My Senior Brother is Too Steady - Chapter 742

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“Fellow Daoist, have you heard? A great demon king appeared in Huaguo Mountain of the East Continent!”

“Hey didn’t that happen last year? The Demon King was born a monkey. It was said that he was a spiritual embryo of the world. He had somehow mixed with the demons and learned a great mystical ability from somewhere. What an impressive fellow. He beat up a group of old demons to the point where they didn’t even dare to raise their heads. When he went to the Dragon Palace, the Dragon King treated his guests warmly. He even took away the Sea-Calming Divine Needle that Da Yu had used to treat the water! I wonder what background this beautiful monkey king has to be so lawless.”

“The dragon race really can’t take it anymore.”

“That’s right. The dragon race really can’t make it.”

“Didn’t the demons say that they want to support the beautiful monkey king and compete with the human race?”

“Didn’t you say that when the Beautiful Monkey King heard about this, he went to smash the mountain gate that belonged to the old demon who spoke?”

“Haha! This beautiful monkey king’s personality is really impressive. However, he has indeed become a pillar of the demon race.”

“The demons have risen again? Hah, you must be daydreaming. The beautiful monkey king’s power has yet to fully rise. If it causes more trouble, the Heavenly Courts will definitely send troops to suppress it.”

“Fellow Daoist, you’re right. The current Heavenly Courts are not the same as they used to be during the last period of the ancient times. In the current Heavenly Courts, any one or two of the eight righteous gods can be chosen. It will not be a problem for them to fight the beautiful monkey king.”

“Can a mere Demon King wreak havoc?”

In a world far away from the five continents of the Primordial World, a group of immortals gathered in the immortal forest where immortals often gathered and discussed the “news of the Primordial World” half a year ago.

Without the support of the Heavenly Courts, the news had to spread from near to far.

Li Changshou rode the “Patriarch Subhuti’s version of the Book Reserve Fake Body” and rode a cloud past the immortal forest. He listened to their conversation and returned to the Daoist temple not far away expressionlessly.

He was expressionless…

He should indeed be expressionless.

His Dao realm had been sealed. It was unreasonable for him to be calm and smile.

Subhuti’s Dao Realm was locked. It naturally did not affect Li Changshou. What was locked was only the Void Dispelling Dao.


He had been busy for hundreds of years, but in the end, it was all for nothing. He had even been bitterly sealed by his Great Dao.

If the Void Bodhi was still alive, it might have turned black.

He looked at the peach blossom forest and the Immortal Residence.

It was a Daoist temple that occupied a vast area. Men and women could be seen forming groups inside. They could either play by the stream, discuss sutras in the burning hall, or sit on the eaves to drink and chat.

Did Patriarch Subhuti gain more disciples?


The Daoist temple was a famous “immortal abode” in this world. Li Changshou only used it to let his disciples cultivate there.

On the other hand, he would go out every now and then to search for the spirit root and the method to remove the shackles of the Heavenly Dao.

What made Li Changshou feel gratified was that the Dao Ancestor’s “cunning rabbit dies while running around” gave him the perfect excuse to search for the place where the Great Dao appeared.

He took advantage of the situation.

However, he would pull a long face every day and feel a little dejected.

After returning to the Daoist temple, Li Changshou went straight to his pavilion. He changed into a Daoist robe and sat cross-legged on the couch to rest.

He tapped open a cloud mirror and used the power of the Heavenly Dao to observe the situation in the Water Curtain Cave of Huaguo Mountain.

Since he was borrowing the power of the Heavenly Dao, his actions were naturally known by the Dao Ancestor.

That detail was also a scheme. Li Changshou took the initiative to maintain a weak presence to prevent the Dao Ancestor from suddenly thinking of him and looking over.

If it was not a coincidence, the Dao Ancestor would have seen him tampering with the Great Dao of the Primordial World. The battle would have erupted in advance.

In the past 30 years, Li Changshou’s progress has been quite good. Overall, he had completed 60%. Another 20 to 30 years would be enough.

