My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 66 - Chapter 66[66] looking at houses

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Chapter 66: Chapter 66[66] looking at houses

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Lin Lei asked seriously, "I'll keep the money after I take it away. What do you say when your mother asks you? ''

"My mother doesn't know that there's so much money. This is my bonus. Just don't let it slip. You know a little about my family, " Song Yi hurriedly replied.

Lin Lei thought that it was a good thing that this person was not stupid and filial. He even knew that she had a trick up her sleeve. His family clearly treated him as a money-making machine. It was as if he was not their biological child and was being exploited to death.

Song Yi tidied up the table and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

When Lin Lei entered the house to change her clothes, she remembered that she had forgotten to pick out her clothes. She could only wait until the afternoon before returning.

Song Yi brought his wife out of the large courtyard and walked towards the family building for about ten minutes.

Lin Lei saw another large courtyard. This courtyard was much bigger than before. The House in this courtyard was a single door with a single courtyard. The construction was much newer than the previous building. It seemed that it had only been built in the past few years.

"Wife, we are the one on the far right. In the past, when the company commander was transferred away, it became empty! " Song Yi explained to his wife.

When she opened the courtyard door, she saw that there were many vegetables planted in the courtyard. They should have been left behind by the previous owner. He was a good and particular person.

When the door opened, Lin Lei looked around. This former owner was relatively clean. When he left, he cleaned the house.

The house was quite big. There were three rooms. The living room was very big. The kitchen and bathroom were much bigger than her own home. Lin Lei felt very satisfied.

Now, she was just short of buying furniture. The Living Room needed a large SOFA. The owner did not take the bed from the room. Lin Lei looked a little old. After the previous lesson, the bed had to be changed.

She also had to buy a large television. Even if she only watched the news, it was still pretty good.

"Wife, this house is alright, right? Unless I transfer. For the next few years, I'll have to live here. "

Lin Lei nodded and said, "it's not bad. Let's make some arrangements. "

Song Yi looked at his watch and said to his wife, "can you go back on your own later? It's about time for my meeting in the afternoon! "

"Hubby, if you're busy, go ahead first. Give me the key. I'll go to the space in a while to see if there's anything that can be used. I'll clear it out first! "

Song Yi handed the key to his wife and returned to the army. Time was a little tight, so he ran straight back. He arrived at the right place and looked at the time. It had only taken him 10 minutes. If it was before, it would have taken him about 15 minutes.

His wife's space spiritual spring was really useful. His speed had increased a lot. After the meeting, he would go to the training ground to try it out.

As soon as song Yi left, Lin Lei entered the space. She found the warehouse form from Xiao Mi and looked at it carefully. She had collected a lot of things in the past.

She thought about the clothes and decided to look for them after she moved. Now that she took them out, there was no place to put them.

She found them in the space. There were bedsheets, blankets, and some simple small furniture. It looked like she should buy a Sofa, television, wardrobe, bed, and table tomorrow... ...

Lin Lei noted down what she needed to buy, then locked the door and went back.

After she went home, she looked around to take her things away. She didn't need to give them to the big sister next door. As for Wang Mei, she didn't think about it. After all, her man was so annoying!

He had been tidying up the whole afternoon. He didn't expect that after tidying up, there would be a lot of things that he didn't want. Lin Lei didn't even want these simple furniture.

Song Yi went to the Wilderness in the afternoon and specifically checked his physical condition. He found that he was much stronger than before, especially his eyesight. He could clearly see things 500 meters away. This was really out of his expectations.

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