My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 70 - Chapter 70[70] buying a shop

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Chapter 70: Chapter 70[70] buying a shop

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Looking at the man who was driving seriously beside her, she thought that it would be him for the rest of her life.

Lin Lei said in a serious tone, "I hope that I can continue walking with you for the rest of my life. If you don't leave me, I won't abandon you! "

Song Yi used his right hand that was not holding the steering wheel to caress his wife's hair and said lovingly, "wife, I, Song Yi, have decided that I will never let go of your hand for the rest of my life. "

Many years later, the child asked himself when he fell in love with their father?

The first scene that Lin Lei recalled in the car was not love at first sight, but love after a long time.

They arrived at the city. After parking the car, Lin Lei suggested that they go to the place that they had agreed to meet with Zheng Cheng.

This time, the two of them decided not to dress up. They went with this outfit as a test to Zheng Cheng.

They arrived at the place. It was desolate and there were only piles of rocks everywhere. There were no trees on both sides of the road. They did not see anyone on the road. Could it be that they had been deceived?

Suddenly, a person came out from the pile of rocks on the side of the road.

He was dressed in rags. He wore a straw hat and took it off.

Lin Lei asked in surprise, "Zheng Cheng, why are you dressed like this? "

Zheng Cheng rubbed his eyes and thought to Himself, Oh my God!

The last time he beat us up, it was a woman!

That vicious strength had broken some of his brothers'bones and reconnected them.

"Big sister, it's me. The last time, you told me to do something! I'm done. ". Zheng Cheng replied in fear and trepidation.

It was too scary. This woman was so scary. What would a man look like?

Fortunately, they were almost done with their tasks.

Lin Lei nodded in satisfaction. "then take us there. Do you have enough money? "

Zheng Cheng turned around and led the way. As he walked, he said to Lin Lei, "I don't have enough money. The two shops are connected, but the location is good. It's next to the market. That person is going to move away. It's only for sale, NOT RENT! "

"okay, I got it. Take me there first. Let's take a look! "

Lin Lei wanted to take a look at the place first. If it was a good location, it would be good to buy it. She asked Song Yi in a low voice. He also wanted to take a look and talk.

Under Zheng Cheng's lead, they arrived after walking for more than half an hour.

It was indeed at the edge of the market and the location was not bad. The layout of the two houses was not bad. They could sell things at the front and a few people could stay at the back.

Lin Lei asked, "how much does he want? "

Zheng Cheng said, "he wants 1,500 for a total. I feel that we can negotiate the price. "

Lin Lei looked around. 1,500 was a little expensive, but it was not impossible. This location was good and there was no loss in doing anything.

"Hubby, what do you think? What do you think? "

Lin Lei wanted to hear Song Yi's opinion. She had only been here for less than half a month.

Song Yi instructed Zheng Cheng, "Zheng Cheng, go and call him over. We can talk. ".

Zheng Cheng went to look for him obediently and quickly called him over. This man's aura was too strong. Why did he treat him as a prodigal at that time?

Soon, someone came. It was a man in his forties, wearing a pair of glasses.

Song Yi looked at the man and asked, "can't this house be cheap? "

The man came in and saw a man and a woman. They looked like a husband and wife. They were both good-looking and dressed well. They also looked like rich people.

The man took off his eyes and wiped away his tears. "My parents are seriously ill. There's really no other way. Stop Haggling! "

Song Yi did not waste any time with him. He went over and put his hand on his shoulder. "Let's go out and talk. "

Lin Lei saw him leave but did not follow him. It was a man's matter. The man would settle it. In any case, the final decision would be hers.

About 20 minutes later, the two of them returned. The man's face was not very good. He was a little Pale and his steps were a little unsteady.

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