The cloud mirror revealed:

In the Water Curtain Cave of the Flower-Fruit Mountain, a group of monkey spirits jumped around. There was also a group of powerful demon experts in the cave.

That was because most demons would retain the characteristics of their original race when they transformed. Moreover, in the demons’ general culture, the more characteristics they retained after transforming, the more glorious it would be.

At a glance, the Water Curtain Cave was filled with tiger heads, deer heads, and leopard heads. There were rabbit-eared men, fox-eared men, and donkey-eared men. The atmosphere was quite good.

The Water Curtain Cave, which was originally considered a paradise, was now filled with alcohol and demonic aura.

Sun Wukong and the few demon kings were drinking and chatting around the throne on the platform.

The group of demon kings around the monkey had an old ox with a nose ring, a charming young master transformed from a flood dragon, a black-feathered roc demon, and a red-braised lion head…

Li Changshou took a closer look and realized that it was the Lion Camel King, who had drunk until his face was red.

These demons were all from the demon race. Apart from the old ox, every demon king represented a large demon faction.

That old ox…


Li Changshou secretly raised his eyebrows and looked at the cloud mirror to catch the old bull’s habitual actions. He was surprised.

The Grand Supreme Elder’s green ox?

Li Changshou was puzzled.

The few powerful demon kings were the sworn brothers of Sun Wukong. The seven Saints that the demons would push forward next were considered a huge step for the demons.

That old ox will be the Pingtian Great Sage, the Bull Demon King.

However, Li Changshou wondered, ‘Why do I see the green ox’s shadow on the Bull Demon King?’

Brother Ox’s incarnation?

Uh, could it be that the green ox had created an identity in the lower realm to stay with Princess Iron Fan?

If that was the case, Brother Ox would be a “sugar daddy” in the future…

IT Ugh!


Li Changshou did not dare to look further. He dispersed the Cloud Mirror technique and deliberately revealed a helpless expression. He shook his head slightly.

As his master, he naturally did not want to see Wukong fall like that.

In fact, Li Changshou could sense that Wukong was really happy.

From what he had seen just now, the phoenix wings, the purple-gold crown, the lotus roots, the Cloud-Treading Stride, and the golden chain mail were already worn by Sun Wukong. Clearly, he had experienced the autumn wind in the Dragon Palace.

At that thought, Li Changshou felt… regretful.

He really wanted to see the ancient expert, the Dragon King of the East Ocean, being bullied by his disciple.

The old Dragon King was actually quite magnanimous.

The Sea-Calming Divine Needle had always been at the Sea Eye. It was already useless. When it sealed the East Ocean Eye previously, it had already exhausted its merit.

This divine treasure was different from the traditional treasures of the Primordial World. It was also perfectly compatible with Sun Wukong’s battle technique. It was destined to shine in Sun Wukong’s hands.


Currently, many experts in the Heavenly Courts were on the God roll and were supported by the power of the Heavenly Dao. The strength of the Heavenly Courts far exceeded the Heavenly Courts after the Great God-Conferment Tribulation.

If the Heavenly Courts did not go easy on him, it would probably be difficult for Sun Wukong to attack the Hall of Enlightenment.

Li Changshou could only hope that the monkey would not provoke some harmless righteous gods of the Heavenly Courts, such as the God of Fortune and Wen Shen, a deity responsible for illness, plague, and disease.

Lu Yue did not escape the fate of being conferred a title in the end. However, he was first conferred the title of a god before being captured by the Heavenly Dao.

That day, when Lu Yue walked out of the World Edge Pavilion’s mystic realm, his legs were weak and his gaze was firm. He relied on Zhao Gongming to plead for mercy and forced his body to be on the rankings.

Due to the fact that Lu Yue wanted to refine poisonous pills and that he would accidentally enter half a Heaven, the Hall of Enlightenment ordered Lu Yue to refine pills outside. He had to serve in the Heavenly Courts for at least 60 years every 100 years and had to be obedient.

He had already given Lu Yue a lot of care.

When he was fooling around in the Heavenly Palace, if an expert at Lu Yue’s level attacked, it would be difficult for Sun Wukong to withstand it. After all, Sun Wukong’s cultivation foundation was still weak.

