My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 73 - Chapter 73[73] big purchase

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Chapter 73: Chapter 73[73] big purchase

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

The big sister saw that Lin Lei did not reply and thought that it was too expensive.

"I can give you a discount if you buy more. It's close. I can arrange for someone to deliver the goods to you! " The big sister looked at Lin Lei nervously and said

"How much discount? I also want a few chairs and a bed. Oh right, if it's custom-made, how long will it take to make a design? " Lin Lei's eyes twinkled as she asked

She had the space to make it better. If she left this place in the future, she could also take it with her.

It was not that Lin Lei was greedy. This pure solid wood furniture would have cost tens of thousands of yuan a set back then. Smelling this furniture, it even emitted a light fragrance.

"This is Red Sandalwood. Where is the owner? The bed? How big do you want it to be? " The big sister asked.

It seemed that this girl wanted high-quality goods. She had to make this deal happen.

Lin Lei thought about the size of the room and felt that it could fit three meters.

Lin Lei replied, "2.2 to two meters. As for this cabinet, if it can be customized, I have a few looks here. Is Your furniture maker here? "

"Yes, he's right behind me. Call Him. Wait for a moment. " The big sister quickly replied and turned around to run away.

Lin Lei:"..."

This big sister was really fast. Her chubby body disappeared like flying.

Lin Lei pulled Song Yi's arm and asked, "Hubby, how do you feel? How do you feel? "

Song Yi said dotingly, "it's okay. As long as the wife makes the decisions. ".

Zheng Cheng looked at the two of them and felt that they were really in love. The furniture and television were too expensive. According to the girl's opinion, it was about 2,000 yuan.

This was equivalent to two people with a salary of three years without eating or drinking. They were squandering This man must have loved this lady very much. Such a squandering and pampering man was really too rare.

The elder sister came back very quickly, followed by a man in his forties.

The man sized them up and asked, "who wants to customize it? Do you have a design? "

"elder sister, paper and pen. I can draw the appearance. " Lin Lei looked up at the elder sister and said

When the elder sister heard this, she quickly went to the counter to get paper and pen and handed it to Lin Lei.

Lin Lei took the pen and paper and quickly began to draw. The woman's serious look was very beautiful, and no one dared to disturb her.

Everyone waited quietly, and the only sound in the air was the sound of pen swishing down.

After about 20 minutes, Lin Lei stopped the pen, picked it up, and looked at it, then turned around and handed it to the furniture master.

The furniture master picked it up and looked at it, and his eyes were excited. The hand holding the paper was trembling, and he finished reading page by page.

"Miss, did you design this? " The master asked in a trembling voice.

Lin Lei thought that this wasn't considered plagiarism This was how she would look like when she bought the furniture in the future.

Lin Lei nodded seriously. "Yes, I got married and casually designed it. "

"The design is really good. I'll take your wood money for this. It can be considered as the money for this design, " the master said generously

After doing this, she could follow this line of thought and design a large set of furniture. It was a good deal.

In the past, when she made the furniture, it could be said that the carpenters in the entire city basically passed down the appearance of the furniture from their past lives. They didn't have any intentions. Every family was the same, which meant that there might be some differences in the design.

"then can I still get a discount when I buy a television? " Lin Lei asked in surprise

She did not expect that it would be so simple that she could even get a discount when she drew a picture!

Wasn't it just a very simple design She had requested the cabinet to be a sliding door. There were several grids inside. The bed required that it could be assembled and disassembled. The box below had to be empty so that it could be used to store clothes.

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