My Vampire System - Chapter 1044

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Chapter 1044 - Complications

After hearing the news that Sam had delivered, Sil had decided to stay instead. After all, a Demon tier beast was one of the requirements from Eno to use his abilities, at the same time, if the group were planning to hunt a demon tier beast then they would also most likely need his help.

Before the meeting was to take place, all the leaders on the Cursed ship had been called in early to the meeting room and Sam would go on to explain the details. On top of this, Brock and Eno had joined one of the meetings for the first time as well.

"The reason you have all been called here, is because another Demon tier beast has been discovered." Sam explained. "However, there are a few complications that I need to explain first - this won't be like the last demon hunt that everyone went on.

"The reason being, is because the Cursed faction and the Graylash faction will be the only two groups participating in this hunt. To make matters more difficult, Owen, the Graylash leader, won't be there to help either. Therefore authority and control over how to conduct the hunt has been handed over to us."

Hearing this, there were mixed reactions around the table. Some were happy to hear that a demon tier beast had been found, but many of the leaders still had bad memories of the beast hunt from before.

"Whoah!" Nate said. "Isn't that a good thing? Doesn't that mean we can basically do what we want to get the crystals?"

"A good thing?" Linda repeated. "Last time Owen and Oscar were both there with the Demon tier weapon. Even with all those resources and people we were hardly able to defeat the creature. It means we have to defeat the beast with less than we did last time."

"Correct." Sam replied in a very serious tone. "As we all know, we're in this circ.u.mstance in the first place due to the current Dalki war. Oscar is of course still sorting out the military and tracking the Dalki's movements, which is a time demanding task. In addition to this, the Dalki have been moving awfully close to the Graylash beast planets. Therefore Owen has stated that he will not be taking part and I can't argue with him there.

"Which brings me to my next point, the reason why we will be working with the Graylash family. Thanks to Logan and the fact that now the Earthborn, Graylash, and Cursed faction are in alliance, a Demon tier location device was awarded to each of the factions. Of course, receiving this device comes with the condition of us informing one another as soon as we find a demon tier, which is a standard practice anyway.

"The demon tier beast has been located on one of the planets owned by the Graylash family. Now if we do decide to proceed with the hunt, we will be working together closely with one of their head generals as well as the faction leader of the shelter.

"Bear in mind though, that the Dalki at the moment seem to be keen on invading the Graylash planets. Anything can happen at any moment and we might have to pull out and cut our losses when we see fit."

Despite all of Sam's dire warnings and the downsides of proceeding with the hunt, Quinn still wanted to go ahead anyway. They were running out of time, mainly for Sil, and for Quinn to get some good equipment before there was a full scale war.

"I still think we should proceed." Quinn replied. "However, I don't want to take a large group with us like last time. I think a core group of our strongest members will be able to deal with the demon tier and less lives will be lost that way."

"The problem is if it's a large demon tier beast or it has an ability to call other tiers to its help like the last one, won't that cause a problem?" Linda brought up an important point.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any details on the demon tier beast, but remember that they can come in all shapes and sizes with unique abilities. Of course you would need to bear that in mind, but for this one, I actually agree with Quinn. At the moment we are spread thin and mass transportation of an army through the small teleporters takes too long.

"If the Dalki were to attack one of the Cursed faction planets and aimed for the teleporters, it would be hard getting support there in time. I already know you plan to go Quinn, so the question is who do you plan to take with you?" He asked.

Looking around the room, the strongest of the Cursed members were already currently sitting at the table with him. This made it easy for Quinn to pick the people he wanted. However, unfortunately, there were two people that were currently not present which he hoped to pick.

Leo claimed that if Quinn really needed him, he could use the summoning skill if need be. All of this information was passed on from Sam as it all happened while Quinn was busy training with Eno.

Once realising that Eno would no longer be a threat, it seemed like Leo was happy to leave the place and come back as he wished, and honestly Quinn didn't want to restrict him, he had his own things going on.

"Of course, all of you are free to decline the invitation if you don't want to come. I never want to force you guys." Quinn said. "Since we don't have much information on the Demon tier beast, I would like to take a mixture of those that bring different skills to the table.

"Linda, you have great strength that is nearly unmatched. I also wish to bring Fex, as his strings have always been able to help with disabling and slowing an enemy's movements. Wevil, with your great speed I'm sure we can always rely on you.

"Sil will be coming along as well, we both have already agreed to that." Quinn said, giving him a wink.

He thought that perhaps if it was something to do with getting the other two back, then Sil would be more inclined to work for it without any complaints. It also may help Sill feel like he was helping out in some way.

Some of those who weren't selected seemed disappointed that they weren't coming along, while others breathed a sigh of fresh air.

"Quinn, can I come?" Peter asked.

Looking at Peter, Quinn knew he was strong, but there were those that needed to remain on the ship to protect it just in case. At the same time, he already had Linda so he thought there was no reason to bring Peter.

"I don't see why not, of course you can come." Quinn replied.

At that moment, a shy hand had been raised from the group. When they all turned to look at who was volunteering, they were all quite stunned.

"Layla, you want to come as well?" Quinn said, surprised himself.

Honestly, he didn't know why this time Layla didn't go with Erin and Leo, perhaps they had a falling out or something else had happened. Ever since the incident with Helen, Layla hadn't spoken much to Quinn at all.

"I have to be there, I didn't get to help you at school Quinn, and Leo and Erin said that they would inform me if they found the Pure base before doing anything. It's why I asked to stay behind, because I want to help you and I want to bring back Vorden again." She said, with her fist clenched and a determined look on her face.

Usually, Quinn would have outright said no. Layla was strong, but against a demon tier beast, he wasn't sure she could handle it. Still, with confidence growing in his own powers and not bringing so many members along, Quinn thought that perhaps he could at least still protect her and it would be good exposure for her.

He also didn't know how to say no to the determination he could see in her eyes. Even if he could say no, it didn't look like she would take that as an answer.

"You can come along, but if the demon tier beast proves to be difficult Layla, you have to understand if I ask you to stay back." Quinn said.

Hearing this, for a second Layla's eye twitched. The others, noticing this, wondered if something was wrong. Letting go of her clenched hand she replied.

"Thank you."

"Okay, so it looks like we have the Cursed faction demon tier hunt team!" Announced Sam. "Going along with Quinn we have Linda, Wevil, Fex, Peter and Layla. If everyone is okay with that, I will start going through the rest of the Cursed faction agenda."

Just as Sam was about to move on to his next point in the meeting, another hand was raised.

"Of course, I think I will need to go along with them. Don't you think so?" Eno stated.


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