How many years until Sun Wukong becomes an official in the Heavenly Courts?

Li Changshou deduced carefully, but he could not figure out the Dao Ancestor’s exact timing.

Li Changshou could only secretly plan the path that he was going to take next. He wanted to be as efficient and secretive as possible and embedded more illusionary spiritual nails.

Whether he could destroy the Dao Ancestor and the will of the Heavenly Dao at the smallest price depended on how far he could “hide” in the next twenty years.

Current probability of complete victory: 92% or 93%.

There were only three hidden dangers.

Hence, thirteen years later.

Outside the Yama Hall of the Netherworld’s Reincarnation Immortal Island.

“Horse, why did we get this task? Moo ~”

“Don’t complain. Don’t complain. Keep working hard. Neigh ~”

Ox-head, Horse-face, and the other two Marshals carried their “ghost servants’ uniforms” and headed towards their residences in Fengdu City.

Ox-head sulked but Horse-face was giving him advice.

When they returned to the mansion that was as simple as a fence, they called a few vengeful spirits to guard the door and hid in the main room.

With two booms, Ox-head and Horse-face pulled off their hoods. The two burly Magi looked at each other and sighed softly.

They had not been living well all these years.

It was not because the Netherworld was in trouble or the Magi of the Netherworld were in trouble.

They could not explain the exact reason.

However, one day, they forgot what delicious food tasted like and they also forgot the pleasure of the wonderful taste blooming on the tip of their tongues.

They had searched for hundreds of years and waited for hundreds of years. In the end, they could only come to one conclusion…

The delicacies of the past existed in his dreams.

They were hallucinating.

After that, they were like salted fish that had lost their dreams. Every day, they would be paralyzed at the first line of Heavenly Pass on the east side of Fengdu City. They did not have the motivation to dig out the specialties of the Netherworld, nor did they have the hope to understand the music of the Netherworld.

He almost felt depressed.

“When did Lord ask us to go?”

Ox-head asked casually. He unfolded the pure black robe in front of him and sized it up.

“Three days later, at midnight.”

Horse-face answered and unfolded the pure white robe in front of him. He pinched his chin and pondered.

Ox-head could not help but complain, “What kind of soul is so big that we have to go personally!?! Lord even said that if the other party resisted, they would beat him up until he was half dead. However, they could not kill him. The main point was to get the living souls and take them back. He’s so mysterious.”

Horse-face said, “Something happened to the Book of Life and Death half a month ago. Perhaps it has something to do with us.”

“What problems can there be in the Book of Life and Death?”

“There is a Golden Immortal who should have transcended life and death. He hid his life before he cultivated, in the Book of Life and Death. However, that Golden Immortal’s lifespan was originally still there. It seems to be more than 300 years old. The judge wanted to modify it, but the projection of the Judge’s Brush was broken. We’re going to catch him.”

“Wow… 300 years? Golden Immortal?”

Ox-head stared. “So powerful? Is he the son of the Heavenly Dao?”

“How do we know?” Horse-face nimbly crawled into the robe in front of him and swung his slender neck gently. “Just work.”

“That’s right. The ten Yama Lords don’t go out. The five Ghost Emperors are afraid of Yang. Only a few of us can fight in the Netherworld. We will definitely do this.”

Ox-head paced around, his eyes filled with uneasiness. He muttered, “There’s a problem. There must be a problem.”

Horse-face said, “Let’s just work.”

Ox-head glared at Horse-face and put on a black robe for himself.

The two experts of the Magi played around. They put on their black and white hats and picked up two ghost artifacts. They grabbed two scarlet tongues and hung them by their mouths.

Ox-head and Horse-face had degenerated—Black and White Impermanence!

“There are still three days left. Should we go now?”

“It’s fine here,” Horse-face said in a low voice. “Although I don’t know why, I always want to be more stable now. Let’s go in advance.”

Ox-head chuckled and waved the wooden whip in his hand. It looked quite decent.

