now." Quinn said, placing them in his dimensional space, and heading back to the table.


Using the inspect skill, the three items information were shown. The c.h.e.s.t piece, the legs, and the shoulder guards. None of the pieces of equipment had an active skill on their own. However, they did have an active skill when placed together.

A special set active skill.

Looking at the improved stats and active skill, Quinn couldn't help but smile.

"I might have to get her a really good present after this."


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