My Vampire System - Chapter 1043

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Chapter 1043 - No longer getting through

It didn't take long for Quinn to regret the words that had left his mouth. As soon as he said them, he realised the mistake he had made. He knew what Sil's mindset was like, how he had grown up. Anyone would be affected by what he had gone through. Now that he was so close to getting his long lost friends back, those feelings were just amplified.

The thing was, Quinn was trying harder than he could imagine. He often put on a brave face but what he was doing wasn't easy. His training was one of the toughest things he had to bear and what he was going through wasn't fun either. The other thing that upset him, was what Sil had said. Did he really think they were doing nothing, he wasn't the only one working hard for Vorden and Raten, everyone was, and Quinn knew that.

When he heard Sil say that he didn't care, it felt like all of their work was appreciated. Making it so Quinn had just lashed out. He was tired, exhausted and still hadn't rested, causing the words to just slip from his mouth. Looking at Sil, after hearing those words, he immediately placed his head down and was looking at the floor.

Sam was a little nervous, as he was unsure whether or not Sil was angry or upset. It could go either way since Sil was someone who respected Quinn's words and listened to him more so than others. Because of this, Sam gave a quick tug to Quinn, to try and quell the situation before it became a big deal.

"Quinn, say something?" Sam whispered.

"Sil, I'm sorry I didn't mean that. I know you have just been so worried. I think I'm just the one going a bit crazy here. Let's talk about it, and I can go through the plan, and what we plan to do, okay?" Quinn asked.

At that moment, Sil lifted up his hand, and a ball of water was floating about.

"Quinn, stop him! We don't know what abilities he has or how many strong abilities he has stored. If he fights in the command centre, the whole ship could go down!" Sam yelled now, afraid.

Quickly trying to sort out the situation, he could see Sil already getting ready to do something.

"Quinn, I never thought I would hear those words from you," Sil said, lifting his head, with a face full of tears, but soon his eyebrows frowned inwards. "If I'm really crazy, then I should start acting like it then shouldn't I!" Sil shouted, about to use the water ability.

Quickly though, Quinn raised his hand.

"You need a time out. Think before you act, Sil!" Quinn shouted, closing his hand, and a shadow was seen quickly engulfing Sil, and when it disappeared, Sil did with him.

Sam was nervous, and he was wondering if the situation was over.

"Did you use the shadow lock skill on him?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, hopefully he just needs to calm down. We have to remember on the Blade island, Sil didn't have much chance to interact with anyone past a certain age. It's like he's a child sometimes, and sometimes I don't think he knows the dangerous power he holds." As soon as Quinn finished this sentence, he could see his MC cells going down by the second.

'Is he attacking the space in the shadow lock?'

It seemed like Quinn's little time out hadn't worked, for currently inside the shadow space, Sil was attacking everything around him, hoping to break out of it.

"Damn Sil! Don't worry Sam, I'll be back." Quinn said, as he cast another shadow lock on himself taking him inside the black space.

As expected, he could see Sil using a number of abilities, green strange energy crashing about, at the same time water waves bashing into the shadow around. Each time lowering Quinn's MC.

"Sil what are you doing!" Quinn shouted.

"I'm crazy right! Just like my family, I can't help myself but fight and destroy everything I see. After all, that's how I was brought up. To kill everyone around me! To make sure I was always the one that survived!"

It was clear once again something had snapped in Sil, and now this was the second time. Words were becoming harder to get through to him.

Getting closer, a large wave of water came crashing towards Quinn, but it was easily avoided. Soon though, green beams of energy shot out towards Quinn, however the same thing again, as Quinn was able to avoid them.

"Look at you Sil, do you really think you can go to the Blade island in the state you are in now? Remember, the Blades have the same ability as you, even stronger ability users locked up. We can't just fight them with power against power! It won't work!" Quinn shouted.

However, Sill just decided to shoot a bigger energy beam, and at this point Quinn was frustrated. He avoided the attacks with a flash step and when his foot hit the black shadow ground, he leapt off it, dashing forward reaching where Sil was in an instant.

Although Sil had strong abilities, there was a huge difference between him and the others in the Blade family. Sil's body wasn't up to par. Thanks to the red pills and the training of the Blade island, Sil's body was perhaps at the same level as a vampire, perhaps slightly higher.

With good beast gear on supporting him, he could get up to the point where he could match a vampire knight in certain aspects, then with his abilities he was a dangerous force, but Sil had no decent beast gear on.

And if one was to compare a vampire's speed with Quinn's, it was the difference between night and Day. Quinn quickly was in front of Sil, and he could see him throwing a fist made of metal. A hardening ability. Grabbing it, Quinn had no problem lifting Sil up in the air, and slamming his body into the ground. It wasn't a light throw either.

"Stop this now Sil, you can't keep acting like a child!" He shouted. "I know how you feel, you're frustrated right? Because we're so close, but you're just sitting around doing nothing."

"If you're frustrated, then take it out on me. Don't let it bottle up inside. Come and see me, and me and you can fight it out anytime, Sil!" Quinn shouted to his face.

SIl shouted in anger, placing both plans on Quinn's c.h.e.s.t and shot the beam of energy in rage. It lifted Quinn's body slightly off the ground and into the air. Soon, a red blood aura started to surround his body, and covered him like a cocoon. The blood started to move and push the green energy back and when it landed back down the blood had disappeared and Quinn was beside Sil again. Making a fist he punched Sil in the gut.

It was a hard blow, and Sil felt like he couldn't breathe. He fell to his knees trying to breathe in but it was impossible.

As for Quinn, the green blast had damaged his body as he hadn't put any of his armour on. It was a good thing as well, otherwise he was sure that he would have to give another job to Alex. The attack was a strong one, as could be seen by the wounds on his c.h.e.s.t.

Quickly though, they started to heal, and the pain shown on Quinn's face was minimal. Once Sil could breathe again, he laid on the floor out on his back.

"Do you feel better now?" Quinn said.

Covering his face with his arm. Sil was trying to hold back the tears.

"Yeah, but I…I..I can't just keep saying sorry Quinn. Why am I like this?!" He asked.

"It's not just you." Quinn replied. "Everyone feels this way, we just have our own ways of dealing with the problem. Come on, let's go back. I'm sure everyone is worried about us."

In the command centre, when Sam saw the shadow, he ducked for cover for a few seconds, under the table. He and many others knew Sil's strength and quite frankly, depending on what abilities Sil held, he thought it might be a tough fight for Quinn, especially after coming back from all that training.

When he saw Quinn look completely fine, apart from a burn mark in the c.h.e.s.t of his clothes, and Sil with red eyes, it seemed like everything was fine.

"I'm going to go talk with Borden for a little bit." Sil said, as he was about to leave.

Looking at him, Quinn just didn't know what to say or do anymore. He was out of ideas. If Sil exploded one more time, maybe he couldn't get through to him.

"Wait!" Sam shouted, as he cleared his throat and stood up straight again. "Actually, while you two were in the shadow lock place there was a bit of good news that came through." Sam explained. "We have finally located another demon tier beast."


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