“Let’s go. We can’t embarrass the Netherworld.”

At that moment, the Black and White Deities, who were disguised as Ox-head and Horse-face, swaggered to Fengdu City. They found the City God’s Well near Huaguo Mountain and threw themselves into it. They successfully descended near the East Continent’s Huaguo Mountain.

The City God system in the Netherworld had actually been modified by Li Changshou. However, all the credit was now on the Heavenly Courts.

Ox-head and Horse-face were the Soul-Reaping Marshals of the Netherworld. There were only the two of them. The Black and White Deities were the same as the Magistrates. They were the “titles” of the Ghosts of the Netherworld.

Ox-head and Horse-face were the superiors of the Black and White Deities.

In this Soul-Bewitching Campaign, the Yama Lords of the Ten Halls had to be safe, but they did not want to appear too important. That was why they had made Ox-head and Horse-face pretend to be the Black and White Deities.

Anyway, it was just two sets of skin. Ox-head and Horse-face did not care.

Three days was not too long. They strolled around Huaguo Mountain a few times and took away hundreds of vengeful spirits and vengeful spirits that could not be dispersed. Unknowingly, it was time for them to “decide”.

That night, Ox-head and Horse-face transformed the wooden whip in their hands into a ghost banner. The black and white robe on their bodies emitted a faint glow, and the decorative tongue became even redder and more terrifying.

A gust of cold wind blew. Ox-head and Horse-face locked onto the living being that was about to steal their souls. When they took a closer look, they saw that their target was a beautiful monkey.

He was naturally Sun Wukong.

At that moment, Wukong was drunk and sound asleep. It happened to be after the banquet. There were thunderous snoring sounds everywhere in the Water Curtain Cave.

The experts of the demon race were playing in the mountains. As the beautiful monkey king did not like women, they only drank and bragged.

Ox-head and Horse-face looked at each other and quietly moved behind the huge monkey. The ghost banner in their hands swayed.

At this moment!

The power of the Heavenly Dao descended and forcefully pulled out a phantom from the back of Sun Wukong’s head.

Ox-head and Horse-face were quick-witted. They put two chains on him and activated the cold wind. It blew towards the City God Temple near Huaguo Mountain and escaped into the Netherworld.

The entire process was extremely fast. It did not give the drunk Beautiful Monkey King any chance to react.

However, Ox-head and Horse-face did not expect that they would actually…

He had seduced an ancestor!

An hour later, in the Yama Lord.

Sun Wukong’s essence soul actually turned corporeal. His entire body shone with golden light as he sat on the Yama King’s throne casually.

That was not the end. He crossed his legs on the desk and held the phantom of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, which was a magical staff, in his hand. He gently smashed it on the table twice.

“Find the Book of Life and Death of the Monkey Clan of Flower-Fruit Mountain!”

The surrounding ghosts and demons trembled. The Grand Judge, who had put on the Yama Lord’s headgear and pretended to be the Yama Lord, stammered and wanted to reject him. He was shy and timid. In the end, he ordered the ghost servant beside him.

“Go, go, move them all here.”

Horse-face glared and was about to rush in to teach the monkey a lesson when Ox-head raised his hand and pulled him to the side.

Horse-face glared and cursed, “Why are you stopping me? This monkey is too much!”

Ox-head said, “What’s the hurry? Didn’t you want to be more stable? Lord and the others have already made arrangements. This monkey seems to have a powerful background. He must have a plan.”

Horse-face snorted. He looked at the domineering monkey and felt angry.

However, just as Ox-head had said, the ten Yama Lords were gathered in a hall not far away. They looked over and chatted with smiles from time to time.

Most of them were teasing him.

However, no one knew that…

In the Six Paths of Reincarnation Disc, the white-robed woman who was sitting by the river and combing her long hair turned her head to look at Monkey.


IT Indestructible Golden Soul?

Isn’t this the mystical ability that I had previously imagined?

However, in the end, he could not completely deduce it. He then mentioned the concept of the Indestructible Golden Soul in a book that recorded the battle techniques of the Magi. The book was sent to him…


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