My Son Might Be A Villain - Chapter 229

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Title: My Son Might be a Villain
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 229 - "Instructor Su, fancy seeing you here!" (1)

As unwilling as he was feeling, Su Han still cleaned up after himself and picked up his backpack.

What the butler saw was the father and son duo walking one after the other, both looking very cold.

“Mr. Lu’s leaving so early today?” asking the butler reflexively, then, after spotting Su Han and the reluctant look on him, had it figured out.

“You are going to drop Little Young Sir off at school in person, Mr. Lu.”

“I have something to tend to over there,” said Lu Shao.

“That so.” The butler smiled but said no more.

“Then your breakfast…”

“Leave it for now,” said Lu Shao before he went to get the car.

“Get in,” said Lu Shao, frowning, at the stubborn-looking boy.

After a few seconds of stalemate, Lu Shao finally said again, “You said you have been here before, so I don’t need to tell you how far this place is from your school, right?”

“Only because you choose to live so remotely,” grumbled Su Han but, without any options, finally gotten into the car.


When they were about to reach the school, Lu Shao parked about a minute’s walk distance from the school.

“Walk over from here. Got any problems with that?” Lu Shao turned his head and looked at Su Han.

“What problems can there be?” replied Su Han in an annoyed tone.

In his mind, however, he thought to himself that, for once, the two of them were thinking of the same thing.

“Thank you,” said Su Han after he had gotten out of the car and with his back still turned away from the car while waving coolly before he walked toward the entrance of his school.

On the other end, inside of the car, a not-too-noticeable smile appeared on Mr. Lu. He only started the car and took off after seeing that Su Han had walked into school.

Lu Shao and Su Han had surely thought about the same thing this time.

The Lu’s car, no matter how low key it was, would inevitably attract attention. Lu Shao decided to let Su Han out further away in order to not bring about unnecessary attention or troubles for Su Han.

As for Su Han, he merely didn’t want to have to field all sorts of odd questions should any one saw him being dropped off by Lu Shao.

Unfortunately, this was, after all, the school and everybody came and went at the same time. It was not possibly to remain low key.

Sure enough, as soon as Su Han had walked inside of the classroom, Liu Yangyang and a few others rushed up immediately with very, very fawning looks on them.


“Out with it already.”

“Oh, nothing, just want to know if you still need any underlings. The kind who’d fetch you tea and water and turn in your papers for you!” said Wei Yiming with his eyes beaming.

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“Get, get, get. I am Han-ge’s special underling, alright?” said Liu Yangyang loudly.

“That’s alright. Just give me the spot under his shoes.”


Watching his friends messing around, Su Han finally couldn't help but frowned.

“Talk normally.”

As soon as Su Han started talking, the others moved closer to him.

“Keke. Say, your dad dropped you off today?”

Hearing that, a look of unconcealed contempt flashed past Su Han’s face.

Who said he was his father? Did he ever recognize him as his father?

“Hmm, what about it?”

“Say, was that a real Rolls Royce Phantom??”

Ever since everybody had met Su Han’s father during the Quality Development Outing, they were all certain of one thing – that Su Han was a hidden wealthy person. And a super wealthy one at that!

Speculating was one thing. Having seen it with their own eyes was quite another.

“I guess so,” said Su Han with a deep voice. He had not paid too much attention as to what kind of car that man was driving nor did he find that of interest.

“My god. It really was!” The eyes of those who heard Su Han widened and lit up as they looked at him.

“Han-ge, I’ve heard that it could go 240 yards in an instant. Is that true?”

“I’ve heard that it only takes 6 seconds to accelerate. Is that true?”

“Are its tired wider than normal ones?”

As truth had proved it, when a group of young boys got together, their focuses were always peculiar.

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