My Son Might Be A Villain - Chapter 230

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Title: My Son Might be a Villain
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 230 - "Instructor Su, fancy seeing you here!" (2)

“How’d I know?” Su Han frowned and said, “You can go and see for yourselves if you really want to find out.”

“Wow, for realz?”

“Will that be the car that will be dropping you off always?”

Su Han: Of course not.

He was only staying at Lu Shao’s because that woman was busy with her competition lately.

Su Han’s expression paused a little when he thought about Su Ran.

He wondered how she was doing…

He grumbled to himself as he looked down.

Ahem. He wasn’t worried about her at all. He only questioned her ability to take care of herself!

After he had sent the few curious boys on their way, Su Han pulled out his cellphone and hesitated while look at the dialogue in WeChat. His finger hoovered up and down over it but finally did not send her anything.

She should be at the competition right now? He thought that was what she had told him earlier.


At the same time, Su Ran, all the way over at City N was, indeed, in the competition.

Specifically, it was the first round of the competition.

There was a total of 200 competitors in this event including the ones that were invited, recommended, or those who had made it through the preliminaries.

In a normal competition like this, competitors only needed to play their pieces in order and wait for the experts to rate them.

This time, however, perhaps for the sake of attracting more audiences, the process was much more complicated.

The 200 competitors were split into 10 different groups in the first round and the 20 individuals on each team would perform the same piece in the same room. Finally, the judges would pick the three that would move onto the next round.

As much as she felt that this format was a joke, Su Ran, for the same of the recommendation letter, still settled down and read the details on the competition thoroughly.

The next piece that she would be performing was Moonlight. The piece was not difficult. It was a very cheerful piece.

The 20 competitors entered the venue together and each of them situated in front of their own piano.

After a beeping sound, the 20 competitors all started at the same time.

It sounded nothing like a stunning performance of an orchestra.

Perhaps owing to each individual’s differences in their performing style, the site was chaotic despite the fact that everybody started at the same time.

It didn’t take long before someone’s rhythm was out of sync. Some of the more experienced ones were able to go on and some others stopped completely after a little while.

Naturally, Su Ran had no idea about any of those.

The second that she laid her fingers on the keys of the piano, she was immersed in her own universe with just herself, the piano, and Moonlight…

She didn’t notice that many had stopped until her piece was over and she had recollected herself.

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Terminated, to be precise.

The piece was not difficult but, given the environment, only 6 or 7 individuals were able to complete their performances.

Su Ran was taken aback a little when she looked over at the judges and also seeing the stunned looks on the competitors that were close to her.

Su Ran had only been looked like this way too often as the one coined the youngest and most talented musician.

But now, Su Ran suddenly felt odd.

After all, she was a musician who was ranked in the top 10 worldwide in her previous life. She felt that she was really bullying the others in a competition like this.

The result from this round of the competition was announced shortly.

“And now, I am going to announce that competitor numbers 93, 108, and 17 will be advancing to the next round of competition. Congratulations!’

Hearing the result announced, Su Ran looked down at her number and smiled in a matter-of-fact way.


When Su Ran walked out of her room, Li Yan, as a judge, was also finishing up the competition of another group of competitors.

“How did it go, Su Ran?” Li Yan beamed when she saw Su Ran. She walked over to Su Ran and asked her caringly.

“It went well,” said Su Ran as she nodded at Li Yan.

Went well meant she made it to the next round!

“That’s what I thought. Haha.” Li Yan chuckled.

As much as it was an expected outcome, Li Yan was still very happy for Su Ran when she found out that Su Ran would be advancing to the next round.

Something dawned on her all of a sudden, Li Yan frowned a little and said, “I heard that they only did what the did today for the sponsors’ show…

“Don’t worry, I’ve heard that the following rounds would be more professional.”

Su Ran smiled and nodded when she heard that. “Yes, I figured as much.”

As the two chatted and were about to return to the hotel, they heard a melodious female voice coming from next to them obviously filled with pleasant surprise.

“Fancy seeing you here, Instructor Su!”

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