My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Translation ) - Chapter 63 - Chapter 63[ delete ] sinister thoughts

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Chapter 63: Chapter 63[ delete ] sinister thoughts

Author: The snow of an icebergMachine Translation

Li Jian's left hand forcefully grabbed song e's hands that were moving about. He pressed them above her head, and his legs pressed down on Song E's lower body.

"Then shout. I'll say that you seduced me and asked me to kill Lin Lei! " Li Jian fiercely threatened.

When Song e heard this, she calmed down and didn't dare to shout anymore. If others knew about this, how would she behave.

Could it be that if she made a wrong step, she wouldn't be able to control herself in the future?

Her hands slowly gave up resisting. In the past, she only knew that Li Jian was stingy and liked to take advantage of others. She didn't expect that his true nature would be exposed and he would be so shameless.

Song e resented Lin Lei. If it was not for her, she would not have been treated like this.

Li Jian saw that song e had given up on resisting and knew that she was afraid of his words. Everything was going according to plan. He had more or less expected that this woman was a born slut.

Song e closed her eyes and imagined that Song Yi was on her body. Slowly, she began to feel it.


After an unknown amount of time, she felt that Li Jian was panting. Knowing that he was about to finish, she hurriedly pushed him up.

Song e said anxiously, "Don't put it in there. I'm afraid of getting pregnant. You can possess me, but you won't destroy me. "

"It's not that easy to get pregnant. My wife has only given birth to two little girls over the years! " After saying that, she got up and put on her clothes. It was daytime now, so it was better to be careful. It would be bad if others saw her He didn't want any bad reputation to be spread out.

Seeing Li Jian put on his clothes, song e also put on her clothes. She didn't have any confidence in herself. The last time she finished with him, she had completely forgotten that she would get pregnant in a few days.

"I'm just afraid. What if I get pregnant? And what do you want to do about dealing with Lin Lei? "

Song e thought to herself, if you lie to me, I'll make you lose your job. No one was having an easy time.

Li Jian finished putting on his clothes and sat directly next to Song E. "I want to find someone in a few days to send a telegram from Song Yi's hometown saying that something happened at home. Song Yi just got promoted and couldn't leave. Lin Lei will definitely go back! "

Thinking of Lin Lei's figure, she would definitely feel better than Song E. Li Jian's body reacted quickly again and directly touched song e next to him... ...

Song e hurriedly pushed him away and stretched out her hand. She said angrily, "THAT'S IT! What's the use of going back to your hometown! "

Li Jian ignored song e's resistance and continued to touch song e. he untied her clothes again.

"That's your business. You just need to find an opportunity to go to Song Yi's place and let him sleep once. That's enough. Also, with my efforts, if you're pregnant, I'll be even more helpful to you! "

After saying that, she looked at the time. It was not even 10 o'clock yet, so she would do it again. Although Song e's figure was not very good, she had just broken her body, so it felt pretty good there.

Song e listened to Li Jian's words and thought that this was also a way. When the time came, she should be able to do it by drugging him. When the time came, she only needed to threaten Song Yi... ...

Seeing that Li Jian had taken off his pants again, she did not plan to stop him this time. If she was pregnant, she might really be able to help. Seeing that Li Jian was taking too long to take off his pants, she directly stretched out her hand to help... ...

Li Jian saw that song e was starting to cooperate with him. This woman who was blinded by Love was indeed the easiest to get her hands on. As for Lin Lei, she would take her time. There would always be a way.

Lin Lei slept for two hours. When she got up, it was almost 10 o'clock.

When she got up and came out of the room, she saw that Song Yi had cleaned up everything outside. She was extremely satisfied. This man was sometimes very domineering, and sometimes he was childish like a child.

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