My Vampire System - Chapter 1034

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Chapter 1034 - The real Eno

Everyone standing in the hallway just outside the kids' classroom had a knee jerk reaction to what Eno had just said. Apart from Brock that was, who kept his hands behind his back and was just keeping an eye on everyone's movements.

"Hey, who the hell is this guy saying I should be dead!" Borden said. He was so angry that he had jumped up and down on Logan's shoulder but was careful not to use his strength.

Honesetly, he wasn't the only one upset by the words, Sil had a brief reaction, as did Logan. For Quinn, he was starting to get used to Eno just saying what was on his mind without thinking of the consequences, and he was also starting to think his words weren't so serious, that he was just trying to stir up trouble in the Cursed faction.

If Quinn really thought what he said was true, and Eno was anyone else, Quinn would have reacted as well, and not in a small way either. Borden had been a great help in saving Fex, helping on the Blade island to save Sil, and even himself. Quinn owed Borden a lot and for someone to insult him in front of him, that wasn't on.

'Quinn,' Vincent called out to him. 'You might already know this, since you haven't said anything, but I believe that Eno is trying to test the Cursed factions bond. Your group has come together in strange ways and haven't exactly been together long. Maybe he is trying to test your group.'

Even if this was true, Quinn thought this wasn't the right way to be doing it. He did say he would just be observing for a while, he certainly didn't mention anything about causing friction on the ship.

"I'm just saying what will eventually happen to him." Eno replied. "The Dalki race is something that needs to be exterminated at all costs. If you knew what I knew, I'm sure you would all be thinking the same way. Not a single one of them can live, and that includes this one." He pointed at Borden.

"I'm actually surprised you could even have a Dalki on board this ship, how do you trust him?"

After hearing what Vincent had said, Quinn managed to keep himself quite calm. After observing his actions it really did seem like Eno was only doing this to ruffle up some feathers.

'Also, why don't you just tell me what you know about the Dalki then?' Quinn thought.

"Shut up!" Sil shouted. "Who are you? Why would you say that to him. Borden is like a brother to me!" Sil shouted.

It was surprising but it was actually the first time Sil had spoken since he had gotten back to the Cursed ship from the school. Before being sent to school there were two people that Sil could interact with, one of them being Quinn, and the other one being Borden.

"Eno, how can you even question our group when you know nothing about us." Logan said. "You might think you know everything due to watching us from behind the scenes, but not everything can be sorted into groups and piles of information."

Sil had stepped forward and looked like he was about to do something he may later regret, but before he could, Brock had stopped him.

"I understand how you feel, young master." Brock said, speaking to Sil. "However, Eno was just pointing out a decision that you might have to come across in the future. Of course you will have to face the decision and he is not forcing this decision upon you, only prompting you to think." Brock tried to explain and be the moderator in the midst of it all.

However, Brock's words seemed to fall upon deaf ears as Sil was still breathing heavily. Seeing this, Quinn thought he was about to act out and who knew what abilities he had and didn't have at this moment.

"Sil, this man might be able to bring back Vorden and Raten." Quinn eventually said.

Out of all the things, this had gotten through to Sil the most. His heavy breathing had stopped, and he looked at the man differently. "Really.." Sil spoke quietly.

Even Borden, who was still angry at Eno, was happy that perhaps the one who he deemed as his real brother, could be returning.


There was silence between the whole group as they moved from the hall to one of the training rooms. There were a few people inside, and when Quinn entered they all congratulated him. Quinn asked them nicely to leave the room for the time being and of course they obliged, heading to one of the other rooms.

The boys were all standing next to Sil, checking if he was okay and he seemed to be, as he continued to stare at Eno.

Eno and Brock appeared to be discussing something together once in the room. Quinn found it strange while looking at the two of them, he couldn't hear what they were saying. He didn't realise it at first because they were standing quite far away and seemed to be whispering. In the past, even if people were whispering, Quinn's s.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e ears should have been able to pick it up, but he couldn't.

'Is this a type of skill, or something to do with Eno?' Quinn thought.

After their discussion had ended, Eno walked up to the rest of the group along with Brock who was by his side.

"Brock has explained to me and caught me up with what has happened. I already knew of some of your situation but now I understand it a bit more. Still, I'm sure Brock has already explained to your group what we wish Sil to do."

This was what Quinn and the others had expected Eno would do, he needed Sil and his ability to move the demon tier beast and he wouldn't bring back Raten and Vorden until Sil did his task for him.

"Because of this, I want Sil to first agree to help us with our task. I don't want to force the boy and I am a fair person. A favour for a favour." Eno said.

This had come as a surprise, Quinn hadn't expected this but he was a bit annoyed, wasn't this his favour to help Sil? And now he was getting Sil to do another favour for him in return.

Before Quinn could even voice his concern though, Sil had nodded immediately.

"I will go through anything to bring them both back." Sil agreed.

Still, it was unclear if Eno would keep his side of the bargain after Sil had done the favour.

"Now, just be patient. I just need to touch your head for a second." Eno said as he walked forward.

Quinn found this a bit weird, but didn't think much would happen.

'Quinn, I think that's the real Eno that is on board the ship right now.' Vincent suddenly said.

'What do you mean?' Quinn thought.

Due to Eno claiming that the one he was speaking to before in the desert wasn't the real Eno, Quinn assumed this one wasn't the real one either.

'Because right now, by touching Vorden's head he is activating part of his ability.' Vincent replied.

A few seconds later, Eno had let go of Sil's head and had a concerned look on his face.

"Is that it!" Sil said in an excited voice. "Are they back, Vorden, Raten!" He called out, but he couldn't hear or see anything.

"It won't be that easy." Eno replied. "The conditions to bring back the other two are a little difficult." Eno explained. "I will present to you two options in order to bring your friends back and it is up to you which one you choose.

"Many of you may not know this but I will let you in on a little secret. The abilities that humans have learnt, nearly all of them in our current world have descended from one thing, a giant stone tablet. I have investigated this tablet and I am not sure how it really works but, when it finds someone suitable and deems it necessary, the ability will be passed on to a human.

"When one dies with their ability, it returns back to the tablet and will only leave once again once it finds someone suitable. If the tablet still has not found someone then the ability can very well still be in the tablet. If so, then I will be able to give it to someone with no ability.

"For this to work though, you would first need to go to the tablet, and secondly find someone with no ability. I did the same thing for the Green family long ago, so I have done this before." Eno stated.

Quinn knew what the problem was straight away, the tablet was on the Blade island and they didn't know if the Hilston family still occupied it, or if the dragon was there. While there, it was most likely Eno would want them to move the dragon first.

"I'm sure you already know the problems with this by the look on your faces, and now I actually plan to bring back the other two before asking Sil to complete my request. After all, what if I was to fail?" Eno stated.

'Did he just say to bring them back, before Sil was to help him with his request?'

"Wait, Eno." Quinn said. "I'm sure you know this and I don't want to stop you from helping Sil, but I also don't want you to bite us back later. When Raten and Vorden were in Sil's mind, he was only able to copy three abilities at one time, it wouldn't be enough to move the demon tier beast."

Sil thought about this as well and so did the others, which was why they thought that Sil would have to complete his favour first.

"Who said I would be bringing them back into Sil's mind?" Eno answered.


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