My Summons Are All Gods - Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: You Do Have a Point

Nevertheless, Lu Zian immediately realized that he couldn’t get in, so he led his men out of Jerry’s Stone Room.

The disturbance didn’t disappear with their departure.

The arrival of Chief Commander Barker was already enough to surprise them. In the end, the Lord of the Holy Spear Dynasty even personally led his men to visit.

Although most of them looked down on Lu Zian, they had to admit that with the help of his elder brother, Lu Zian’s strength had improved very quickly. He was stronger than most of them.

For a moment, all the trial-takers began to guess what had happened.

“Tell me, why is it a good thing for us to say that he is in seclusion at this time!” Lu Zian sat high on the throne with a livid face and looked down at Ike.

Apparently, Ike was relieved that he did not meet Jerry directly, at this time, he said calmly, “Master Lu Zian, think about it. A newcomer who has just entered the second floor of the endless tower should do something to understand the situation here.”

“But this guy chose to go into seclusion without saying a word, or he directly opened the closed-door mode. What does this mean? It means that he urgently needs to improve his strength.”

“And something must have happened to make him so eager to elevate his strength.”

After listening to Ike’s words, Lu Zian touched his chin and nodded slowly. “You mean that because you brought people there last time, it gave him a sense of crisis? But this is also very normal, because at that time, you really went to find trouble with him. It’s not strange for him to do this.”

According to Lu Zian’s original thoughts, he did intend to personally snatch the sister back from that guy. He did not care whether one was married or not.

However, it was a pity that Buck did not know what he said to his brother, causing his brother to have the idea of subduing that guy in the end.

If that guy knew that his brother intended to subdue him, he probably would not have done so.

“I don’t think so. Based on my understanding of that guy, that guy would definitely not choose to submit to the Divine Spear dynasty, not even if that Lord personally made a move. He was so eager to improve his strength in seclusion this time, it must be to be able to compete with our Divine Spear dynasty.”

After Ike said this, not only did Lu Zian feel baffled, but even his subordinates around him felt that Ike’s words were nonsense.

“There’s a limit to your joke. In just seven days, a newcomer wants to compete with us, the Divine Spear dynasty. Do you really think that the godly monarch realm is a game? You think you can get better just by saying that,” someone said disdainfully, only people like them who worked hard to cultivate knew how difficult each step was on their way.

“Speaking of which, as far as I know, you’ve only met this guy a few times. How come you know him so well?” The people who had long disliked Ike turned their attention to him. Originally, the group of them had been cultivating there.

In the end, this guy came up with some stupid idea to wake them up for a woman. If it was known that the group of them went out for a woman, where would the face of the Divine Spear dynasty go.

Their divine spear dynasty’s reputation was not very good to begin with, and everyone knew that their master was a lecherous person. However, bringing more than a dozen people to block a newcomer for two women.

The most important thing was that they had been refused entry.

If others knew about this, how would they look at it.

As ministers, they did not dare to blame Lu Zian, so they all shifted their hatred to Ike.

In an instant, all the hair on Ike’s body stood on end. He had just broken through to the third-stage god-king realm, but now he was being stared at by so many middle-stage or even late-stage third-stage god-kings. The situation made him panicky.

However, he knew that as long as Lu Zian did not say anything, these people would not attack him without permission. As long as he could convince Lu Zian, his safety would be guaranteed.

“Reporting to Lord Lu Zian, although I have not met him many times, I can see through that Guy’s thoughts at a glance. When the two lords and I came to visit, that guy welcomed us in with a smile on his face. In fact, he was showing his weakness in order to reduce our attention. Once the other party’s strength increases, then he will directly attack us. This seclusion has fully explained this.”

“Isn’t that normal? Who would be willing to submit to someone who isn’t strong enough? As long as seven days later, that guy will realize how big the gap between his strength and ours is. Then he will naturally be willing to submit to us,” someone said disdainfully.

However, what that person didn’t expect was that when Ike heard this, not only did he not panic, but he was also completely relieved.

He finally forced out this sentence after working so hard for so long.

“Alright, you guys go down and cultivate first. From now on, there’s nothing for you guys to do here.” Lu Zian said with a gloomy face and waved his hand to signal for those people to leave.

The man who spoke just now wanted to say something, but his comrades signaled him with their eyes. Then, the group of people bowed and took their leave.

In the end, only Ike was left in the hall.

Ike looked at the person who had left. He lowered his eyes and thought to himself, “You are still too inexperienced to fight with me. Although I am not as strong as you, you are far from being as strong as me in this matter.”.

How could a strong person willingly submit to a weak person? This sentence was not wrong.

But it was wrong to say it here, and it was a huge mistake.

Don’t forget that Lu Zian himself was such a weak leader of the dynasty. He was able to get to where he was today was because of his powerful elder brother.

Therefore, in Lu Zian’s eyes, what that person said just now was that they were not willing to submit to Lu Zian, but because of his elder brother, they were willing to work for the Divine Spear dynasty.

Even if the person who spoke just now did not have such thoughts, that was what Lu Zian heard.

When it came to understanding the hearts of people, Ike knew that he would not lose to these guys who only knew how to train.

“Are you sure that Jerry wanted to go into seclusion because he was unwilling to submit to our Divine Spear Dynasty?” After his subordinates left, Lu Zian asked.

“I’m 10,000% sure, Sir Lu Zian.” Ike knew that he must not hesitate at this time.

“What if, as they said, he finds out the difference in strength between us and the Spear dynasty seven days later and chooses to submit?” Lu Zian was not a fool. He believed what Ike said so easily.

“Wouldn’t that be more conducive to our plan? Even if your Majesty did something, he wouldn’t dare to say anything, would he? At that time, you probably wouldn’t need to say anything and he would take the initiative to send him to your Majesty’s bed.”

“Hahahaha, what you said does make sense.”

Lu Zian’s cheerful laughter rang out in the hall.

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